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Fortune Of War
Sydney's oldest pub?

137 George Street,
The Rocks

(02) 9247 2714

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Reputedly Sydney's oldest pub (it's advertised outside!), the Fortune is a pretty popular stop. A casual passerby may think it's simply a small, workmanlike bar, however the Fortune is actually a lot more spacious than it looks from outside on George Street.

We're fans of the upstairs bar more than the lower floor, so it's to this section we normally head. The layout is unusual, an L-shaped room with a bar along the inner edge of the 'L', with a few poker machines nestling around the corner, out of the way. just to the right is a smaller area with a large window overlooking the walk which runs behind. The atmosphere is normally friendly, and the bar seems to get a lot of blow-throughs on their way elsewhere (we suspect to the Orient).

Historical maps and charters line the walls, underlining the pub's claim to 'Oldest in Sydney', and i certainly has something of an old-time feel. For a real historic feeling though, we'd recomend the Hero Of Waterloo, which has retained the older look much more strongly.

review by: pubguide staff

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Jonas Hartzler from Illnois, USA
An historic bar but not much more than that. Good to stop for a beer and then to move on
1 May 2004

Aaron from California, USA
Luv the Fortune of War! Very quaint setting and close to the CBD which is where I stay when on holiday. However, the Hero of Waterloo has a very impressive "old time feel". The thick stone blocks still have the chisel marks from the convict laborers that built the place. I like the collection of local "characters" performing live music. Cheers! Mate!
15 Apr 2004

Andrew from Pyrmont
Some dopey comments here, but this pub is a great stopover on the trek from the CBD to the larger Rocks pubs. Small, but cosy and atmospheric.
24 Feb 2004

Axel, Back again from i moved to sweden
I am not gay but everyone think i am
23 Feb 2004 from Nowhere
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23 Feb 2004

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23 Feb 2004

Ali from Nowhere
23 Feb 2004

Axel from Cambodja
what is this?!?! Is it a big muthafucking Joke?? It sucks
23 Feb 2004

Big fat mama from Spain
it sucks hard
23 Feb 2004

Ricky Martin from England
aint got aint got aint got annnny bettah ?
23 Feb 2004

HENRIK from ColObadja
Hello i got mayba
23 Feb 2004

Mustafa from Africka
it is really boring
23 Feb 2004

Joe from sweden
it sucks
23 Feb 2004

beertruck from sydney
the barmaid is a bitch
23 Dec 2003

Mark Maddison from Hull, UK
A perfect place to relax and a hard day on the tourism trail in New South Wales.
21 Nov 2003

joanne Arnull from coffs harbour .
Love the look of the place . ill be theree. soon . p.s . like the look of your bouncers especially the cute lookin white one . :) .
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