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recommended pub Lord Nelson
GREAT - what more can we say?

19 Kent Street,
The Rocks

(02) 9251 4044
(02) 9251 1532 /

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What can we say? Beers brewed on the premises, good food, good location - The Lord Nelson has it all. From a plate of bread and cheese and a pint of Three Sheets to a full meal, you can get it all here.

The brews produced in-house are excellent, and generally of a 'british' style - big, malty tasting, full-bodied kind of brews. It made me homesick for a while, since one of my regular haunts back in Wales brews similar beers in-house and usually resulted in some brilliant nights out. I'm over that now though! Personaly favourites? Three Sheets, Nelson's Blood, Admiral Pale Ale. note : not every brew is available all the time - they're made in fairly small batches and shuffled regularly.

The brewery was added during the 1980s, so don't kid yourself into thinking it's always been this way! Enjoy it now with the benefit of knowing you wouldn't have had it this good in the 70s!

As food goes, the ploughman's lunch is famous, and the rest of the menu is top quality and not badly priced.
review by: pubguide staff

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steve from glebe
one of my favourite pubs, not only in sydney, but the whole world. went to this pub when I first moved to sydney and have been back several times since. love the nelsons blood and the three sheets!
30 Mar 2005

Mark Wood from Sydney
First stop on the pub trail any time there are visitors (business or pleasure) to Sydney. Excellent beer, great pork pies and a relaxing, fun environment. By far my favourite pub in Sydney (and therefore Australia).
4 Mar 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
Love the smell of the hops. Great pub. Last visit though was with three friends after work. 3 shouts and 12 pints later, wife not happy, work next day was tortorous - but the beer was good, which is why the shouts kept flowing - was worth it.
24 Dec 2004

Sophie from Mojo
had our function there last week - what a venue - guys from work loved the beer - thank you
22 Jun 2004

Rob from UK
Wow .. good beer, good pork pies and real Mustard!! oh and a nice place too...thankyou
22 Jun 2004

Luke from Carlinford
Went to the Nelson a few nights ago and loved it. The in-house brews were absolutly brilliant, I was actually wondering if they bottle any of it? The pork pies are a great pub meal, just use the mustard-o-doom in small quantities :)
22 Jun 2004

Terry from Manly
here from england - feel at home at the lord - god luv em (and their beer)
22 Jun 2004

Glen from Rockdale
I have nothing but the highest of praise for this great pub.Not only is it a great place and in a great location but the staff are not only helpful and friendly but also sexy.GOT TO LOVE THE LORD.
22 Jun 2004

warren from double bay
how good is this place? stayed for 2 nights in great accommodation. great wining and dining. will return.
21 Jun 2004

adrianna from manly
love the log fire! a great winter spot.
21 Jun 2004

rob from drummoyne
have been a regular for 7 years and never seen a better host than licensee blair hayden. friendly, warm staff, great atmosphere always
21 Jun 2004

marcy from eastwood
Are you guys kidding?! The best pub in sydney. Great beer, great food, great staff.
21 Jun 2004

John from Johnland
A great pub
21 Jun 2004

Jonas Hartzler from Illinois, USA
Some of the best beer in town. An upscale joint where you pay some moderately expensive prices. I wish I had more time to hang out there because the place would have gotten a little more cozy.
1 May 2004

Craig from Harbord
Hej Alex, you can piss back off to Sweden and drink that Falcon SHIT for 50sek. Of course if you're like any other Swede you would probably drink Carlsberg.
20 Apr 2004

craig from harbord
Best beer, best atmosphere, best pub food and best mixed crowd in Sydney. Obviuosly this equates to the best pub in Sydney. And if your still not convinced just remember, It's all about the beer.
20 Apr 2004

C from Sydney
Had birthday drinks at the Lord Nelson with a group of mates & had an awesome night, pints of 3 sheets, great atmosphere, great staff, beautiful old pub - 5 stars
11 Mar 2004

Axel Thorwid from Sweden
it rules!
23 Feb 2004

JoSh Shipton from Glebe
This is the place to buy the best beer in the world. If you don't like this pub you've probably suffered from some sort of brain damage and I've stopped liking you. I have tried each of the beers here and they have not been equalled by any beer I've ever tried. If I were to be told that I was only allowed to have one more drink in my life I would run to the Lord Nelson for a pint of Old Admiral. Those who think otherwise are dummies...I love you Lord Nelson
19 Jan 2004

Kevin from Canada
The Lord Nelson is on of the things I miss most about Sydney. What I wouldn't do for a pint of Old Admiral and a ploughmans right now. Although, the place has never been the same since the cleaning girl left with the cat.
16 Nov 2003

Dave from USA
Of all the "historic" pubs of The Rocks the Lord Nelson has the best vibe. Excellent brews, great crowd and atmosphere. Not as cozy as some of the "regulars" but a great stop. Love the "Nelson's Blood" porter -- smoky and rich.
4 Jun 2003

Joseph from Sydney
Ho Ho Ho someone from Manchester (the home of Bodington's - eeeew) claiming to know anything about beer! What a larf!
date unknown

hewmun from Sydney
The Old Admiral is just brilliant! Tried the Three Sheets and Nelson's Blood but they don't come close. Good food, but a little pricey. A pity it is in a residential zone and has to close so early.
date unknown

melissa from sydney
love 3 sheets!!!! beer, chunky bread, cheese and pickles .... what more could you ask for?
date unknown

Gav Leary from Australia
The home brews are pretty good, but not as good as mine! I'll challenge anyone in a brew-off any day, even using a lousy can of Bi-Lo Draught!
date unknown

Jarrod from Manchester
No doubt that the beers are good, but the girls behind the bar have no clue about the brews themselves!! pity!
date unknown

Luke from Carlinford
Went to the Nelson a few nights ago and loved it. The in-house brews were absolutly brilliant, I was actually wondering if they bottle any of it? The pork pies are a great pub meal, just use the mustard-o-doom in small quantities :)
date unknown

Daniela from ITALY
I'm italian girl 29 years old. I got a degree in science and food technologies at the Catholic University of Milan (Italy). In summertime I use to work as barista or waitress in pubs, i like very much this job because i love to be in touch with people.I'm realible, friendly and willing, I learn haste.I'll leave to Sydney at 1° october. If you can offer me any work opportunity, please contact me at the following address: Daniela mobile +39 3282184597 best regards Daniela
date unknown

Rob Dunn from Central Coast
I have been drinking there 4 around 14 years & it is definately worth having a pint or 6 of 3 sheets !!Blair the owner is friendly & willing to share the history of the hotel with you !!!Cheers big fella...
date unknown

Dave Orford from England
Great pie and mash
date unknown

James from Marrickville
Incorporated The Nelson into a recent pub crawl; the beer is excellent, and worth the $6 a pint. Worth the visit just to try some quality beer.
date unknown

Rob from UK
Wow .. good beer, good pork pies and real Mustard!! oh and a nice place too...thankyou
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Food: the food selection is excellent, especially the popular ploughman's plate
Our Comments

Jason says:

The microbrews are all superb, mostly belters - and sold by the pint, you'll be flat out by closing

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