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Fringe Bar
The place for comedy on Mondays, and a cool hangout for the rest of the week...

Oxford Street,

(02) 9360 3554
(02) 9360 3904

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The Fringe Bar is situated just before Oxford Street becomes the holy land for fashion lovers. A perfect place to lick your wounds after an unsuccessful shopping trip, fortify yourself for the journey or celebrate surrounded by colourful bags filled with bright tissue paper. Having recently undergone a refurb is it now very swanky! Upon entering an establishment, the bar is always the first port of call. It runs the length of the front room with quite a few beautiful people propping it up. Scanning the wine list I was happy to see that there was a reasonable variety, though not the cheapest prices in town. You are looking at about $7ish a glass. They have a lovely array of cocktails (May I recommend the vodkatini with watermelon and mint – very nice in deed!). The staff are beautiful, just like most of the patrons. Their service is quick and professional, if not the friendliest I have experienced. The front bar has a very retro feel. Faux foam with deep circle imprints lines the walls and large padded disks hang from the ceiling. A row of circular booths runs along the wall opposite the bar. There were only a few tables free which is a good sign for a Wednesday. There is also a back bar that has a quieter feel, featuring padded bucket seats and large floral focal. I imagine this may be the scene for some trashy behaviour on a Friday or Saturday but was pretty sedate the night I was in attendance. They also serve food, but half the menu was not available when I went to order, which is a bit frustrating on Saturday afternoon. When I finally selected something that was available it was very tasty and well presented but definitely not cheap. They are around the $15 and up mark and small noveau cuisine type servings. All in all, it is not a bad spot for a drink.
review by: Katie Haire

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Marcus from Balmain
For a long time it seemed that i couldn't find a venue where the staff treated me like i was still sitting on my living room couch, until i ventured into the fringe. It feels like i'm at home, only with beautiful ladies and dapper lads, cutting edge music, and soul-filled cocktails. Well done guys, you made my nights worthwhile.
29 Aug 2003

Josh from Surrey Hills
At last a bar that knows what it's doing and doesn't take itself seriously.
date unknown

Brentos from Coogee
Great review. Spot on! Fringe Bar is cool without making the effort.
date unknown

ketty from sydney
Definetly worth going on a saturday night after about 10pm, DJ Nic Phillips really knows what good tunes are all about. Also live Sax player adds something different to the night.
date unknown

T from Sydney
the fringe is great, yummy cocktail list and live singer/dj combination on thursday night?
date unknown

John S from Rose Bay, NSW
Love the mood, food is excellent, the music gigs are really great, especially the new artists and Comedy is the best. Very enjoyable, even for an oldie like me!
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Comedy and/or theatre: every mondayFood: food availableOpen Late: Yes, the Fringe is open late
Live Music: Live Music is once again a prominent part of the Fringe
Our Comments

Jason says:

I've just had an email from the General Manager mentioning that there are now NO POKIES at the fringe. This is a good thing. There's also no pool table.

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