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recently went through a rebrand, with 'girls girls girls' emblazoned everywhere. Now back to 'gladstone hotel'

115 Regent Street,

(02) 9319 5025
(02) 9699 5247

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (22 Jul 2003)

Great Australian Pub.  Charming and comfortable.  Great people, great atmosphere. 

The food is exceptional, and the staff are fantastic. A huge screen television accompanied with Foxtel,  you will never want to go home.  Cheap drinks, cheap pool table and also  FREE pool at set times during the week.  Backpackers upstairs which offers cheap accommodation.  Free use of pub for functions or parties and a beautiful courtyard.  What more could you want?! 


review by: gladstone

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Jason from PubGuide Staff
Now re-opened, "Girls Girls Girls, Dusk till Dawn". A bit different to how it used to be then....
8 May 2006

franky from germany
regent backpackers was my home in australia and i met some of the best people...what a place
25 Apr 2004

Dave from the other side
If Richard Temple from England makes it back this way, I'd be glad for him to put his money where his mouth is, because I live in the same block as this pub.
19 Mar 2004

Richard Temple from England
Awesome place, had a fantastic time for ages, met some of the best people ever, love the place, back in december, bring it on. (if I ever meet "dave from the other side" I'll punch HIM a few times. Ha Ha
10 Aug 2003

Justin from Holland
The food is absolutely fantastic. I was staying in their backpackers (Regent Backpackers). I was told about Australian pub food by other travellers and this Hotel rocks! The bar staff were fantastic especially the girls and they were babes too! They have one of the biggest television screens I have ever seen and they have foxtel too. Overall this was a fantastic pub. I met so many great locals and visitors and had an absolute ball.
17 Jul 2003

Mark from UK
kiitchen rocks! cheap beers! $2 pool! Cant go wrong real aussie pub!!
16 Jul 2003

Dave from the other side
A dinky little pub with cozy beer garden and a lot of regulars from 'Lock and Load'. The kitchen is a bit scummy though and leaves a lot to be desired. From personal experience, I don't like the staff. We organised a small event here a while ago now, and whilst the event went fine (free live music) it was afterwards we ran into troubles. The barman, Dean, had an argument with his lady who was also temporary manager, then went and punched my co-promoter a few times and destroyed some of the equipment. I wouldn't reccomnend putting any sort of event on in this pub.
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Live Music: SMALL TALK accoustic session every other Sunday 4.30 - 8.30Food: Italian available
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