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Crows Nest
Largest pub in the immediate area.

1 Willoughby Road,
Crows Nest

(02) 9436 4887

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So here we are again, in Crow's Nest in the middle of the night, post curry run and up for more beer. Myself, Ric, Brian and Garry head for the Crow's Nest I'm not expecting much, in fact, it's just after midnight and the chairs are up in the back bar already, almost prompting a sudden rethink and a return to the Stoned Crow, however Ric knows better. The front bar is dominated by big screens playing the video jukebox tonight, and we're initially treated to some classic 70s rock while getting in the beers - Guinness on tap is always a good sign. Grabbing seats near the pool table, we take in the general atmosphere and find it pretty much as you'd expect after midnight on a Thursday - a smattering of early twenties lads ranging through the cross-section right up to hardened locals on a mission. The pub is sizeable enough to accomodate the lot, and there seems to be a fair amount of circulation happening, with new drinkers arriving as quick as others leave. It seems to be quite easy to be accosted into a conversation here at the Crows Nest, as the lads are finding out, and by 3am and kicking out time our little group seems to have expanded considerably. I'm left not quite knowing what to think, really!
review by: Jason

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Ben from Sydney
Pretty good pub actually, but best when there are bands on. The atmosphere gets a bit boring without the entertainment. Also good for a game of stick or whatever, a good place for a few beers after a meal if you're in the area.
23 Apr 2004

me from here
Crowie used to be an awesome venue, but now its full of yuppies in striped shirts, since the renovation. Bugger it - and have a look at the Stoned Crow. No longer a grab a granny bar. Cute bartenders (boys and girls), and drink specials make it our choice for a Friday night.
9 Mar 2004

Jane from Lane Cove
Alright when there is no where else to go, $10 taxi ride from home, new carpet is ugly!!
31 Jan 2004

J from Mosman
The bouncers at this place are lethal. If leaving the Stoned Crow and heading for the Crowie, make sure you act really sober or don't bother. Makes the bouncers at the Cremorne Hotel look like a bunch of fairies.
19 Jan 2004

Will from Harbord
Great place to pick up on a fri or sat night. There are heeps of 30-35 yr old women who go there looking for a one night stand.
25 Nov 2003

Pool obsession from at your daughters whim Mr Howard:)
Yes, North sydney home to our beloved Prime minister. God bless him I remember the day he sat next to me while i gave his son a caneing in a game of cricket and his eyes never once left the newspaper, mm think ill stick with the pool obsession. Anyway great place for a game of stick and take money of the locals there up for it.
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Comedy Trivia: Tuesdays 7.30pm with Stef TorokOpen Late: We were there until 3amPool: Pool in the front bar - $3
Jukebox: Video JukeboxTV: Plenty of screens, showing varied channels (and the video juke, of course)ATM: yes, we did spot an ATM
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