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Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe
booking is advisable!

129-135 Harrington Street,
The Rocks

(02) 9241 1775

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We've known for some time here at SPG that the best place for high-quality beer in Sydney is The Rocks, with standouts like the Australian and the Lord Nelson serving up a wide selection of beers, many locally brewed. The Lowenbrau Kellar serves up great german lagers. The only thing that undermined this sweeping generalisation was that Sydney's major Belgian Beer venue was Epoque in Cammeray. Well, now the same firm has come to the Rocks and put together the Heritage. A vision in dark wood, the room is airy with mostly restaurant seating but room at the bar. In fact, the main focus is on dining rather than drinking, and good dining it is too. Mussels are the primary food item here, served up with chips and mayonnaise in a variety of sauce/soup bases, but enough of the food, on to the beer. A superb selection of Belgian beers, famous and fringe, is available. Don't expect much change from $10 per beer, though - the average beer is around a tenner, served up in its own special glass. We were happy to sample - amoung others - Kwak, Gulden Draak and Lucifer, all of which were exquisite (and very strong). Some of the beers are up over the 10% alcohol mark, so be careful, they can sneak up on you. Book ahead, and plan on a short wait for your table, during which you can familiarise yourself with the extensive beer list and get up an appetite. For those with terminal non-adventurousness, there are even a couple of domestic Aussie beers, though why anyone would want sackcloth when silk is on offer is beyond me! It's true, The Rocks is now unbeatable as the place beer enthusiasts should be heading, and the Heritage should certainly be on the list.
review by: Jason

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Mark Oakley from Centennial park
when your there you must try the mussels
23 Jan 2006

matt from petersham
got absolutely wasted on Leffe or whatever it was.....christ, i could hardly pronounce 'belgiam'. Strong beer.... my god it hits you hard later on. Go easy kids!
21 Jun 2004

Peter from Bondi
Without doubt the best pub/restaurant in The Rocks. And don't even get me started on the beer!!! Absolutely fantastic
8 Dec 2003

Steve from Belgium
Excellent food and beer, just like home.
7 Oct 2003

Christopher from Bronte
Best choice of beers with great Belgian food.
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Non-Smoking Venue: Smoking isn't allowed in the venue.Food: Mussels a specialty
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