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recommended pub Harp
Possibly the best Irish pub in Sydney? the quest continues....

900-920 Princes Hwy

(02) 9559 6300
(02) 9559 6299

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When I announced to my friends at a party in the William that I'd been out to Tempe, most of them said something along the lines of "What were you doing out there? Looking for tyres?". Now I have to admit I didn't get it. My friends being city types view Tempe as some place you only go if you have to, or if you're 'lucky' enough to live there. It took some explaining that I was actually there to check out one of Sydney's best Irish pubs. And it's true, the Harp is one of the best in Sydney, despite, and I say this charitably, being in the back of beyond. Having cycled out there from Surry Hills I can categorically say that every turn of the pedals was worth it once I arrived and got stuck into a Guinness. Much has been said elsewhere in this guide about the quality of Guinness in various pubs in Sydney, so I won't harp on about it (harp - geddit?), but this was one of the finest I've had since leaving the UK. There's plenty of seating, some nicely tucked-away pokies (If you've GOT to have them, hide them I say), a covered verandah/bistro out back and a live music bar off to the left with plenty of space and a well-appointed stage. As with all Irish pubs, the walls and shelves (and ceiling) are lined with musical instruments, signposts, number plates and other Irish doohickeys, Most interesting doohickey here? Near the bar, above the doorway to the back bar sit two pairs of industrial ear defenders. Above them is a small, hand-inked sign which reads : "In case of loud volume, take one of these" enough said, I think.
review by: Jason

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Fitzy from Randwick
Going there tonight to see the Wallibies take on Ireland. Stay tuned . . . I'll post a mortem shortly
24 Jun 2006

jo from beverly hills
never short on music at the harp, tuesday nite songwriters, thurs, fri & sat nites great up & comings bands and the food is unbelievable!!!
21 May 2004

Sal from Tempe
great local. we just love it.
date unknown

John o Brien from Newtown
I know where I'll be Paddys Morning! and all day Paddys Day I'm sure
date unknown

Declan Desmond from Bondi
This place is like Cheers - where everyone knows your name and they do great social events - like cricket, golf, soccer, mystry tours. great pub!
date unknown

Mary Murphy from Sydney
Probably the best Irish Pub I've ever visited
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Food: A fine Irish selectionIrish: One of Sydney's most rated Irish pubsLive Music: Regular Live Music - check the pub's website for details
Outdoor Area: Covered courtyard out backATM: broken on our last visit, but cash out (max $50) available in the bottle shopBottle Shop: Bottle shop just round to the left
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