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Golden Sheaf
lots of space, music

New South Head Road,
Double Bay

(02) 9327 5877

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The Sheaf - haunt of everyone from Eastern Suburbs late-teens spending their allowance to families out for an early evening meal in pleasant surroundings. There's plenty of space here, and it certainly gets used up at weekends. At the front, the public bar has a couple of pool tables, Fox Sports, a TAB and a matching crowd, from old codgers to young sports fans. Just behind, the doors open onto a great little courtyard wherein lies the kitchen, serving up everything from beefburgers to poached atlantic salmon. Adjoining the courtyard is the slightly smaller garden bar, glass walled and usually thrumming with the younger crowd, and often jumping with live music. This is where the rich kids come to blow their allowance on Ruskies and Breezers, and it usually has a lively atmosphere and a solid level of background noise. If you're in Double Pay (no, not a misprint), The Sheaf is about your best option for a few drinks, and we particularly recommend it on a sunny Sunday arvo.
review by: Jason

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Bullpit Billie from Redfern
So has there been a change in security then ?? Or have the bouncers been posting? LOL
7 Jan 2005

John from bondi
I was at the sheaf watching the footy last weekend, it was my first time there, it’s a great place to be, also the security were really friendly and helpful. I be going back for sure
28 Sep 2004

Daniel from Rose Bay
I'm always at the sheaf, i stuffed up once by having a fight there with my friends, Bouncers come a stop the fight, they had aworld to me and that was the end of the sitution,If i was in another place i would have got my ass kicked by the bouncers. They are really understanding
8 Sep 2004

emily from potts point
I think the sheaf is great place, bouncer always friendly everytime i go there. i have chats with them and they always make sure i jump in taxi on my way home,no other place does this.Sheaf rocks
8 Sep 2004

Hugo from Potts Point
Used to be a great place for a drink. Bouncers immediatley put people off with their power games. Next time I order a drink there I will ask the bar staff to please hold the cup full of attitude that they seem to dish out. Another example of a big hotel group caring about profits not patrons!
14 May 2004

sophie from doulbe bay
asshole bouncers, ruin the pub. the oak down the road with much more accomodating staff should replace this pub as the place to be, let's drag the young ones over to bay street!
10 May 2004

Pete from Double Bay
Great hang out, although the bands (are good), but we always seem to get the same ones all the time, and then they become a little tedious. Tired of the new stuff, wheres the funky old stuff?
29 Apr 2004

jodie from bondi, sydney
THIS PLACE ROCKS!!! great bar staff, they are very friendly and always up for a quick chat. great vibe, with good music, go those Aussie tunes in the front bar. security have always been friendly to me..........
8 Apr 2004

Karen from Neutral Bay
I will cross the bridge and completely by-pass the Oaks any day for this place. It's great!!!
12 Feb 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
This is THE MOST CRAP pub I've ever been to. The bouncers are cruising to kill a famous sports star, no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 Jan 2004

Kieran from Darling Point
Bouncers = Wankers A formerly great drinking establishment. Too many people go there now. AVOID
10 Dec 2003

Blair from Sydney
Security is a real concern, they operate outside the law and are grossly unprofessional. Otherwise beer is average ... there are much better places to go. Soda Bar which is upstairs is staffed by absolute try hards that think that behave as if they're international celebrities, totally up themselves. News flash guys you are bar staff accept it and move on, preferably out of the pub all together.
26 Nov 2003

sam seed from Norwich City, England
Great layout, beer and entertainment, but the bouncers are a bit of a worry, it seems that anything will spook them into action.
5 Nov 2003

abi from sydney
double bay is full of beautiful people!! go there
3 Nov 2003

Trent from Roselands
Bands were good, atmosphere was good, can't beat that for a good night out.
21 Sep 2003

Hannah Murphy from Vaucluse
I was very disappointed that a lovely pub like the Sheaf has such violent, power hungry bouncers as I saw last night, I must admit it is not the first time I have witnessed this agro and abondon for their actual purpose at the pub and last night I was quite distressed about thier behaviour. Goading a drunk person, half of their size, into a fight when that person was halfway into a cab and then springing three more bouncers on top of him was a revolting display of both cowardess and maliciousness. Following this they compounded thier gross behaviour by not allowing him to walk away but instead pinning him down and then taking him around a corner out of the cameras view to hit him while he was on the ground. Under this treatment, obviously he struggled but he was a talker and could have walked away without an altercation. The Sheaf should really have a look at thier security and perhaps re-educate them on the purpose of their presence, ie to divert violence not to encourage and precipitate it.
21 Sep 2003

Graham from England
A great Pub, great beer, great beer gargen, Great atmosphere, Great free live bands. Was my local for 2 years can't wait to go back to Oz and be there again!!!
date unknown

Bambini from Edgecliff
Great atmosphere!!
date unknown

Nimrod from Israel
a real fun place, funky music and great people. you got to go!
date unknown

sandra from dublin, ireland
golden sheaf rocks!!!
date unknown

Steve G. from Dublin, Ireland
Lived around the corner, great food, great beer, good live bands, love to go back some time!!!
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Comedy Trivia: Mondays 8pm with Glenn Majurey (starts Apr 28 2003)Outdoor Area: Plenty of seating and foodPool: One Table
Live Music: Mostly At WeekendsBottle Shop: not an enourmous choiceJukebox: jukebox in the front bar
ATM: No Visa, sorry
Our Comments

Jason says:

Possibly the best beer garden in the Eastern Suburbs (WBH runs it close)

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