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recommended pub Friend In Hand
Crab Racing, clutter, eclecticism and more.

58 Cowper St
NSW 2037

(02) 9660 2326
(02) 9660 9299

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Wander down Glebe Point Road from Broadway on a Saturday and you'll soon come to the Glebe Markets, one of the best, most bohemian of Sydney's Saturday markets. This is what we did on the 10th May, and having found ourselves 'marketed out', we did what anyone who's in the area should do. We went to the Friend In Hand. Just a short walk down Cowper Street from the markets themselves, The Friend in Hand looks from the outside like many other Art-Deco era pubs. Brick built, half tiles and wuith the ever-familiar Toohey's New branding running round the canopy. Step inside, though, and what you're confrionted with is something completely other. Knick-Knacks and memoriabilia cram every available space through the front bar, from surf-skis to model aeroplanes and signs clearly lifted from medical establishments, photographs, oil paintings and oddments fill the entire bar. In the corner is a bird-cage normally occupied by Joe the Cockatoo, but he's not in evidence today. We follow the sign which says 'this way for Nuclear Medicine and X-Ray' and head upstairs, past the restaurant, to where the booths are. Sophie grabs a board game while I grab the beers - James Squire on tap and a Hahn Premium - and we settle in for a great hour or two. There's a crowd round the pool table singing along to the jukebox, they're clearly locals, a fact which can confirm from checking out the photos on the staris on the way up. It's a fascinating place, and I could have stayed for hours, just whiling time away, wandering round and looking at pictures and gewgaws, but we had things to do, but we're well up for coming back on one ofthe Friend's regular 'special' nights. There's a lot to choose from - crab racing, script readings, poetry nights, trivia. live music and raffle nights fill out the week here, and the restaurant looks great. We think a new additon to the 'recommended' list
review by: Jason

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sam papandony from glebe
a great local pub filled with real and not pretensious folk.
26 Feb 2004

Peter from Sydney
get too many of the local scum in this place to recomend it to anyone.. dont drive there as you risk having your windows smashed in..!
9 Feb 2004

laForge from Elizabeth Bay
If you come for the crab racing be prepared to get wet, It's a lot of drunken fun (picture the entire local population of the pub screaming out the Sao biscuits advertising jingle, whilst a few backpackers look on, confused and frightened) but I'm not so sure about it's longevity, might be one to do annual or best left to the tourists. Otherwise its a fairly ordinary pub with interesting trickets peppered on the wall behind the bar. Plently of eye candy.
19 Nov 2003

Tess from Balmain
Yeah, the comedy night is great! Five bucks, and they get comedians you only see at other nights for 15, 20 bucks. there is a section for new comedians so you can see some great stuff from the 'new wave'. they've just started a web site to check out - Not much on it yet, but at least you find out who's on! Also, I'd like to say I've eaten at the pub a few times, and if I was homeless I'd count myself lucky to be eating like that. its also a great pub for chilling out upstairs in the day
9 Sep 2003

Carine from North Sydney
The comedy night on thursday is great. A bunch of starting out stand ups then a professional comedian for 5 bucks. Totally worth it and very very funny!
9 Sep 2003

Eddie from Randwick
If you're looking for the pub with the worst food in Sydney, then look no further. Criminals and the homeless get fed better, and pay far less. Definitely a no go area, although the public bar does have that "Deliverance meets Rockhampton” feel about the place, for those of you who feel like duelling your banjo. The joint seemed to attract plenty of foreigners, but we couldn’t figure out what the attraction was, as the bar staff seemed miserable folk (maybe they had just eaten the food there too). I’m certainly wouldn’t recommend this place.
31 Jul 2003

Dearbhla from Ireland
Crab racing rocks - beware of the water jets. Plenty of drunken students to keep you amused
28 Jul 2003

Cassie from Sydney
There is an excellent Poetry night on at The Friend in Hand on Tuesday nights hosted by Tug Dumbly. A really funny and entertaining night.
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Food: 'No Names' restaurant'll fill yer belly!Jukebox: Video Jukebox, with a good mixtureComedy and/or theatre: Poetry and script readings
Dartboard: They DO have a dartboard, but you need to move the sofa to play itPool: $1 pool on mondaysQuiz Night: Trivia quiz thrusdays
ATM: ATM between the TAB and Pokie Room
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