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Lowenbrau Keller
expensive german beers, but they're well worth it

cnr Playfair and Argyle Streets,
The Rocks

(02) 9247 7785
(02) 9241 1613

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What could be better than drinking excellent German krystal Beer, with a genuine Bavarian oompah band belting out the classics (I Will Survive, Waterloo, Lady Marmalade)? Well it could have been a little less expensive, but let's not gripe. German beer is amongst the finest in the world, and we should expect to be paying a little extra for it.

The Kellar is actually more of a restaurant than a bar, but how can you resist? All the staff are dressed in German costume, they carry enormous plates of sausage-based food around you as you sit marvelling at the crowds of backpackers dancing on the tables because the dancefloor is too full. Now I have to come clean about one thing. The band weren't actually Bavarian, but who gives a stuff when they're looking so authentic while blasting out disco hits of the 70s and 80s to an enthralled bunch of drunk people?

The Kellar is situated perfectly in the middle of the busiest part of The Rocks, just up the hill from The Orient, and could potentially form part of an excellent short crawl from Palisade to Orient taking in The Nelson, Maybe the Hero and perhaps a detour to the Fortune Of War too... The situation means it's generally full of tourists and backpackers, which lends atmosphere to an already charged environment, since backpackers are renowned for making the most of a night out!

I really liked the place, though it's hardly somewhere you could become a regular. And a fat wallet helps. Treat it as a theme bar and visit occassionally for oodles of atmosphere.
review by: pubguide staff

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vesuvius from my mum
It's kellEr for crying out loud!!! And Löwenbräu... This is the very best place to kick off a great bucks party, or office do. The oompah band is so geil, that I am lost for words - It's almost like a cut-price holiday in Munich. Try adding up the plane ticket & room, and you won't whine about how it costs more than a scooey of VB! For a taste of how beer is supposed to be, slide on down to the kellEr, and not only will your tastebuds thank you from the very back of your patella, you vill have a sehr guet Abend!
25 Oct 2004

trashed again from city
stop crying about the cost! just pick up one of the managers from there like i have done. i haven't piad for a drink there in the last 6 visits!!
28 May 2004

dillpickle from earth
the security were fuckwits on new years eve 'come back back here with that beer 'they shouted.ha ha ha ha
22 May 2004

dillpickle from earth
the security were fuckwits on new years eve 'come back back here with that beer 'they shouted.ha ha ha ha
22 May 2004

Jonas Hartzler from Illinois, USA
It's a great place if you're prepared to spend a lot. They have a fine selection of German beers and a cool Oom-pah band that comes out and entertains. It's good food and drink......but very pricy.
1 May 2004

beertruck from syd
a bit pricy but the atmosphere, uniforms and beers are good. nice jugs
23 Dec 2003

Davo from Sydney
Great place... bar maids are great and the beers are good. !!!!!
8 Dec 2003

Chris from Gladesville
Drinking steins of beer & not waking up with a hangover. Must be good
3 Sep 2003

The Iron liver from some dude's body.
Another weekend's here, let's drink some god-damn beer.
date unknown

VansGayer from Equitorial Guinea
OH COME ON. You could at least have the decency to call me!
date unknown

maggot from Sydney
I called. She didn't answer. Oh well no italian sex for me!
date unknown

maggot from Sydney
Daniela is an idiot. Im gonna call her. she sounds hot.
date unknown

Daniela from ITALY
I'm italian girl 29 years old. I got a degree in science and food technologies at the Catholic University of Milan (Italy). In summertime I use to work as barista or waitress in pubs, i like very much this job because i love to be in touch with people.I'm realible, friendly and willing, I learn haste.I'll leave to Sydney at 1° october. If you can offer me any work opportunity, please contact me at the following address: Daniela mobile +39 3282184597 best regards Daniela
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Food: Lots of German sausage-y stuffLive Music: Disco Oompah bands! who could ask for more?Outdoor Area: outdoor seating is available
Our Comments

Jason says:

Just called by for lunch - got an excellent scotch fillet steak and a fine Kristalle Bier. a litle pricey, but it was well worth it.

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