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Epping Hotel

58 Beecroft Rd

(02) 9876 1855
(02) 9876 8651

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Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Strictly for kids , wallies, wogboys, white-trash, kylies and . . .combinations of the afforementioned. Wankersville.
8 Jan 2005

BIG MAN from Blacktown
Tracks is tops on a wednesday night, cool growd, nice women, and friendly door staff.
3 May 2004

Alex from North Rocks
Looks good since renovations have been made, i've been living in europe for a while and saw the new epping hotel the other nite, the chix look better looking when they are in a nice surrounding
3 May 2004

michelle from castle hill
vamped up its style a bit from the hole it used to be wednesday is pretty cool but sometimes too many people....4/5 but there is an asshole of a bouncer there.
25 Mar 2004

petz from epping
bouncers r gay fukin ripped jeans big deal! u buy em like that hahahah! wednesday is alright gangers everywhere
19 Feb 2004

naomi from eastwood
i live in eastwood but dont like what they have done to the eastwood hotel. the epping is in a class of its own. and the chubby publican allways acknowleges my friends and i when we go there. this makes a big differance to us..
16 Feb 2004

wogs rule from lakemba
wogs rule, goose u motherfucker! we take all your ladies so eat my cock asshole
27 Jan 2004

Matt Wilson from Gladesville
That Big Jim guty makes me overly horny. He is a big guy in all senses of the word! Nice pub too!
27 Jan 2004

goose from gods country
too many dirty fucken wogs for my liking. And the DJ is shit house
17 Jan 2004

"Stevie B" from ex bouncer
Good 2 C the 'riff raff' go.... Just joking!!! The place is pretty cool. Plenty of the old faces (geez I miss the scum bar!). Good 2 C the place catch up to the new millenium. Rock on Jimbo !!!
3 Jan 2004

doctor from local
used to be an okay place for a drink coming back from the city. they don't let me in since they did it up unless i plan ahead to go there and dress for it. ive never made a plan to go there, ever.
7 Dec 2003

Pat Kreen from Epping
Frdys Entnmnt a shckr, wrst we seen. must say most hve been BaD!!
1 Dec 2003

jade from cremorne
Not a bad place at all. Wednesdays rock, and there is a hot number behind the bar called Ben..will go back to see him
25 Nov 2003

Kate from Carlingford
It kept me busy on a wednesday night! Although fairly expensive on the drinks side of things, its somewhere to go on a wednesday night and full of people i grew up with!
16 Nov 2003

Loubelina from Hills District
hmm nicely refurbished... although tracks will never live down the stigma of being seedy, could not bring myself even look down the stairs
13 Oct 2003

A person from Carlingford
Great local pub... Wednesdays ROCK at tracks nightclub downstairs...since the renovations the club is definatly not seedy fact it's a bit too upper class for a local joint...but ohhh well...train station accross the road, rsl across the road, kebab/pizzas down the road as well as a servo and a 24 hr coles and heaps of parking...always a great night out!
5 Oct 2003

Doug from Balmain
Hi, Me again.......I change my mind after last night....Ive never seen a statue play guitar before.....BLOoDY HeLL we were thinking, and they play F*&*in CD's.......could hear Kylie in the background. Anyway still like the Futuristic Lounge, and we mellowed up there for a bit longer.
4 Oct 2003

Doug from Balmain
Great time last night, Friday's have some good bands, and I love the new lounge, its 'Futuristic Man'
3 Oct 2003

fat tongan from marrickville
this is a pretty upper class place for me as i am used to the rsls but my only beef is with some fat punk named laz...he will go down
5 Sep 2003

Keith Sweat from long beach
hey cool cats, i just wanted to say that there is a bouncer there who is a complete fuck, his name is laz, if you see him kick him in the balls
5 Sep 2003

Def. not a beacon from not epping
seedy seedy tracks. need i say more.
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