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bit of a TAB and pokie joint, though the roof garden is rated.

96 Cumberland Street,
The Rocks

(02) 9247 4794

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We’ve heard great things about the roof garden, but tonight there’s a private function on, so we can’t cover it. Bit of a shame, because the rest of it isn’t really up to that much. The crowd is definitely mixed – we’ve got a few pissed up hardened drinkers interspersed with tourists and passers by. We passed by the Australian and it was WEDGED, so really you can gauge the quality by those who’ve voted with their feet.

A bank of ten pokies takes up much of the Bar’s southern corner, while the northern, well, it’s a TAB, essentially. A few tables outside can give respite, but we’ve been beaten to them.

A round of 2 coopers and a diet coke costs $11.50, which isn’t bad, since we just came back over the bridge from the commodore where is cost $15.00

It sees a lot of tourists, as you can see from the mish-mash of foreign currency tacked to the bar – it probably also gets quite a few people coming down from the BridgeClimb – the office is just down the road.

All said, we’re not so into it. If we could have checked out the roof garden, we may well have liked it more. Luckily it hasn’t actually deterred us from coming back when the roof is open, so all is not lost!

Addendum, January 2002

Yes, we finally made it to the roof garden, and let me tell you it's worth climbing the stairs for. If anything can elevate this pub from the mediocre to the spectacular, it's the roof garden. Groups of happy people sit around the denseley packed tables, enjoying the sun and the breeze. It's Friday just after 6.00pm and it's full, so we have to wait around for a seat, but we take the opportunity to savour the view. It's a great spot. You can also get lunch up here, which has to be a great spot for it. If you can get to the roof, we unequivocally recommend it. If not, perhaps give it a miss and come back when the roof is open.

review by: pubguide staff

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Mark oakley from Centennial park
The pokies are in the backroom now but the food is still very very bad.Other then that its a good place to drink and watch the habour from the roof.
27 Apr 2006

Jonas Hartzler from Illinois, USA
In general, a pleasant place for a beer. Going when the doors and windows are open gives a beer garden like atmosphere, even on the inside. I could have done without the slot machines taking up valuable room on the small interior though.
1 May 2004

Greg from Over there
On a sunny day, the roof is the best place in sydney. I found the staff there really friendly and eager to serve. Can get a tops feed brought to you upstairs. Also have a BBQ, can you believe it. Ground floor bit small but cosy. Recommend
26 Nov 2003

cambo from sydney
great location \. excellent for meeting women
date unknown

Peter MacKerracher from Scotland
Absolute top pub. The roof garden is a great place to down a few beers in the sun. Bar staff friendly. Highly recommended.
date unknown

David Pinson from Manly Sydney
Has a feel of a country pub downstairs. The patrons are down to Earth pretty rare these days for a City Pub.
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Accomodation:   Food: good simple food. try and get an upstairs seat!Outdoor Area: A seat on the roof is a top score
TAB: In the main bar
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