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Kirk On Harris
Originally and more properly the 'Dunkirk', but who's splitting hairs? Currently in the throes of a major renovation - expect good things!

205 Harris Street,

(02) 9660 1038
(02) 9552 2530

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... and let me tell you it looks far more elegant than it ever did before. The layout hasn't changed significantly, but since the last review, the pubs has been reprainted, the furniture and lighting have been spruced up (including the removal of the gaudy neon strips from the bar). There's an extra screen too, and the dartboard has been far better lit with a direct spotlight in place of the old lighting (for which we at the pubguide are very very grateful) New deals have been introduced on the food from too, notably $5 burgers and regularly rotated specials. The standard menu is still going strong, with the addition of late night Pizza, so if you're hungry on a late one, drop by and grab a slice. We personally think it's the pick of this end of town, because of the amount of character and the friendliness of of the bar staff (hey lads!). Quality.
review by: Jason

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cliffman22 from Above
A Real Deal boozer. Some colourful characters.Great food. Transient staff. Heaps better than Q/Mans.If you see Kurt, don't mention the War.
26 May 2006

Jason from
The vibrations are very evident at the right-hand end of the bar, but this isn't the only pub the does it. The Trinity has some odd sections too, I noticed. The dartboard's OK if you can move the punters from underneath! Must change this review.
25 Sep 2003

Brian from Kirk On Harris
The vibrations are caused by the coolroom chiller units in the cellar as they are directly underneath one end of the bar. Coincidentally this area is particularly popular with the female patrons. There is a dartboard next to the big screen - just open the doors of the Badge Draw cabinet on the wall.
24 Sep 2003

Andrew from Pyrmont
This pub's floor vibrates when the dishwasher is washing glasses. It's most off-putting.
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Accomodation: Accomodation hereLive Music: Live music at weekends, mostly duos, but usually well receivedPool: Single pool table, $3
Food: The kitchen is open half an hour later than the quarrymans - a point worth notingBottle Shop: well prices and well stocked bottle-oATM: ATM available
Quiz Night: FAME trivia run the quiz here, currently wednesday nightsJukebox:  Dartboard:
TAB: TAB is now operational
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 11.00 - midnight
Sat 10.00 - midnight
Sun 10.00 - 10.00
Our Comments

Jason says:

It's growing on me. put up against the Quarrymans it has these advantages : 1. the prices stay the same from moment to moment 2. there's a pool table 3. the kitchen is open later.


Jason says:

I think we're fairly settled on this as our chosen local these days. It's our favourite choice in the area

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