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Hotel Chambers
Definitley a Yuppie bar

cnr Martin Place and Elizabeth Street
(02) 9233 5388
(02) 9233 5366

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It used to be called Mint, then it was closed for what seemed like an age. Now it's been re-opened as 'Hotel Chambers', still looking very posh, but now with extra liveliness. Where before Mint was rather a snobby spot, we managed to turn up for a review in scruffy threadbare jeans and t-shirts, replete with sneakers and noone batted an eyelid. It's on the expensive side, as you'd expect, and the focus is on conversation, not pool or pokies, which we rather approve of, and it's at its busiest, as you'd expect for this part of the CBD, on a friday evening, when we recommend checking it out if you're around. A good selection of beer is complemented, of course, by a good wine and champagne list, and it's certainly not unusual to see a more than one bottle of wine at a table. It's stylish as ever. Try it out if you want to pick up a suit or maybe schmooze someone a little.
review by: Jason

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the captain from new york
get yourself an argyle vest and get involved.
10 Feb 2005

Dirty Spud from Number 3
Too bloody long I reckon! Good to be back though...
12 Oct 2004

HughJarms from Gymnasia
It's been a while...
12 Oct 2004

Buns of Steel from Blue Corp
All vegies are asked to clean and scrub up for the event. Any dirt or weeds found will be asked to leave..
16 Jun 2004

GRS from Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh
Dear Retro/Buns, Too late. Thx. GRS
16 Jun 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
Speaking of veritable vegie gardens...
15 Jun 2004

Retro Queen from The Hills
All vegetables are asked to refrain from soiling both male and female toilets....
11 Jun 2004

Dirty Spud from Number 3
Hope the plumbing's in shape, because Spud will be there! Bring on the canapes...
11 Jun 2004

Buns of Steel from Blue Corp
July 3rd @ Chambers will def be place to be..
11 Jun 2004

Retro Queen from The Hills
I hear the Chambers is going to be hot on the 3rd of July!!
11 Jun 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
It was a veritable vegie garden in the ladies last night...
2 Jun 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
I swear that was five bucks who just walked past...
2 Jun 2004

Big Fella from SW Surry Hills
How hot was that chick in the gray suit last night? Just goes to show that TUESDAY NIGHTS AT CHAMBERS ARE HOT!!!
2 Jun 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
...It's nice
23 Apr 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
...though she wasn't the drunkest chick in the world. That title is now safely held by a Bondi backslapper.
31 Mar 2004

Big Fella from SW Surry Hills
Too right Hugh Jarms, Tuesday nights are HOT! How about that CHS last night?
31 Mar 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
Run rabbit, run rabbit run run run... There's no way I'm going to the Yarra Valley now that I've met you!
10 Mar 2004

The Captain from Sydney
It's good, but it's no Filthy McFadden's. Giddy-up.
9 Mar 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
Beers from 6ish boys
17 Feb 2004

Package from Sy
I must have had a carrot
23 Jan 2004

Hugh Jarms from Gymnasia
Tuesday nights are hot! I'm back.... YOU KNOW IT!
21 Jan 2004

Haydo from Tasmania
I bet you're not feeling as bad as that chick!! She was the drunkest chick in the world...
28 Nov 2003

Andrea from Sydney
V. Sexy pub, dimly lit, good atmosphere, the abillity to tuck into a corner for a secret convo if so required. great pub!
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