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quite different from what you would expect from a hotel bar

Crowne Plaza
Crn Adren & Carr St

(02) 9315 9130

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cushion is part of the Crowne Plaza at Coogee and is quite different from what you would expect from a hotel bar. It seems quite separate from the rest of the property and is a refreshing alternative to the Coogee Bay Hotel or The Palace! There are no pissed backpackers in sight and it seems to attract a younger more stylish crowd who order beers in bottles and not jugs. The bar has dim lighting with a very funky blue back lit bar and as the name suggests in filled with “cushions”. Well, ottomans really but there is no need to be picky. My only criticism of this area is they make the mistake of having the couches placed behind the tall bar stools and tables that sit along the glass windows at the front. Frankly what is the point of having a bar that overlooks the beach if you block the view for most of the punters? Service is provided by young friendly staff. They have a great cocktail menu that ranges from the fairly standard $12 as well as a bar menu that features yummy “hand stretched” pizzas and other nibbles. The wine by the glass selection has a few nicer drops and they have both tap and bottled beer. The bar also has a restaurant section that is defined by wooden tables and chairs, red cylinder lighting and candles. The menu is simple but satisfying fare. I had the salmon served with fennel and tomato and Sebastian Longsfellow had beef and mash. Both were tasty but not cheap at about $24 each. My suggestion would be stick to the pizza if you do not want to blow the budget. Of course a bar is Sydney is barely complete without a gaming room and cushion is no exception. Thankfully the designer was insightful enough to tuck it away so that you can hardly notice it – bravo! When cushion opened about a year ago I wrote it off as trying too hard to be cool. Now that it has had time to age a bit and the sharp edges have smoothed out it has turned out very well. A great place to relax and enjoy a cocktail.
review by: Katie Haire

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Tina from Matraville
I say the only wanker here is Kiwi Mongrel, are you sure you are from Planet Earth? go back to Mars! its your "ATTITUDE" that we need in the east! Who the hell do you think you are, Hope I get to meet you so i can really tell you what I think!
8 Jun 2004

Sasha from Bronte
love cushion, music is awsome, saturday nights there are great. The cocktail list is beautiful and so is the food, great place to go to
22 Mar 2004

Sam from Double Bay
what the hell is kiwi mongrel on about
22 Mar 2004

Mark from Maroubra
i like the atmosphere in Cushion, the staff and food. Its not snobby and service is great. DJ's are good on the weekends and the crowd is funky, much better than the Coogee Bay or Palace.
22 Mar 2004

Sharna from Randwick
thursday nights are cool at Cushion, beats go off!! DJ is great
22 Mar 2004

Brendan from Coogee
Cushion is awsome, good place to meet chicks and take chicks out on dates, they love the cocktails and the food is good too. Good on ya Cushion
22 Mar 2004

Jessica from Maroubra
Cushion is great, i love the wood fired pizzas, the sexy atmosphere is great and the staff are friendly and know what theyre doing. The bar staff are sexy too which is a bonus!!
22 Mar 2004

kiwi mongrel from still planet earth
congrats too 4 not being responsible
16 Jan 2004

kiwi mongrel from planet earth
dont know how i came accross this link wish i never did but........comments like these make me wonder why there is a lack of "ATTITUDE" in sydney in this day and age tis fine to be able to afford any luxury at anytime but again i see someone has come up with a niche to fool people for the almighty dollar to those who are willing to pay fine my problem is that "class" is bred into ones self ,respect is earnt "snobery" is racist i have to stop myself from saying anymore apart from what a pack of wankers
16 Jan 2004

olivia from sydney
love the food!! cocktails fantastic great staff
3 Nov 2003

Jane from Coogee
Love this place - the food is wonderful, especially the gourmet bar nibbles for something cheaper, as most of the food is a bit on the pricey side. The cocktails are really well done - carefully made with fresh ingredients, and there's a refreshing lack of attitude from the bar staff, something becoming rarer each day in Sydney. A great place for a date or a cocktail with friends.
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