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recommended pub Lord Dudley
An English Village Pub in the heart of Woollahra

236 Jersey Road Woollahra
(02) 9327 5399

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Some friends and I decided to sample the 'Lord Dudley' a couple of Thursday nights ago and the experience was mixed to say the least.

The staff at this establishment need a serious course in customer service!

I was glared at by one of the bar girls when I asked for a glass for my bottle of Newcastle Ale.

It was a very busy afternoon but if you can't stand the heat.....

This was compounded by the waitress in the Garden Restaurant downstairs.Very officious but no smile.

She greeted us with the usual 'Hello Gentlemen" but when she discovered that we didn't have a reservation the looks turned to daggers!

"Only two of you, I suppose we can put you over here but you have to be gone by eight as we get very busy".

The food fortunately was very good. The lambs fry is excellent but could be served on polenta rather than the usual mash. Everything's served on mash in pubs these days.

Our friends caught up with us and decided to head down stairs to the restaurant to eat but were made to feel uncomfortable by the staff even though we ordered up.

"I never thought they'd leave" was heard by us on departing.

I noticed that anyone who was a regular was treated like gold!

The only reason I would return to this pub would be for the food which is worth the rudeness of the people serving.

review by: Hannibal

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Johnno from Darlinghurst
Huffy little waitress downstairs in the restaurant, rude to say the least. Unless your'e a regular, then she'll lick your arse. Staff upstairs in the main bar look very stressed when it's busy which is always. Not a pleasant experience!
2 Dec 2004

Mark oakley from Centennial park
Dart board!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drinking here feels like your in someones house,Only problem are the wanky blokes who dont move out of the way when your have three pints in your hands
30 May 2004

Sue & Claude from Noosa
The best pub. Cosy and very welcoming.
7 Feb 2004

Iain from Edgecliff
Stuffy and lined with rotund old men avoiding their wives. Expensive bottle sales. Food is fine.
2 Feb 2004

Kieran from Darling Point
Nice pub especially in winter when you will think you've been teleported to Surrey.
10 Dec 2003

Blair from Rose Bay
They've got Laphroaig, They've got Laphroaig!!! Gotta love the Dud!
26 Nov 2003

Nancy from Mount Druit
Sick mate!!! Nice place if your all classy and stuff.
29 Aug 2003

Anthony from Bondi
Good beer selection and good atmosphere. If you've got the munchies, try the ribs and chips.
25 Jun 2003

Diana from Randwick
It's my favourite pub in Sydney, lovely and comfortable atmosphere.
24 Jun 2003

Chris from Pyrmont
My fave in Sydney
date unknown

Richard from Randwick
This pub is just great. Great food, great staff & a great place to be. More of a lunch pub than an all night drinker, but still a 5* venue
date unknown

elana from sydney
I love this bar. It has such an odd mix of furniture a fantastic restaurant downstairs, couches and a fireplace. I take all my english friends there to remind them of home!
date unknown

Terry from Surry Hills
A first class experience. So nice to go to a pub where you feel at home. Wish there were more 'clean air' pubs like it.
date unknown

Kristy from Coogee
It rocks!
date unknown

Arthur dudley Palmer from Boamdee east
Absolutely marvellous
date unknown

Brad from Sydney
Relaxed, nice couches, and pints of Kilkenny!
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Food: kjkkTV: Big screen upstairsDartboard: The first Sydney pub we found with a dartboard (Since then we've located three more)
Our Comments

Jason says:

Personally, I really like the Dudley, it's so comfortable. It's also the only pub we've found so far with a dartboard.

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