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recommended pub Hopetoun
Live music 7 nights a week

416 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
(cnr Fitzroy)

(02) 9361 5257

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I've seen some of my best gigs in pubs like this, and believe me, this place is high on the list of the best. With live music every night of the week ($5 cover charge), there's bound to be something to tickle the fancy. From Frank Zappa cover bands to young, up and coming punks, The Hopetoun has seen them all.

The selection of beer is pretty good, though at the weekend it's usually fairly arduous getting to the bar. Luckily the staff are pretty efficient - now try and get back to where your mates are standing with your hands full of beer.

Downstairs is a restaurant - I can't comment on the food, since that's not what I'm there for. There's also a pool table out back, and a small garden area which is usually empty (they keep the doors closed to keep the sound in, so people don't even notice it)

review by: pubguide staff

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James from Surry Hills
Pick of the litter- better than Excelsior on most nights, I agree with Megan that it truly is one of Sydney's last bastions of real music- right near the belvior theatres too so you can get in the full cultural fix for a weekend =)
16 May 2004

paul from surry hills
i just moved to the area, so went with my girlfriend to check my new local, the hoey. a guy called Dave Hibbert was playing, and he blew our minds. just playing accoustic guitar and singing. the next two bands were average, but i'll be back to check him out again!!! keep up the good work hoey!!!
7 Mar 2004

Tony from Sydney
Lenny, try breastroke. The Hoey redeems Sydney. Thanks 'whoever' for not turning it into another souless poker machine filled den.
11 Feb 2004

Megan from Potts Point
Thank god we still have one or two real pubs left! The Hopetoun is a true place, with great music and a good vibe. Go to the Hopetoun to avoid pretentious fakes, and crap music. (proof in Lenny's comment)
26 Jan 2004

Jeff from Sydney (two mins walk from the Hoey)
I feel for you Lenny, not being able to pick up is a real drag. Maybe the chicks you were trying it on with weren't impressed that you used the word "swum" instead of "swam" when explaining how you got your physique. As for the Hoey, great venue - one of an almost dead breed. Thankfully it's well supported, so hopefully it'll keep going.
9 Jul 2003

annasleater from stanmore
there are some great bands which play here, and I will always keep coming back. but the stage is tooo low, so if you are slightly shorter than average (and not by much!) you can't see a damn thing unless you are right up the front.
25 Jun 2003

Lenny Krayzelburg from USA
I swum backstroke in the olympics. I could not pick up here. It sucks
date unknown

Laura from Newtown
I went for the first time the other night when Sarah Harmer was playing -man, I was blown away!
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Live Music: seven nights a week, rock, pop and indiePool: one pool table, away from the main barOutdoor Area: Try to find it! (it's behind a curtain!)
Food: Restaurant downstairsQuiz Night: Now featuring Music Trivia on Wednesday nights
Our Comments

Jason says:

I've seen some great bands here - but when it's very busy, it's BUSY

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