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Very popular at weekends

234 Darling Street,

(02) 9555 1377

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A handsome sandstone building on Darling Street in Balmain, The London is a perennially popular place for Balmain locals and weekenders. Last time we were in Balmain was a weekend - we approached the pub but it was really something of a lost cause - there was no way we were battling through the number of people crammed into this place. Second attempt however, on a Tuesday night met with more success.

It's an intimate little pub, all dark wood and dusty light - you get the impression everyone in the building can hear your conversations, but it doesn't stop you blabbing on regardless. After al, you can hear what they're talking about...

The restaurant at back looks neat, there are a few pool tables, but mostly the emphasis is on conversation. a very convivial spot for a few.
review by: pubguide staff

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Hayley Moss from Newton-le-Willows
HIYA!! me names MOSS..HAYLEY MOSS!! haha am bit nutty n i like JELLY SHOTS!! lol. Come n see us in gud old NEWTON! xHx
28 Jun 2004

aimee tither from newton
I worship Hayley moss, She rulz, she is the queen of PE and I am crap at it! I bow down to the master!
17 Mar 2004

kev markalnd from newton-le-willows
17 Mar 2004

JJ from Newtown
Good venue, though the air-conditioning is nipple-hardening cold.
14 Mar 2004

CLH from Sydney
Great pub, great beer - the best pub meal i've ever had & the outside part is an excellent place to sit any afternoon of the week
11 Mar 2004

Laura from St Peters
That would be Berger, not Burger, goddammit!
8 Mar 2004

The Chairman from Sydney
If there's a kebab joint nearby, I'm in...
8 Mar 2004

Nic from Balmain
Errh that would be BURGER not buger!
23 Feb 2004

Nic from Balmain
The 'london' buger is the best in balmain, if not sydney!! good selection of beers! !!
23 Feb 2004

St Augustine from Balmain
Single mans paradise, full of 30 somethings looking for a man, any man ! Seriously though, this is a top little venue that retains, thank God, some of that old Balmain character. Now when will we see the Cricketers Arms back ?
12 Feb 2004

Jacko from Balmain
The London is a nice Boozer But what is the Storey what the attitude. Staff mainly but also some customers
30 Aug 2003

Davo from London
Watch out for lucas !
30 Jun 2003

guess who from can't say
two very good looking bar tenders
date unknown

Kevin Markland from Newton-le-Willows
Whos bin on ere pretendin to be me?!
date unknown

Dancin' Dave from Balmain
The London is full of yuppie filth. Shame on you Porsche drivers for drinking there.
date unknown

Richie from Balmain Via England
If you don't like the London, then you don't really like pubs, and should stick to cafe's in future!
date unknown

Kevin Markland from Newton-le-Willows
Drinking is amazin in London!!! Get down ere and enjoy the fun! DONT miss out!!!
date unknown

Miss Miyante from Balmain
Great pub, large range of beers, nice staff. Grab a seat on the balcony (if possible, it gets a bit crowded).
date unknown

liam burgess from ryde
this pub is the best place to go in summer lots of nice girls go here to start of the night
date unknown

Joe Bekas from Newport Beach, CA.
I love the Cascade coupled with a Hamburger, but next time Im there Im going to kick that Rabies infected dog down to the Ferry Station
date unknown

Nerwin from Chicago
Looks like there's quite a few stools available. Where's all the crowds?
date unknown

Shelly from Sydney
Situated in a beautiful building, best place for people spoting on the verandah facing Darling St. with an import beer in hand. Also suggest eating the London Burger - best pub burger ever!
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Outdoor Area: Beer Garden back, Verandah frontPool: couple of pool tables availableFood: the restaurant certainly looks the part
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