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Harbour View
neat, well appointed and in a unique position

18 Lower Fort Street,
The Rocks

(02) 9252 4111
(02) 9252 6170

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Well, here I am again. It's been well over a year since I was here last and tonight I happened to be in the area for a Curry Run and thought I'd come on down and sample the Wireless internet access. It's fast, as you'd expect, and thankfully the pub isn't too packed. The soundtrack's a bit questionable, but I'm living with it. Same mixed crowd as last time, I see. Some crusty old geezers, smatterings of smartly dressed city types, a tourist or two, a couple of pool players giving it stick, not a lot else. I'm just checking out the bar menu and it looks pretty good, Oysters, Nibble Plates, Cheese plates and Steaks, but I shan't partake since tonight is curry night. Quite pleasant here.
review by: Jason

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Jonas Hartzler from Illinois, USA
Definitely the friendliest staff in town. A nice place to watch a rugby game and good location with it being just up the hill from the crazy Rocks area. I definitely recommend it. Try the Potato Wedges!
1 May 2004

TIM from The Rocks
Hey george, go play with a juke box somewhere.
14 Jan 2004

Ravey Davey from Newtown
Flat out great pub. Great atmosphere, Lotsa Chicks, wicked bands. Dig in
14 Jan 2004

George from Sydney
I work up the road from this pub, and we quite often come in on Thursdays for a few drinks. They use to have a band 'Soap Opera' playing every week, and they were great..I cant understand why they got rid of bands like this and put in Original Bands. These sort of pubs people really want to hear songs they know. The old format worked alot better, and this obviously showed with the crowds they use to get in.
16 Nov 2003

Beth from sydney
I absolutly adore this pub!
3 Nov 2003

Natalie from UK
I have been to a number of pubs across Australia as a backpacker and found the Harborview to be one of my favorites. They had a fantastic band playing (The REdbeans I think) and a great atmosphere. I'll be recommending the pub and the band to any of my backpacker friends who are spending time in Sydney!
27 Oct 2003

James from Neutral Bay
I had my 21st here. Utterly sweet venue - prices reasonable, food excellent, staff friendly, location unbeatable. Go there. You'll thank me.
1 Jun 2003

Daniela from ITALY
I'm italian girl 29 years old. I got a degree in science and food technologies at the Catholic University of Milan (Italy). In summertime I use to work as barista or waitress in pubs, i like very much this job because i love to be in touch with people.I'm realible, friendly and willing, I learn haste.I'll leave to Sydney at 1° october. If you can offer me any work opportunity, please contact me at the following address: Daniela Cerbone +39 523 616277 mobile +39 3282184597 best regards Daniela
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