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Hicksy's Orange Grove
tucked away off the beaten track, a locals' pub with colour

311 Balmain Road,

(02) 9810 1435

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (6 May 2005)

The "Grove" is one the last real pubs left. No dollar drinks nights, no que to get in, no cover charge and no dress code, just a bunch of mates who enjoy sports and a flutter while drinking a coldie. Great Cold beer, good pub grub , pool tables and a great bunch of mates. The publicans "Hicksey" and "Jo" are legends and there is no greater place to hold your sporting clubs functions. Where else would you want to be ??!!
review by: nasser whosain

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Nasser Whosain from Pakistan
When I walk in I feel like Norm Peterson in "Cheers" The Shirts off Pub for the pants off Club ! The place where everyone knows your name!
14 Feb 2005

Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Pop your head in, shudder (think:there but for the grace of God go I), step backward being carefull not to make eye contact and move on. The name of the dump should be a give-away.
8 Jan 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
S from South is spot on with the crusty locals comment. Had 1 great night here and 6 pretty ordinary nights. Wouldn't go out of my way to drop in again, but I wouldn't avoid it either.
21 Dec 2004

John John from Helensburgh
Best break-up pub in Sydney. There can be no mistake if you bring her here.
10 Nov 2004

Steve from West
If youwant to find a ambo this is the place
17 Nov 2003

S from South
Top pub with crusty locals and pokies that pay well
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