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Jackson's On George
popular with business folk and tourists alike

176 George Street,

(02) 9247 2727
(02) 9247-9334

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Spread out over four levels, Jacksons seems to be a flashier competitior to The Orient - the punters when we reviewed were a heady mixture of suits, young urban hipsters, blow-ins and a single, very drunk office party mob blocking off one pool table.

We have to say, we're not that fond of it. We're told that during the day the George Street Bar has a good atmosphere, which we keep promising to confirm. On our review we headed for the top floor and its pool tables, past the nightclub level where it was just starting to warm up. Well, I say warm up, there were at least people arriving, though they didn't seem to be doing much other than sitting around drinking.

It was close to midnight when we arrived, and unfortunately, it was still close to midnight when we left we left one drink later. We figured maybe we'd get a game of pool elsewhere rather than having the tables in danger from dancing office drunks. It was fun to watch music vids on the many screens, but a few clips doth not a pub make. We'll be back, for sure, but when?
review by: pubguide staff

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Mark Oakley from Centennial park
this place is ok if you want to drink late on into night but stay down stairs and do it.Staff are so so
6 Feb 2006

PubGoer from Balmain
Of the four levels, only one is really worth checking out and that is the ground level bar off George St. Many different ales to try, atmosphere can be anywhere from a few suits after work, til the later hours where English and Irish accents are heard from every table. As to the upper levels - forget about them, generally crap, and the lower level for pokies.
1 Mar 2005

Sten from Thornleigh
I used to drink here on Friday nights after work. Forget the upstairs, the beer conoisseur would do well to get a spot in the George Street Bar. With 105 beers from such diverse places as Jamaica, Poland and PNG, what's not to love? Well, one thing: the crowds. If there's a major sporting event on, forget it.
5 Oct 2004

catchscott from Sydney
One of my fav bars. Always open really late, at least 2 bars to choose from depending on your mood. Staff could generally be a bit better though. Great range in drinks too. Def worth a look (or two)
1 Sep 2004

Stephanie from Potts Point
My good times here outweigh the bad. There's a warm atmosphere, the place has character and loads of memories. It's always nice to hang out in a pub that has not conformed to look like a hospital with sterile steel and glass inside.
3 Mar 2004

Caitlyn from Rose Bay
My best friend and I had joint 21st here last week in cocktail bar. When nightclub opened up it absolutely rocked. Everything was so good (drinx, food, service) we were there until close.
3 Mar 2004

Leo from Palm Beach
26 Feb 2004

Xavier from Sydney
I have just started working in a law firm next door. I won a voucher at work function and decided to give it a go. Lots of beer and good grub means I was sold for life. Aswell as having the staff Xmas party here I ended up taking my friends to Jacksons to party on NYE 2004, it went off.
17 Feb 2004

Cecily from Coogee
I just luv Australia! Out here for 6 months from UK and have fallen head over heals with this place. Greatest watering hole so far - I came here once and havn't really been anywhere else since. I also heard Jameriquai was hanging out here on his last visit!
17 Feb 2004

Daniel from Randwick
Moved down from Brisbane about 4 months ago - was not used to paying cover charge at nightclubs and some places in Sydney charge $20! Here $10 isn't bad for the whole night and there are four levels and heaps to do inside. If we get there early enough the nightclub is FREE but who wants to be the first people there??? Now I have adjusted to the Sydney way I'd rather pay and turn up when it is crankn'. Oh and you should have seen the hot single chicks on Valentines Day, me and my mates were out numbered three to one!
17 Feb 2004

Chrisa from Killara
Mexican/ish food on the menu is great but v v messy. I scoffed a scrummy chicken ceasar burito and then walked around with bits in my teeth (why does nobody tell me???) It is all about service aswell, staff in front bar are really nice.
12 Feb 2004

Fofi from Brighton Le Sands
Don't mind the mixed crowd, it keeps it interesting! Music in nightclub changes so the variety is good. A few shots always liven it up.
12 Feb 2004

Monica from Five Dock
Started going there because I had friends that worked there, keep going there 'cos it is so nice to find a place you feel comfortable in.
12 Feb 2004

Leticia from Newtown
We are there every wednesday for happy hour straight after work. We buy cocktails by the jug on the top floor in bar with pool tables and hit the jukebox for some midweek therapy.
12 Feb 2004

Nick from Woolloomooloo
Sunday nights kick ass! Took my girlfriend there for quick dinner after movies and ended up chillin out in pool bar after. RnB DJ still spinning when we left at 2am. Lethal cocktail jugs for $10 - just plain dangerous before work next day.
12 Feb 2004

Phil from Balmain
Easiest $100 I have almost ever made at the Tuesday night Pool Comp - pipped at the post, it broke my heart. Cheap drinks made it easier to deal with.
11 Feb 2004

Sara from Pyrmont
I have noticed changes over the past couple of months - I usually meet up with my girlfriends for Friday drinks in the front bar and now head upstairs to nightclub (early when it is free) for an hour or so before going out. There's a new RnB DJ - I don't know what his name is but he rocks! I have been coming here for ages 'cos it is just a great place to warm up for a big night out...
11 Feb 2004

Sharpey from Oblivion
This place is going to die a slow and painful death unless changes are made. Wasted potential.
29 Dec 2003

Will from Harbord
Lots of dickheads trying to pick fights. Also the cover charge for the second level is a joke. Basically there are too many guys and when these guys realise they cant pick up, they pick fights. Stay away.
25 Nov 2003

Mr B Gates from Jacksons
During the last month or two I have visited Jacksons .I have been dissapointed .It has generally been quiet and boring.Charging a cover to the nightclub on the weekend is a joke. Do they think they have some big time act? If I have been refused entry everywhere else I will just grab a drink at the pool level and go .I dare not tell anybody that I have been here or I will be labeled desperate.
24 Oct 2003

Cherie from Sydney
There's something for everyone here. The open-plan front bar is relaxing, you can enjoy an intimate conversation and a few good drinks without being too disturbed. Crawl in a little more and it's packed with sardines and smells that way too. Nice vibe though, very upmarket-pubbish. I don't know upstairs 'cos I was always too drunk to make my way up them.
17 Oct 2003

Gone Elseware from Not here anymore
This place is dying a slow death They keep swapping and changing entertainment with each change just getting worse+closing nights unannounced.Proberly time to build an office block there. WHAT HAPPENED JACKSONS?
23 Sep 2003

Chris from Gladesville
This pub is full of contrasts. The sticky carpet and drunken poms on the ground floor and then the dance clubs upstairs that have a cover charge and crap music. Anything in between?
3 Sep 2003

Pub Bludger from Australia
Only decent place in this vicinity to play pool. The Paragon has those tables with massive pockets but if you like sliding your log up a hallway then thats the place for you.
3 Jun 2003

Jake from Darlinghurst
I don't understand this place. Club, definitely not. It's all over the place. Maybe they should try and specialise in one thing, not do multiple things poorly.
date unknown

Kat from NZ
8pm: Lots of drunk office workers in suits singing as thou their lives depend on it.
date unknown

Paul White from Belfast, Northern Ireland
I am the brother of Jay White, he used to drink there. We have since lost contact with our brother, and are very concerned for him. I would greatly appreciate any info. you may have on his whereabouts. I can be contacted on the address below. Any info. at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Paul White.
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Pool: 4 pools tables, top floor, $3Outdoor Area: there is some streetside seating out frontOpen Late: nightclub and late licence
Jukebox: video juke on top floor
Our Comments

Jason says:

12 Feb 2004 I Just gave the downstairs bar a try, but found I couldn't really hack it. Having a guy sitting just behind you pontificating loudly about religion and how his is right and no-one else's is can really put you off. I hereby ban religious discussion in pubs forthwith.

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