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Durty Nelly's
Genuinely Irish Flavour

9 Glenmore Road, Paddington
(02) 9360 4467
(02) 9361 5245

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The Village Inn, better known as Durty Nelly's, has completed the renovations which have been going on for the last few weeks/months and opened their upstairs bar and grill, and quite nice it is too - good service, a good looking menu and a nice balcony all adding a rather refined contrast to the straight up Irish flavour of the downstairs bar. We decided to call in as we were passing and swiftly installed ourselves on the balcony - don't expect to get away with this at busy dining periods if you're not eating though - we managed it by dint of turning up just near kitchen close. Some changes have also been wrought downstairs, with the amenities remodelled and moved right to the back of the bar, adding some extra floor space, but with the disadvantage of opening up the 'snug' area in the back corner, where the pubguide would often settle in for a few quiet Guinnesses and a Newcastle Brown (which incidentally is no longer here, sadly) We think the renovations are a good move, and are probably going to call in to sample the Sunday Roast, which has apparently been proving fairly popular, and maybe Tuesday trivia too. Cheers!
review by: Jason

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claudia from sydney
very loud backpackers leave this place at all hours of the night... not fun when you're trying to sleep. Good on em for having fun, but how about a bit of consideration for the poor enhabitants of Glenmore rd
22 Mar 2005

Cal from Dublin
If you are from Ireland & Dublin avoid like the plague. Nothing Irish about this place at all, well except for lots of culchies!
20 Jan 2005

Andrew from Paddington
NB: Trivia has moved to a Wednesday night as of 23rd June 04.
17 Jun 2004

Dave from Eire
yes, definitley the best Guinness this side of Dublin. Great craic!
11 May 2004

Olli the Piper from Tallaght
As the best piper in Sydney i must say that this is one of the best pubs in the world, especially the view behind the bar! Zel i love you!!!!!
26 Nov 2003

The one and only from down the road
Linda, I love you !!!!!
26 Nov 2003

DEE LEE from Tullamore
I think that Durty Nelly's is a lovely pub and that Zel is virgin trapped in a god of love's body!!! Miss you all to pieces guys and I hope my comments won't attract the wrong crowd!!
10 Nov 2003

Jacqui and Glenda from Belfast
We are two cuties that used to work there, great Guinness but dodgy bar stools. Miss all the family, hope to see you in the long grass. xx
date unknown

Frances Waters from Ireland
Best pub ever!
date unknown

Matthew Kiely from Waterford
Zelman(did I spell it right) just to let you know I got the blasted RSA thingy, I dropped round but you are a hard man to catch. so keep me in mind for next job. Matthew ps You already have my resume pps any chance of some free Guinness stickers for finding the website?
date unknown

Grant Nicol from Auckland, New Zealand
Simply the best pub in town, the best Guinness you'll find and the cutest barmaids this side of Dublin.
date unknown

Shane Robinson from Co. Meath
Great. best pub in Sydney, best Guinness around, cute barmaids too. Hooray !
date unknown

Mark Hall from Bennington VT
This is ok need more joke
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TV: A single TV screen in the front barIrish: And highly rated too!
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