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A nicely presented Rugby pub

cnr Harris and Union Sts,

(02) 9660 8146

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Having been fortunate enough to have traveled throughout Australia and much of the world in both work and hedonistic roles, I still find the Harlequin Inn (H.I) one of those rare pubs that are well worth returning to time and time again.

The H.I offers a large choice of domestic, boutique and imported beers in both draught and bottle. A fine selection of wines are available and management assures me that if you would like to see something else on the list they will endeavor to make it happen for you. Spirit drinkers are well served and the increasingly popular Bundy Draught is a big seller.

The layout and design of the H.I contributes much to the overall appeal. The owners have resisted the urge to overhaul the place to much but have done enough to make it a pleasure to drink in rather than a novelty. A central bar down stairs serves from three sides with bottle shop sales to the rear. A combination of low and high style seating is available with a couple of lounges for the more low key or inebriated types. Two projection screens are set up at either end of the pub for sports coverage. A huge collection of Union memorabilia is displayed throughout including a bigger than average novelty ball. Note: If you are after a casual drink whilst the H.I is televising a Rugby match, look somewhere else. It’s shoulder to shoulder but a hell of a good night. The H.I makes the claim of being Australia’s favorite / best rugby pub. I won’t disagree. The in-house food is Thai / Australian. Excellent quality and really good value. The cooking staff are friendly and fun and do a really good job.

The clientele of any pub contribute as much to its quality as the beer. A large cross section of people frequent the H.I ranging from well the dressed ladies from the Channel Ten studios, construction workers on lunch breaks, lad’s coming back from a days fishing and pretty much anyone else you could imagine. It’s a lively but friendly crowd and you will always find a local (or Irish backpacker) too have a yarn to if your in the mood. The staff are great and will treat a respectable patron with respect. Give yourself a few sessions at the pub and you will be chatting like old friends and have your drinks poured for you by the time you reach the bar.

The Harlequin Inn is one of the best pubs in Sydney. Its unassuming nature, good value and excellent staff all make it a great place to hit the tiles and have a great session with friends.

review by: Fitzy

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billyo from san diego
I spent 3 months in Sydney, drinking at the Harlequin with Rob and the rest of the Dalton's. Great pub, good beer, great Thai food.
25 Oct 2003

Trev from Pyrmont
Jason, As a regular of the HI and fellow hater of pokies, i understand your sentiment. But i don't think things are all that bad in this case, considering :- * The new area downstairs where the pokies were has been opened up and is a great little space with pool tables * The new pokie room will be closed off when the rennovations are complete, out of sight where they should be * The bar the pokie room replaced was well, pretty run down * But most importantly, the new room upstairs is excellent; a huge area with great screens for watching the rugger - they knocked out an old flat so that this room now covers the whole floor Overall, the changes are an improvement i think. My 2c
16 Oct 2003

Stephen from Pyrmont
i have been going to this pub for a few years now... should just be called the rugby pub... where you going? im off to the rugby pub... everyone knows where you mean. Great pub... great beer.. excellent THAI :)
3 Sep 2003

nic from ryde
dropped in for a quick drink with a friend once. have now been back many times, great pub for after work drinks, staff excellent, friendly locals
30 Jul 2003

peter from pyrmont
top rugby pub, great drinks and great food. staff very friendly and efficient, especially sal the manager, been drinking there long time and will continue to do so. check it out.
30 Jul 2003

Paul from Sydney
Top boozer - couldnt ask for more really - pints of (good) guinness, pool tables, sport on big screen, friendly staff and a thai restaurant!
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Food: Thai bistroPool: 2 pool tables front, one backATM: ATM here, no VISA though
TV: Projection screen in the back, plasma screen in the front - rugby orientedQuiz Night: There's a quiz night - call for day/timeBottle Shop: Bottle shop between the two bars
Jukebox: The jukebox is in the front bar
Our Comments

Jason says:

The Red Curry Duck really was great, especially with a cold schooner of New


Jason says:

further to Trev's comment, I think maybe I caught it at a bad spot in the renovations - there does seem to bea chunk more space now, and it's pretty well done. bad luck to waltz in when I did, I guess.

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