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Just next to Milson's Point Station, and quite rated too

35 Broughton Street,

(02) 9955 1415

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (4 Jan 2005)

Ahhh, the allure of a friendly local pub.

The Kirribilli is an easy stagger from Milsons Point train station, and an even easier stagger towards several Indian and Thai restaraunts down the road. It's definatly a local - everything about it, from the carpets to the bloke who offers you tickets in the Friday night meat raffle, screams "watering hole".

That said, the place is loved by all. Friday night sees a huge gathering of workers from surrounding office towers drowning themselves in the reasonably priced beers. Bar staff walk around with trays of snacks, which are appreciated by all, especially if you happen to have started the weekend with a bang. The pokies, situated downstairs, are nearly always empty, and are usually the only easy place to find a seat over the weekend.

Sundays see a crowd of pre-"Sounds" revellers starting their day/night in a fairly loud fashion, so going to the cosy bistro for a quiet meal at the cosy Bistro may not be the best idea on this particular day. On any other night, it serves great "back to basics" pub food at good prices. Guaranteed to comfortably line many a stomache.

Going during the week is a great way to relax and down some serious ale. It's a Tooheys Old kinda place, but it makes for a nice break from stainless steel bars and smoked glass benches.

Highly Recommended .

review by: bornslippy1984

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Pauly from CBD
This is one of the most over-rated pubs on the North Shore. Unfriendly & expensive!
22 Jun 2006

Pauly from CBD
This is one of the most over-rated pubs on the North Shore. Unfriendly & expensive!
22 Jun 2006

PubGoer from Balmain
A great pub with a very local feel, even if you aren't a local. What more can you ask.
1 Mar 2005

Sten from Thornleigh
Quite possibly my favourite pub in Sydney, it's the local after work for me and my friends on a Friday arvo. Very comfortable if you can snag a corner downstairs. The beer is good and reasonably priced and they even bring around trays of nibbles. I can't see myself ever stop drinking there
5 Oct 2004

Heather from Kirribilli
A good local. The food can be a bit hit or miss though. One of the Billi bar staff (allegedly) invented the delightful tasting shooter, the Jaffa, consisting of Frangelico, Kalua and Cointreau - yum.
19 May 2004

mike from nth sydney
This place rocks even more since they got some decent music playing - yippee & hooray
25 Sep 2003

Derek from Perth
Upon my first visit to the Billi I was captivated and have been gripped by the atmosphere & culture of this quaint bar ever since. The Decor & Furnishings are relaxingly comfortable and all pleasant to the eye. The array of beers is plenty to extinguish any yearning taste bud, from Local to International & Boutique bevies. Speaking of bevies on tap, there is wealth of talent behind the bar eager to service your cravings. The Staff have unique warmth about them, very approachable, helpful and ever so friendly. It makes the Billi's whole environment a HAPPY PLACE. Trendy, Social & social without the pretentious it's the Best Pub on the Northshore....Under the Bridge.
24 Sep 2003

Mandi from Austria/Europe
This place rules!!
30 Jun 2003

Elwyn from Chiswick
Great pub, the food is good. charicatures of former PM's on the wall, and a downstairs bar with pool tables.
17 Jun 2003

Peter from North Sydney
This pub rocks!
date unknown

Felicity from North Sydney
The Kirribilli is a fantastic pub with a great atmosphere. It offers good food in the bistro section out the back, which can be either open or covered depending on the weather. It's a sports-friendly bar, meaning if the rugby is on, they'll likely be showing it on one of the televisions.
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