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cheap steaks!

336 Riley Street,
Surry Hills
(cnr Foveaux)

(02) 9211 2095
(02) 9281 1494 /

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It's Easter Friday, or Good Friday as it's also known, and Forresters has just opened. It's Five pm and I'm here with the crew of Kirby Magazine for the big prize draw. One lucky badgeholder is going to walk away with over $5000 tonight. Of course, there are a lot of members. We know some folks have badge numbers up over the 2000 mark, so we do a quick bit of math. drawing a number every ten minutes means you can draw only 144 numbers in a full 24 hours. This could take some time. In fact it takes only four or five attempts to find a lucky winner. Ensconsed as we are near the pool table, it becomes apparent for the first time that really it's in utterly the wrong place. The constant flow of folks backwards and forwards between the garden bar and the main bar (and of course the nearby toilets) means it's impossible to play pool once the bar fills up, so we just settle into some solid drinking and tomfoolery instead. This being Easter, of course, we end up in a crisis at closing time - no bottle shop sales (apart from a rumoured open bottle-o at the Coogee Bay, miles away), and most of the 24 hour places are closed too. Makes you wish we lived in a more secular society, eh? Anyway, a good time was had by all, despite the crush, proving that Forresters isn't JUST about five buck steaks. Oh, and my previous comments about the bar staff shortage, well, tonight the queueing wasn't so bad as we expected, so maybe it's improving?
review by: Jason

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Package from Sydney
See you Boys there on Friday night to watch the cricket.
5 Feb 2004

Andrew from Surry Hills
I moved from North Sydney to be closer to Forresters :)
8 Jul 2003

Bill Williams from newtown
the $5 steaks are better at Stawberry Hills...
date unknown

Cameron White from Potts Point
Very unassuming from the outside, but once your in its gorgeous girls all over the place!!
date unknown

Michael Smith from Chippendale
Bob Allens an idiot. Although it is a pretty good pub.
date unknown

Bob Allen from Paddington
Best pub in sydney in my opinion
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Food: $5 steaks at the start of the week, standard menu the restOutdoor Area: verandah area on riley street, partially covered garden to the leftATM: ATM hidden away round by the kitchen
TV: big screen TV in the lounge bar/restaurant
Our Comments

Jason says:

Often waaaay too busy to get decent service, but when it's on form, it's on form.


Jason says:

25 Aug 2003 Forresters have just amalgamated their badge draws together into one whopping draw on friday evenings between six and seven. This week it's at $5100.


Jason says:

17 Feb 2004 Now has movie nights on Mon and Tues w/free popcorn, apparently.

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