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recommended pub James Squire Brewhouse
Vying for Sydney's microbrew crown and doing mighty well about it

King Street Wharf,
Darling Harbour

(02) 8270 7901

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I've been a James Squire beer fan since I returned to Australia from USA. I was delighted to see the Microbrew industry taking hold here, so I could get a tasty ale rather than just a light lager.

When I saw that James Squire had a restaurant in Darling Harbour, my wife and I took the opportunity to lunch here before heading off to an exhibition. We were bitterly dissapointed.

We got our beers and beer tasters quickly. They were great. It took them around 10 minutes for our food order to be taken. A pie with mash, a steak sandwich and a cheese bread. 45-50 minutes later we got our pie and steak sandwich, they were stone cold. The bread was never brought out. They did, however, try to charge us for the bread.

The prices were fairly outrageous, though not surprising being in the Darling Harbour area. It's in a nice spot on the water at King's Wharf. $15 for a pie & mash; I should have got a cab to Woolloomooloo and got one from Harry's Cafe de Wheels, it still would have been cheaper, faster & served hot.

I'm embarrassed that tourists may visit this place, or for that matter beer enthusiasts. I never thought I'd say this but I get much better food, service and value from restaurants here in old Newcastle, the opposite of what I'd have expected just 10 years ago.

I'll keep drinking their beers, I'll never eat there again.

review by: rockfox

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JoshTrim from Erskineville
A pub that sydney has been yearning for in years. A great selection of beers both regulars and seasonal guests at affordable (considering the location) prices. Expect some great guest beers in months to come (13 Moon Oyster Stout - very tasty). Shame they don't have a more reasonably priced bar menu (Bangers & Mash $27) otherwise I would frequent far more frequently! On a down side though I tried to get in, by myself, for a quiet ale but was refused entry because I wasn't eating (and I hadn't even had a drink yet!) For a fine ale house it's a shame that food takes priority over beer. Josh
7 Jan 2005

Andrew from Pyrmont
It's a shame that the makers of such a fine beer have opened such an over priced, soul-less and kitchy place. The beer's brilliant. The food's overpriced, the staff are unhelpful, the atmosphere is crap and the decor is tragic.
19 May 2004

ducas from sydney
the first time i was there, the service was excellent and the food was delightful.the second time was a disaster.i had to wave for hours to get the waiters attention,and my fish was half cooked.never will i go there again.
14 May 2004

Robert from Sydney
Lunch was a disaster - ordered breads, entrees and mains. Fist came the mains, then the entrees towards the end, and we gave up on the breads! The beer was good though.
23 Apr 2004

Was at the Brew House for a party it was champion. Found it hard to find any reviews on this place so... Meals were all delicious, drinks good too. Steak don't come with chips though or a salad. Thought this was strange! Would be totally tops on a sunny afternoon.
13 Apr 2004

josh from sydney
the brewhouse now has trivia on every tues from 6pm. $2 it was great
31 Mar 2004

Brian Kraft from Washington D.C.
This pub is a great place to come to have a great meal and try some delicious beers. I will definitely be back!
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Pool: several pool tables at the back of the barFood: There's a big emphasis on foodDisabled Access: Disabled access is easy
Outdoor Area: A great outdoor section looking out onto Darling HarbourInternet: Free internet access for latop users, unfortunately though no wireless access. you're restricted to the booths at the back of the pub on cablesNon-Smoking Venue: UNder a restaurant licence so completely non-smoking
TV: Big screen at the back of the pubPokie Free Pub: YES!
Our Comments

Jason says:

I'm not complaining, I just got a free Wheat Beer. This place rocks!

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