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Empire (King's Cross)
a 24 hour playground for cross-ites

2a Roslyn Street,
Kings Cross
(cnr Darlinghurst Road)

(02) 9360 7531

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (22 Jul 2003)

i hadnt been to the Cross for a while and was happy to find the Empire Hotel. Originally it was the site for Legirls and then the Palladium nightclub. Now it is a modern Hotel with 3 bars on 3 levels The Street bar (as they call it) has huge open windows looking out over the busy street. There is always a vibe in this small bar that is open 24 hours The Middle bar is popular with the backpackers with drink promotions every night of the week. They play some pretty good party tunes and have lounges and pool tables The top floor is called Planation and is my personally favourite bar. It is really stylish with one of the floors completely Bamboo! they play really sexy house music and have some awesome DJ's and you must try the planation martini!! This would have to be the busiest Kings Cross Pub!
review by: Alistair

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scotartt from kings x
This pub is the *worst* pub in the Cross. Having gone in it just the once and suffering to walk past it any nighttime I am giving it wide berth. No local I know goes anywhere near it - or the now sans-Beefsteak "Bourbon", which is still preferable to The Empire. The Woolloomooloo pubs are all much to be preferred.
7 Jan 2005

Guru from Tibet
lol, whores, drug-lords, messy dressers, Might see some old school budys.... I'm sure to get a laugh out of this place.... Anyone know what night there pool comp is on and how much i am going to win??
30 Aug 2004

Burky from Kilkenny
Mad place, will let you in when you are too fucked to get in anywhere else.Did Get punched by a Maoiri fella for having 'An Eye problem' though......lucky i had to leave so couldnt kick all 6' 8" of him up and down the cross - yeah right
9 May 2004

rus from england
lussen maart.
28 Nov 2003

Jamie Booth from HMS Nottingham
Weird place but you'll drink anywhere when everywhere else has thrown you out!! Whores a plenty and drugs too if thats your bag. 8/10
27 Nov 2003

Cherie from Sydney
I'm not into this one. Think gays, drug-lords, prostitutes (undercover), transvestites. I guess the review for this place can be repeated for most things amid the Kross. Oh, if you're off you're head beyond belief you may like it.
17 Oct 2003

Sarah from Randwick
Place is full or drug whore pingers from Hibiscus Coogee. Do go unless you in the cnady crowd. What a waste of brain cells.
15 Oct 2003

sam from sydney
my advise, stay away after about 3-4am. the middle level is packed out with pingers with no where else to go. Upstairs is some what bearable. However not really my cuppa tea!
28 Jul 2003

nick wells from paddington
i love this place - best pub in the cross by far the chicks are awesome
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