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Late nights in a busy part of town

383 Bourke Street,
(Taylor Square), Darlinghurst

(02) 9331 3100

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It's been a lot of things in the past, this building. Funeral Parlour, Cabaret Venue, Department Store. All of them died. Kinselas, however, is going strong. Located right on Taylor Square, it's one of the hubs of Darlinghurst pub life.

Large windows allow you to stare out and watch the nutters go by, while you sip (or gulp) your beers'n'breezers. Usually very busy indeed, the pub's seen it all. The usual crowd is 20-something, party folks, all of them. Being a Darlinghurst bar, a fair proportion of the gay community drop in, usually on their way somewhere, and it's a pretty non-threatening environment, meaning it's a stop of for groups of girls on their way to clubs.

A recent visit caused a bit of a shock - the downstairs pool room is closed off, which is a shame. I've had some great drunken pool matches there - notably the evening when a young couple befriended us and shared out their bottle of Tequila!

Warning though - it is on Taylor Square. The area can be a little robust, so if you prefer a quiet night, stay away.
review by: pubguide staff

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Cal from Ireland
Great place for a few end-of-night beers. Can be quite gay sometimes, and other times its more straight. I wish it would make it's mind up. Used to have the ex manager from The Bentley, Gar, there. Totally mad, sound guy
20 Jan 2005

JakeyBoy from Uk
having lived on flinder st for 8 months this was my regular and i loved it.....its a bit seedy maybe but we never had any problems aside from in the surrounding area. As for the middle bar, the place is ok but them bouncers are dickheads. They deserve a slap.
16 Sep 2003

Vinishousknid from Sydney
Had more bad experiences than good here. Was once denied entry to the upper level because I was not Gay. Been denied entry countless times into the middle bar due to ”Private Parties”. Once inside middle Bar the air wreaked of pretensiousness and powdered noses. A place to be seen if you think you are somebody. And yes the crematorium days can still be smelt. Very Unhappy customer!
7 Aug 2003

angela from sydney
I always have a great night at Middle Bar. The music is fantastic on Saturday's, the vibe is awesome, i have found the bar staff great, they cope well with the crowd. It has a good mixed bunch of people, most of whom are friendly and much more down to earth than people in other Sydney bars.
27 Jul 2003

Cheeky from La Perouse
Sundays can be better if the music/DJ played longer and better beats...get rid of the Staunch bouncers and bloody drunks out from Saturday nite.
24 Jul 2003

Richard from NZ
SACK THE STAFF, I often come to Kinselas everytime Im over from NZ, I use to find it was a good place to meet and the staff seemed friendly enough, upon returning this time I found that most of the staff I met last time had quit, this was dissapointing as the replacements were no where as good. Middle Bar well what can I say ......SACK THE GAURDS then you might get a good crowd up there.
4 Jun 2003

Greg N from America
After trying to get pass the two dickheads on the front door to middle bar I found the staff to be rude and the bar too cramp. Downstairs in Kinselas I was offered drugs several times form different people. The staff diddent seem very happy and when I tryed to make a coment to the manager he was in coherent as he was drunk. i personally wouldnt return as I found out there are much better bars closeer by. I would really get rid of the two gaurds on the middle bar door they do nothing for the hotel and its image, the manager should join them.
3 Jun 2003

elana from here
considering it is an old funeral parlour, it has some great decor! There is a huge mix of people here, very friendly staff and a great table and stools facing the windows overlooking taylor square. It's a gorgeous pub!
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TV: Large screen TV near the bar24Hr: Keep on drinkin!Live Music: Occassional live bands in the echoey middle room
Our Comments

Jason says:

My best night here? My Birthday - I was having a quiet one until we met a couple who had brought a bottle of Tequila in. we bagged some lemons and salt and did slammers all night - excellent.

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