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Ettamogah Pub
the newest Ettamogah bar

Cnr Merryville and Windsor Roads

(02) 9629 1130
(02) 9629 4059

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Pro from Hills1
Great place to drink and relax. Me and the boys go have some drinks and dinner, play pool and buck hunter and have a great but quiet night out. Plenty of places to go when it shuts too so you cant complain there. Should do well.
17 May 2004

Beck from Parklea
My experience was fantastic, I took my mother there for lunch. After a wonder through I was amazed at the size, the open plan was great yet separated people just the same. Plenty of bars, a constant flow of patrons but wasn't over crowded.I had a fantastic reasonably priced lunch. Then a 2-man band played the latest charts acoustic style. I really enjoyed myself at the same time not sitting on top of people and still hearing yourself talk. I Came accross this actually searching for contact details to place a group booking.
18 Mar 2004

jack from parramatta
I went out for a beer recently to find that there was pently of taps but no beer flowing whats the go? All I wanted was a cold VB
23 Feb 2004

A Pont from Kellyville Ridge
We live around the corner from the Pub and love popping in for a good meal and seeing what new stuff has been put up. Looking forward to the 'official' opening on Australia Day!
2 Dec 2003

Davie from Baulkham Hills
My mates and I went to this Pub to watch the Rugby World Cup - they have an amazing big screen set up in its huge beer garden. The place has a bit to go when construction is finished but we will definitely be back.
2 Dec 2003

M Pojkie from Hills District
After reading the comments about this Pub I thought I would head out there and have a look myself. Rather than judge it based on first impressions, I spoke to a number of staff about what was happening. Looks like offical opening is 26 January. They are waiting for the council to provide them with their entertainment licence so they can play music and the like and once the fitout is done, this place definitely looks like it's going to rock. I think people like Sembilina should be talkign to the managers about these opening teething problems rather than posting her bitches on the net. I think the Hills District needs a place like the Ettamogah Pub!
2 Dec 2003

Sambelina from Hills District
Just came back from the Ettamogah after a very ordinary experience-- had to come straight home and tell the world what this place is really like!!! Sunday night, went for a game of stick and a beer to finish a good weekend off, @ 9 o'clock they called last drinks (place was closing @ 10), then @ 9.30 they started asking everybody to finish their drinks and leave. Still 1/2 an hour to go, right??? So @ 9.45 Peter the security guy (remember his name everybody, tall guy with an accent) comes and says QUOTE: "Can u finish your drinks and GET OUT, we're closed now, I've asked u already." I then went to the bar to ask the girl what this loser's name was and he comes and asks her what I'm asking (like it's any of his business) and then says to me that I have to get out as they were closing (would like to point out @ this time it was still 10 mins to 10). And on top of it all, the jukebox took my money and didn't play all of my songs!!! Very unimpressed, will be sure to boycott this place and let everybody know just how shyte it really is.
12 Oct 2003

Rob from Pitttown
Very ordinary. Just another cheap knockoff of the original, doubt it will survive the test of time where customers have leart to expect more from surrounding venues
25 Sep 2003

D. Lucas from Homebush
We stumbled apon this pub and had a lovely meal there....good on you, hope you do well, you should once construction is complete
12 Sep 2003

A. Misfud from Glenwood
I really loved the pub. I would really love to know how much it cost to construct, once it is finished???
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Open Late: Currently 2am close but 24hr is in the pipelineOutdoor Area: extensive courtyard/beer garden and barTAB:
Food: food available (carvery, pizza, snacks and cook you own BBQ + a la carte)
Our Comments

Jason says:

at the time of writing the ettamogah is partially opened - eta for full opening is late sept 2003.

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