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ECQ (Quay Grand)
Slick, with a great view

Quay Grand Hotel,
Macquarie Street,

(02) 9256 4000
(02) 9256 4040

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Up above the madding crowds in Circular Quay's controversial 'toaster', ECQ looks down over Sydney cove from bar-length, floor-to ceiling windows with a quiet grace. It's fairly exclusive, slick, smart and a little expensive, but it's well worth calling in to mingle among the beautiful people while watching the quay. At $6.00 for a bottle of Cooper's, it's a little more expensive than your average pub, but you're paying for the location. I good weather, the entire bar can be opened up to the breeze, making it almost an outdoor bar. Comfortable wicker seating allows one to lounge with grace and take in the sights. Enter from Circular Quay itself by taking the lift or stairs up to level three, or enter the hotel reception from Macquarie street and walk on through to the bar. Bar meals are available, and they're well priced and pretty good. Wear a suit, and take your wallet. We think it'd be an ideal spot for a few pre-Opera House drinks, or perhaps just to watch the ferries bustle by. Lovely.
review by: pubguide staff

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Itu from Sydney
Celebrated my birthday at ECQ last week. Told everyone to rock on up for some quiet ones after work. Had never been to the venue before, didn't really know if it would cater for such a diverse group of people. AND whaddya Delivered! The bar staff were awesome, service was fast and very friendly. Music was cruisy. Sure seats can be scarce but hey live a little, stand for awhile and work out a strategy!! Eventually people will leave and you'll find a spot with your name on it. The view was spectacular. As for atmosphere, it depends on the patrons and fortunately for us, they were a party mob. Great place for a gathering!
19 May 2004

Colin from Texas
Hey...where can I find info on the GRAND Hotel on Hunter st? Thanks, Colin Campbell
10 May 2004

Shrek's more handsome cousin from The Northern Beaches
Well, it's a bit like Aqua Luna (almost directly below) but with a crowd who don't mind paying a little more their favourite tipple. There is certainly a better view of Circular Quay from this third floor drinkerie, but it does lack any semblance of 'atmosphere'. Couples and small groups chat quietly with each other as if at a wedding reception waiting for the happy couple to arrive. Perhaps a good starting point before wandering off to find more lively entertainment.
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Food: Bar meals are availableTV: Large screen TV over the bar
Our Comments

Jason says:

You know you're in Australia. Exclusive, it's a stylish hotel bar, but the TV still shows the footie, and the barmen still stop to watch!

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