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Duke Of Gloucester
Said to serve the biggest and best steaks in Sydney

Frenchman's Road,
Randwick North

(02) 9398 2682

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Robbo from Sydney
The Duke is one of the best pubs for food and drink especially the steaks in Sydney
10 Dec 2003

Kevin Johnson from London, England
I used to drink at the DOG 11 years ago with Roy Blitz and a guy called Alan from NZ I think he was a removal man. Do they still drink in the pub? I would love to catch up with Roy Blitz who ran his own Plumbing and heating company from Bronte. I would be really pleased if you knew these people and could pass on my e-mail address Thanks and good luck Kevin.
23 Sep 2003

Jason Rider from Randwick
Nice Atmosphere, Great Food including the best steaks in Sydney. Beer Garden, Pool tables, Balcony. Great Pub
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Food: Famous for its steaks
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