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Dry Dock
A good little local

90 College Street,

(02) 9555 1306

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Being an expatriate Pom, my knowledge of what goes on on Anzac Day was shaky at best. I had some sort of conception that two-up was some game with coins, but I didn't quite think it could reach the sort of fever-pitched mayhem which I saw this year at the Dry Dock and the Exchange. Likewise, being a Pommie my knowledge of the back-street geography of Balmain is shaky at best, and I was surprised to run into the Dry Dock just down the hill from the Wiliam Wallace, thus joining up two parts of my mental map that I thought were a good mile or so apart, however, I digress. Two Up. The Dry Dock gave me my first taste of this game, likewise for my (Australian) brother-in-law, who'd never been before. It showed. we lost about forty bucks before giving up! The Dry Dock is a good little local, though today we only make it inot the wedged back bar, where the high ceiling makes two-up possible. A small courtyard adjoins here, and there's a lot of bar space, which of course was at a premium as the day heated up. Looking through into the front bar gives the impression of a TAB/Pokies bar, but why go there when it's so boisterous in the back? Locals are knocking back beer and wine and waving money around with wild abandon, bets while we were there made it above the $50 mark, and I've got no doubt they would have gone higher after we moved on. It's a strange little ritual, I thought over a pint of Cooper's Red. But very, very Australian
review by: Jason

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aj from balmain
The dry docks resturant has changed hands and the meals are beyond expectation even for a balmain pub. do yourself a favour eat the kangaroo you know you want to. brilliant. trust me
16 Jun 2006

aj from balmain
The dry docks resturant has changed hands and the meals are beyond expectation even for a balmain pub. do yourself a favour eat the kangaroo you know you want to. brilliant. trust me
16 Jun 2006

PubGoer from Balmain
Went here for the first time 2 days ago. Was amazed that none of the barstaff spoke English. Typical conversation - "One schooner of VB and a schooner of Resches, please" Response "That is beer - yes". Or "A JD and coke please" - Response "what is JD" Or even worse I rang and asked for directions to the pub, the response was "Yes we are a pub", I restated the question - Response again "Yes we are a pub". Beer was served with no head, full to overflowing - my guess is it is cheaper to have two Russian backpackers on than employ proper staff - no manager to assist with language problems either for the hard questions. Other than that, bar looked all right, with a smallish crowd. I had good company - but did end up leaving for another pub with better service.
24 Dec 2004

The Rock from Balmain
Small nice place. Best Old on Tap on the penisular. Still waiting for soccer teams sponsorship interest. Rate at 6.7%
6 May 2004

john from hunters hill
had a realy good time with my wife, the food was served realy well, was impressed and will be back
21 Mar 2004

Nic from Balmain
the aviary used to be a great restaurant with really good, well cooked steaks!! since it changed hands it hasnt been the same sadly!
23 Feb 2004

jane from lillyfield
had a problem getting drinks on thursday night, but was still very nice
13 Feb 2004

linda from five dock
I recently had lunch with a group of us and all had a wonderful time. the food was realy good, my choice in trying something different was wise, the kangaroo is sensational.
8 Feb 2004

david from north sydney
great food and service, will be back soon
8 Feb 2004

LISA from sydney
Trivia night rocks on thursday nights, probably the best ive been to in sydney. The food is top class and its a classic pub with old world charm, you will find me there every thursday and most other days in between, come down and ill show you around.
14 Jan 2004

coopy from coventry
I was in the dry dock last week and.... actaully hold on that reminds of a great story in 1975 no I tell a lie it was 1976, the coventry centre forward used to work in the Docks, so thats why I choose the dry dock as my local pub, great spot if you want to come down and chat about coventry city fc, I am there most nights. I am usually in there on my own
28 Aug 2003

Kylie from New
I got drunk and shagged a little fat bloke called Guru last time i was there. Definately won;t be going back !
28 Aug 2003

Davide from narwee
dry docks a great place to chill on a weds night and those soccer lads really do turn it on.(hi alby)
28 Aug 2003

Micky Breen from Leicester ,England
There are some hot guys in there from the soccer team on a Wednesday. Me and my mate Canch often pick up there.
28 Aug 2003

Michelle from Sydney
Wednesday nights are great, when everywhere else is closed this place rocks, mainly due to the fact that it sponsors a local soccer team, there are some hot sorts in there girls !! (hi Chippo :)
28 Aug 2003

Bear from Ryde
I've bee to this pub twice in the last month and both times we were watching football on the large screen in the back bar and 1/2 way thru the game we were asked to move cause they had a private function ....not going back again.....
27 Jun 2003

Lozza from Sydney
I wasn't there on ANZAC day, but on a standard Friday night in the bistro. It was awesome. It was a really nice atmosphere and food, and more importantly it wasn't trying (as so many pubs are trying to do at the moment) to be a restaurant. It was a great night out.
date unknown

Grant from Sydney
I was there on Anzac day too - in the Bistro. I had risotto cakes that were impossible to cut (even with a steak knife) and a cockroach in my long black. It was the last time I'll be at the DD.
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