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top dog among Sydney bars, according to the AHA at least.

George Street,

(02) 9240 3000
(02) 9240 3001

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PubGoer from Balmain
Have to admit I avoided this place for quite a while, as the reputation as the ultimate yuppie bar preceded it. Have dropped in three times now and still feel fairly neutral. First time my mate and I just kicked back on the front lounges and were joined by four ladies, so that was pleasant. Second time another mate and I decided to sit and back and have a quite drink - was enterained by watching two 60 yr old suits trying to impress and chat up a group of twenty yr old ladies - so not much fun for the ladies but definitely a few laughs were had by my mate and I. The third time was with a female friend late at night. Tried for a bit of dance, but music rather monotonous, crowd not really into dancing just posing, so left after three nights. Obviously well decked out stylish - but I am still pretty indifferent to the place. Will drop in again though and be entertained by the passing parade.
21 Dec 2004

ace from syd
packed with dirty old men and try-hards. nice building though
18 Jun 2004

Fred from Sydney
A lot of comments about what it is like at night it seems. I've only gone there at lunch time during the week - just as packed - but you can order food downstairs which is really good.
17 Apr 2004

Mick from Mt Druiit
This place proves that egalitarianism is dead in this country. A wore jeans and an AC/DC shirt. The staff looked at me with disdainful sneers and the crowd was rude. Even though I only had one drink and kept to myself the bouncers kicked me out. Yet drunken, obnoxious yuppies were treated like royalty.
12 Apr 2004

Clarence from Sydney
The most pretentious place i've ever been, the rudest most incompetant, self important barstaff in Sydney, full of wankers, "beautiful" bimbos with a nose full of coke & tossers in suits who are there to be noticed - wouldn't waste my energy walking up the steps into the entrance for a 2nd time
11 Mar 2004

westie drongo from blacktown
I went in there pretending to be worked, had a one night stand with this gorgeous blonde. Going back there for pure lust.
27 Feb 2004

Nicki from Sydney
Everyone stands around like they are millionaires which we know is NOT true! so many people trying to be something they are not! pretentious, uncomfortable and noone talks to anyone! ridiculous!!!! avoid it by all means!!!!!!!!!!!
23 Feb 2004

james from sydney
one of the only bars that have not been taken over by swarms of lebanese with rediculious haircuts
31 Jan 2004

Lucy B from Sydney
I didn't really think it was my kind of bar but I visited Dec last year for a work party. I think we were in the 3rd level, The place was packed and the Band was the best LIVE band I've seen. I don't remember their name but one of the singers names was Anthony Snape and he was amazing. The drinks were free and we got a little bit happy and tried to tackle a guitarist, I don't remember much more than that. I've still got the bands tamborine at home. :) I hope they don't miss it, maybe Anthony can come to my place and pick it up!
21 Jan 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
Definitely designed for a certain market as other people have written. 5/5 if you like that kind of bar, it is quite good.
6 Jan 2004

Lucy from Scotland
It might be a tad pretentious,but surely this is better than the dives such as cheers or scruffys? Its clean and has a lovely 'outside' feeling section towards the back. Very cute guys and girls. Dress smart casual though cos the bouncers tend to choose who they want in.
18 Dec 2003

Cherie from Sydney
I'm surprised people are still alive once they enter this place as the amount of rich and expensive perfumes/after shaves are enough to kill the dead. Too posh ("Eeeuu? You drink beer? Why not a martini?"), too bland (suits, suits, suits, and they're all black) and enough gel to fill an Olympic pool. Noone speaks to anyone, they all snob each other off, unless of course you're in with the Mafia crowd or you're J.Lo or P.Diddy (the naaaames say it all).
17 Oct 2003

cate from newtown
whats with the crap 80's vibe on Thursdays? bring back the old dj's they had - quickly
25 Sep 2003

Chris from Gladesville
Unless you're rich, pretty or a drug dealer, forget this bar.
3 Sep 2003

Neil Bertram from Manchester
Quality Bar. No comment required. Excellent service from the bar staff!!
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Food: Contains EST - one of Sydney's better retaurantsOutdoor Area: there IS an outdoor section
Our Comments

Jason says:

Every time I've been here I've been unfortunately deemed too scruffy. Serves me right for turning up in ripped jeans and holey t-shirt on a friday, I guess!

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