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Duck And Swan
Was a little grotty, and slightly mysterious, now renovated and improving by the day

74 Rose Street,

(02) 9319 4778

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Not far from The Rose sits Rose Street itself, and a few scant yards down from Cleveland Street sits the Duck and Swan, formerly a down-at-heel boozer with an image problem, the pub has been swept clean by a new-broom ownership and has smartened itself up into quite a nice comfortable little local. We're sure once the edges are knocked off the new paintwork it'll mature into a good little boozer. The service is friendly, the prices are cheap and the selection is great - James Squire on tap for instance. For my review I settled down round the corner with laptop and enjoyed the quiet, after having not ten minutes before been crammed into the front bar of The Rose with no elbow room it was a great change. It would seem the locals are a bunch of characters and we're planning on heading back at a weekend to give it a go. and yes, apparently the place is haunted, to the extent that the former owners staged an exorcism, which apparently got rid of two of the invasive spirits but left at least one behind. It's been quiet on the supernatural front recently, we're told. Maybe the spooks are happy with the new look? We recommend you give it a go if you're in the area for a quiet one or two.
review by: Jason

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Stevesmissus from Penrith
Ok, so dispite the bad reviews i went for lunch only to find that behind the dark ol' main bar there is actually a really nice eatery, just as if not better than the rose that is rated so highly. I got my food served quickly and cooked fresh. The prices are fair and the menu is a typical bistro menu. No doubt i will be back.
1 Apr 2005

Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Popped in for a Sunday lunch sept 04. Nice and quiet, humourless bar girly duly doles out beers. 5 of us ordered lunch. The first took 20 minutes and the remaining 4 meals appeared over the next 45 minutes. Apparently the chef wasnt in. So what! Why not just tell us that or apologise for the lateness and quality of the food or perhaps (shudder) offer a round or two in compensation . . . .ordinary! This pub has been bloody marvellous over the years but these years just aint one of them !
8 Jan 2005

Pub Bludger from Uknow
Renovations??...Welll i better toddle in for a gander, G'day me names Nugget wanna cold one? Seriously this was a little ripper of a surprise when i first ventured into this pub..Small couple of pool tables an ex-toppless dancer in one corner (Hot) A hustler from the central coast in the other I wonder what supprises are in store for me now...Perhaps a candid evening with the lovely barstaff wooohoo i'm there- Catchyas
12 Oct 2004

Andrew from Coogee
Top spot.. Top service.. Top food..Top of the tops.. Loved the ambience and spunky bar wenches..
30 Jan 2004

TOWNY from Devon. U.K.
Certainly the friendliest pub i have been to. Great tucker and beers were icey cold.Loved the good sorts behind the bar and i thought i was a chance with one!! Great stuff..
30 Jan 2004

neville from cobar
i loved the great looking bar maids and friendly atmosphere of THE DUCK. The new owners have certainly done a huge make-over on the place and i can't wait to go back and have a few more 'ales' a huge steak...
30 Jan 2004

Richie from The RandyPetes
Great work Skewy ! Squires are a treat man.
21 Jan 2004

Dylan from Bondi
This is the most underated pub in Sydney. Great for quiet drink or something a bit larger. Famous for the party tricks performed by locals usually on a Sunday afternoon. Go there and get on it!
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