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Packed on Fridays. Reputedly a good pick-up joint!

36 Blue Street, North Sydney
(02) 9964 9477
(03) 9964 9429

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This expansive pub has a reputation as a meat market, and, well, it seems to deserve it, to an extent. Everyone here has a bit of money, they're single, and they're on the look out.

It's easy to believe this is one of the busiest pubs in Sydney. Well, it's certainly vying for the title of largest pub in Sydney, with at least four bars (and some parts unexplored by the team) and an enormous courtyard taking the overspill from the crowded bars. Catch it on a weeknight when the offices empty and you're likely to have trouble getting to the bar for suits.

It's a little on the pricey side, but if you're looking to pick up a high earner, try it out!
review by: pubguide staff

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PubGoer from Balmain
Not a better place in North Sydney in summer than sitting in the courtyard having a few quite ales after work. Crowd changes drastically after 7.30pm on Thursday - entirely made up of high school girls and uni guys (and very crowded). For the business guy, a great pub for weekday lunches (if you have the cash) or the summer ale in the courtyard straight after work. For the younger ones - Thursday nights onward after 7.30pm. Also have sounds on Sunday for the recovery if required.
21 Dec 2004

vesuvius from my mum
Secret tip: If you learn to say "Ok, yaah" with just the right intonation, your success with the ladies (or the men, if that's your thing - not that there's anything wrong with that) will rise in an exponential manner. Actually it's a bit more like sin^2x/tan, but I'm splitting atoms here, when I should be damaging braincells at the Greeny!
25 Oct 2004

B from mosman
your spot on mate...i meant gelled hair as a generalisation for cool poeple but i guess its not the in thing to do anymore
28 Apr 2004

trendy guy from paris baby
B spiky gelled hair isnt in but i get what your trying to say. anyone that says this place is the bomb means that they have no concept of what somewhere good should be like..its for n00bs just out of high school hwo want somewhere cool to go but have no idea of anything good so just interpret this place as cool..chicks are hot but u have to be decent looking like me to bag one of them in the bathroom..or some of the chicks are completely off their head which mean u can convince them to come back to your house and screw them...other than that...losers who dont know any better.
28 Apr 2004

B from Mosman
GW lacks individualilty... Every guy looks the same with their stripy shirts, trendy designer jeans and diesel shoes everywhere. Dont forget the spikey gelled hair too
23 Apr 2004

Laous from Cooks
Get over it.
23 Apr 2004

B from gutter
Great place for hitting on fresh hot 18 y.o. gals. You wouldnt want to be at gw all night tho as it does get boring and repeditive. Unless of course youve had 15 schooners
23 Apr 2004

b from sydney
its full of teens who just turned 18, who dont know what a good time is when i just turned 18 i thought it was cool too, went there twice got bored. after seein other places u can see tihs place is a shit hole
19 Apr 2004

Shannon from Griffith
What about me? It isn't fair. I've had enough and I want my share. Can't you see? I wanna live. You just take more than you give.
16 Jan 2004

k from nth sydney
we need to get rid of the dick crowd regulator on thursday nights, he is a royal twat!
28 Nov 2003

Big Snoop Radke from Bathurst
yo yo yo homey g's...its big snoop rad here giving a word up to my homeys at greenwood! If you wanna see some underground freestyles come every thursday night to see my bust a few rhymes with my boys...
28 Nov 2003

gavo rashke from tha hood
hi fellas!! my name is gavo and u can check me at greenwood on thursdays where i present my material of eminem lyrics to the public. anyway im off to bum someone!! cya
28 Nov 2003

Adolf Hitler from Wolfs Lair
This is all your fault!
24 Nov 2003

Party from Animal
yeh I love teenwoody early in the evening but it does peter out as it gets late!
17 Nov 2003

Siobahn from Sydney
Naturally people like 'Pepita from Mosman' would find somewhere like the greenwood a good place to go because like most of the people there, I can only assume that she is fresh out of her elitist private school and finances her night from mummy and daddys credit card. Its people like Pepita that make us mere mortals feel inadequate at a place like the greenwood whereeverything is overpriced and everyone looks like a model.
14 Nov 2003

Pepita from Mosman
The Greenwood is the only place worth going to in North Sydney on a Thursday night. I have not once had a bad time there. It's full of my kind of people I like that fact that I go there and know so many people. Yeahh perhaps it is a little superficial but thats all part of it. Its awesome.
14 Nov 2003

aussie from australia
yeh the wogs have attitude yet they have pindicks weird combo!?
31 Oct 2003

k from North Sydney
dont you guys mean TEENWOOD? it has every 17 year old from the north shore packed in every thurs night.
9 Oct 2003

GAvo Radke from Detroit BaBY
yo yo yo i lay down some rhymez every thursday nite so come watch as i bust out some underground rnb tracks like 'the real slim shady' and 'without me' by the underground artist eminem
5 Sep 2003

Radke the poojabber from who gives a fuck
Jamal man, i don't know wat your problem is but I would be highly willing for your big tongan mate to bum me, I like big sexy guys, you can join in too if you wanna...I give the best head on the nth shore baby
5 Sep 2003

Jamal Jackson from The Hood
Rashke is you ever show your fat head again at greenwood i will personally get my large tongan friend to rape you....capiche?
5 Sep 2003

Snoop Radke from bathurst
hey fellas, i just wanted to say how much I love the greenwood and how many guys I have blown there, I also love the music you play especailly eminem which i enjoy rapping to. the only problem is that coon called jamal
5 Sep 2003

Ping Daddy from Penrith
I's takin soe meny druges that mi spelings al fuked up! Butt wi doo lov too pop as many pillls as we can fit in our traps and dance all day, sounds goes off like a frog in a sock!
3 Sep 2003

oi ballesty you fuck....greenwood is my territory so back the fuck up romeo...anyway if you wana fight me and me mates (will stavert and DJ Detinator) then i will be there on the 4th of Sept. you son of a bitch! so anyway last weekend i boned this chick in the beer garden real hard...oh yeh!
29 Aug 2003

scott ballesty from clempton park
NEVER HAPPENING!! i dont know why any guys try there, all the girls want me, in fact the bouncers should allow only one guy in... ME!!!
29 Aug 2003

inbred from clovelly
frank you are homo! Gordos is da bomb...heaps of hotties and sophisticated youngins so shut your face!
27 Aug 2003

priscilla from glebe
its a yummy place with a cool atmosphere. i saw zac drayson from h&a there which is exciting for me cos i am a celebrity whore (...not in *that* way..dirty minds :P)
29 Jul 2003

Caroline from Cremorne
Duh Andy from Sydney, it's actually an old schoolhouse, not a church. In terms of the pub, I've been drunk at this place once too often to take it seriously.
18 Jun 2003

Man formerly known as "Pub Bludger" from Australia
There are alot of comments here so obviously its popular. Yes i have been here, I will make a comeback here oneday as soon as I get out of my dunlop volleys so watch out ladys. Oh! be wary of woollongong girls it's a little to far to come for a night out i think!
5 Jun 2003

Eh from Sydney
This place is the biggest private school hang, you can spot 5 years worth of 1st XV players from Kings, Joeys and Scots all over the place. If you went to a GPS school go here on a thursday night and you will surely see someone from your year there.
date unknown

frank from westville town
tyler you are out of order. your are the lowest i get filthy whores non stop all the time. and i am talking dirty trash whores. like the G. go back to gordo's.
date unknown

tyler from cuirl curl
this derro i know from uni picks up the filthiest whores of all time at greenwood. girls beware of 'frank' the commerce/law student from macquarie !
date unknown

tyler from clovelly
It is a class venue full of nice chicks. However the posers from GPS schools think the own the place, and this can potentially be the scene for drunken fights with rich punks living out of mummy and daddy's pockets
date unknown

Cara from Wollongong
Woo prepared for all those nose snorting, joint smoking ferals that pack the place full of their crap house techno music....other than that its a great place!
date unknown

Suzanne Lello from Wahroonga
I am sure it is brilliant.
date unknown

Brad from Seaforth
Unreal man! Nice Sheilas. Put on your dancing shoes and have a boogie!!!
date unknown

Laura from Wahroonga
Totally awesome. I found a ripper there last week! Rooting all round!!
date unknown

Susie from Wahroonga
'The Catwalk' indeed. Classy, cool and complete with hotties. Do not lock up your sons and daughters!
date unknown

Daniel from nth sydney
Nice looking pub. Dont get sucked in like i did for the 99-2000 NYE party,"It'll be a night to remember" $300 and only 4 drinks. rip off then, rip off now!!!But, nice looking pub
date unknown

jimmy from syd
sucked in "Sarah from Artarmon" you fat mole. Stay away from the place u mole
date unknown

Andy from Sydney
Sounds on Sunday is a fantastic day dance party at Greenwood. What is not mentioned in the review is that the Greenwood is a lovely old church converted to a pub. Quite special.
date unknown

dave from sydney
alsome! love happy hour!
date unknown

Sarah from Artarmon
I found it to be very superficial. Somewhat daunting for recently turned 18 year olds. But I suppose if you're a size 8 (instead of 12 or 14), then this is the place for you.
date unknown

Cecilia from McMahons Point
This is my fave friday night hang out - highly recommended to all you groovy pubgoers out there!
date unknown

Annika from Sydney
Greenwood is waay better on a thursday night. Tis silent on a friday night.
date unknown

Diana from Germany
During my time in Sydney, Greenwood was the best place in town. I had a lot of fun there.
date unknown

Caroline Haigh from BALMAIN
date unknown

M from Cremorne
Bit of everything - packed on a Thurs. nite!!!! If you have to meet ppl - meet them somewhere else!!! & be prepared for walking on broken glass- a lot of it! A nice cross b/t pub & club
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Outdoor Area: large courtyard areaATM: near the pokiesLive Music: Summer weekends see cover bands and Jazz outfits in the courtyard
Open Late: 2am at weekendsDJs: Famed for the Sunday Chillout sessions, and more.Wireless Internet Access:
Our Comments

Jason says:

Don't agree to meet people here on a friday - you'll never find them!

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