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Cremorne Hotel
North Shore Business Awards' Outstanding Hotel 2003

287 Military Road, Cremorne
(02) 9909 8888
(02) 9953 6666

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (5 Dec 2003)

The Cremorne Hotel actually has four bars. 

The "pool hall" is dark and smokey, but full of characters.  We queued up for about 10 minutes just to get in on Friday night, but once inside we had a good night.

The "nighclub" doesnt open until midnight, but seems to have taken off where the old Berry St. left.  The guys are hot, and the DJ was great, playing a bit of everything.  Thankfully the dance floor is big, and the whole place seems modern and clean. But can be a bit of a sleazy pick-up joint at times! (not that that is always bad).

"Minkys" bar is a piano bar, with a large collection of over 30's.  I have never seen such a large collection of drunks singing along to the piano.  They seemed to be having fun, but certainly not my cup of tea.

The best bar is downstairs and often over-looked. Apparently it has been recently renovated and is now a swish cocktail lounge.  This is the only bar I have seen outside of the city where the bartenders know exactly what is going on, and the whole place is done up with a funky vibe.  On the night we were here, they had an awesome DJ mixing up some funky house, with a saxaphone player and bongo drums going.  This bar rocks, and dont forget to have one of the delicious Chocolate Vanilla Martini's that is not on the menu, but make sure you ask!

review by: Rushn006

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Pub Bludger from Who's asking
All i'm sayin is this - If they don't ban smoking in Pubs and clubs before 2007 My old buddys from this pub could sadley pass away - so please support the cause BAN SMOKING IN PUBS AND CLUBS!!, Oh and don't mess wit me u Homey punks...Smoking on third park bench chatswood arcade...aight...
12 Oct 2004

Hi from There
True call for 2004 "Hanous crimes at Cremorne Hotel".
12 Oct 2004

Pokie from Bit in Hole
I can't believe no one has squeezed my breasts yet. What a joke! And you call yourselves a sleazy pub! Pffft. Call me... call me now... I'm ready for a rack squeezing.../pokey session.... 0410439930
13 Aug 2004

mERCHANTS OF vENICE from vrenice I just sid that
okay down to the fine will someone have sex with me? Yes that means pokey bit in hole. Please? 1300 975 675 call me now, ask for Pokie.... P.S. Squeeze my breasts so I can feel like a WOMAN/porn star for a change.
13 Aug 2004

Lesbian from My neck. My back. Etc
Squeeze my rack? Please?
13 Aug 2004

The original BG1 from or was I 2?
hmm can't seem to remember which batgirl I was-must be all the alcohol force fed to me by the other 2! my my what a trend we have started girls! I have missed out on so much-the highs, the lows...the trials and tribulations...the sadness and the gladness. And who can work out the new jukebox?
5 Jun 2004

No Shit from Cremorne
Smoking is on its way out binge drinking and stimulant abuse Go Go Go far less damage lets demolish the joint down now!
30 Apr 2004

ns from local
Five bar staff are killed by passive smoking each month in NSW pubs, clubs and casinos, a new report commissioned by the Cancer Council and endorsed by unions has claimed. start with Cremorne, better still knock it down and start again.
30 Apr 2004

Beana from Mosman
Megahole has lost its edge since the recently enforced curfew of 230am. So much for going to the hole on the way home at 5am. Still a rowdy joint though
23 Apr 2004

Batman from Gotham City
Dear diarrohea, it's been a hard year, full of much angst, and shit, particularly Crohn's Disease, that shit rocks!!!!!! (And I mean shit). It's time for me to go away... over there... away from the internerd. The internerd is great if you're a loser and have no life... but that's not for me. I'm feeling quite reflective right now. So do you think I'm a slut? no seriously, I've got to stop asking that, it's not a good ice breaker. Bye. P.S. I'm as funny as shit.... bow down and kiss the stilletos of your overlord!!! Gemma says they are stilleos of doom but I prefer to think of them as stilletos of coolness. Bye!!!!
3 Apr 2004

Dear Doogie Howser Journal from End of Episode
Soooooo..... do you think I'm a slut??????? (Subtley trying to introduce dirty talk into bedroom shenanigans)
3 Apr 2004

Caroline from Whatever
"Minsky's should be Manky's" = CALL OF THE FUCKING YEAR
3 Apr 2004

Right from Internerd
"If he thinks that you are too drunk, he will politely ask you to "come for a walk with me - I have to tell you something". He seems to do this to a lot of people. Intrigued, you follow him for a while".. are you fucking kidding me?? Who would fall for this shit?? Did you think he was going to give you a ride home in his time machine??? Fuck, is it just me, or did just get dumber in here???????
3 Apr 2004

Get a life from Internet
"but the beers cold - what else do you really need"... A life loser???????
3 Apr 2004

Yeah from Ok
"utterly revolting"... good call.
3 Apr 2004

=- from -
"I only ever go there to pick up anyway." You couldn't fucking pick your nose if it was full of crusty snot and your life depended on it!!! Stop being such a loser@!!!!!!
3 Apr 2004

Loser from Internet
"My 3rd pill is kicking in and I'm peaking hard." You are so cool and hardcore, I have so much respect for you, oh wait no, I don't, I have respect for Batman. Go away loser. Loser!!!!!!!
3 Apr 2004

Guess Who from Internet
"Oooh - what's that stuck to my pants ???" Your fucking dick, you loser????
3 Apr 2004

Crohn's Loser from Internet?
P.s. You are all losers
3 Apr 2004

Caroline + Gemma from Coolsville
Dear Losers, you are all pathetic. Take a look at yourselves. Doogie Howser (doo doo doo doo doo) would be ashamed. I was on the dancefloor tonight, attempting to "go off" to Shut Up, Just Shut Up, Shut Up, and yet I felt stifled by your collective boringness. My Crohn's Disease is more interesting than every single person in the whole pub. And trust me, my Crohn's Disease is pretty boring. Why don't you all go push my Toyota 83 Corolla off a big fat cliff. Oh dear me, my arse is bleeding again. Crohn's Disease rocks!!! Get behind the cause losers!!!!! Signed, Caroline and Gemma. P.s. If you refuse us service after this message, we understand.
3 Apr 2004

Hexagon from The Geometric Shapes Collection
man, when you're a hexagon in a triangle town, it can be so hard to find somewhere to find some hot other shapes, especially hexagons. may the geometry god praise the c-lounge at the c-hotel, for being more stuck-uppity about your shape and size then the pissy pool room and horrendous club.
3 Apr 2004

someone from somewhere
Minsky's should be Manky's - theres about 30 years of blood, sweat, cum, rotting beer and ciggies in the carpet and apholstery. Oooh - what's that stuck to my pants ???
12 Feb 2004

JJ from North Shore
Watch out for the BBB (Bald Bikie Bouncer). If he thinks that you are too drunk, he will politely ask you to "come for a walk with me - I have to tell you something". He seems to do this to a lot of people. Intrigued, you follow him for a while, only to realise that he has swiftly walked you off the premises, never to return again that night. Unless you manage to sneak back in ... ;-)
12 Feb 2004

Bazza Mckenzie from OZ
I like Peachy - the pokie chick - I only ever go there to pick up anyway. Theres a short fat bloke there that really freaks me out - hes always inthe nightclub trying to crack onto fat chicks - but the beers cold - what else do you really need?
12 Feb 2004

BP from wherever
It would not hurt for them to clean the skanky toilets
12 Feb 2004

hole from dweller
this place is mega with plenty of slappers and booze !
28 Jan 2004

scott razor from png
hi. i found this pub to be utterly revolting and no where near its hyped rep. maybe this is becoz it is hyped and for that reason a massive piece of shit. anyway good luck to all u ngatas in the future as u will be sorely disapointed as i was upon stumbling into what i thought may be a fine establishment
27 Jan 2004

DrUgFuKt from Pillville
Do you have any gum? My 3rd pill is kicking in and I'm peaking hard. I think I'll go and talk to those people I've never met, they look fascinating. I really wish I brought my sunnies. Time to bail home for billies, TAXI!
18 Jan 2004

smokin barrels from in ya face
I can't fathom the contraversial, and curable icecapade.The headlines will read "Hanous crimes at Cremorne Hotel". Infact I doubt they'd give it capitols.
5 Jan 2004

Caro from Need-to-know-bas-is
Maybe when you're all straight we'll take you all seriously. I said MAYBE!!!!!!! Yuck don't go here kids
19 Dec 2003

Boozehound from Boozeville
The bouncers at megahole can go and get stuft. In particular i wish that fat bouncer with the bald head, Shane, could get hit by a truck. Dont get me wrong though, the hole is a great place, pity about the bouncers...
18 Dec 2003

Boozehound from Boozeville
The bouncers at megahole can go and get stuft. In particular i wish that fat bouncer with the bald head, Shane, could get hit by a truck. Dont get me wrong though, the hole is a great place, pity about the bouncers...
18 Dec 2003

Kyanite from your mum
it seems that Air Conditioning is only to keep the pokies cool. everywhere else they splash expensive drinks on you then throw you out to on ya arse.
10 Dec 2003

In Hysterics from Not Telling
Classic. Champagne comedy!!
10 Dec 2003

The Hobbit from Crowie
If I wanted to drink poo on a Saturday night I'd be at Stonewall or The Shift. There is a great invention in this modern age that's really no big secret. It's call "Air Conditioning".
9 Dec 2003

Mr Hankey from South Park
On a hot day I love to come here for a dip in the ice machine. On a cold day I'll take a soothing soak in the glass washer. Hidely-Ho!
9 Dec 2003

Kyanite from cremorne
WRT Ice Ice, The only reasion people go to this hole on the north shore, is simply it's the only hole that stays open till very late. thats it, nothing to write home about.
8 Dec 2003

Ha from Ha
The only similarity between this place and Luna Park is the number of clowns in the immediate vicinity.
8 Dec 2003

Ice Ice from Baby
If you properly tested all the pubs and resturants for contaminants in Syd.You'de get a rude shock! The fact is-if this hotel and it's hygiene were as bad as you have been dictated to,it would be an empty venue waiting to be turned into boutique apartments!Every week this place only gets busier and the only threat to the venue's exsistance is it's popularity with happy patrons disturbing recent nearby property developments.It's a bit like Luna Park and it's eventual demise:(
7 Dec 2003

dirty rat from garbage room
I guess kyanite,you do not like it but you also forgot to comment on Clounge.It surely must have some problems as well?
7 Dec 2003

kyanite from Cremorne
This used to be a great place, now it's just a wank, the recent poo in ice is quite funny considering that the neon sign, POOL and the L has stopped working, so they have also stopped the O from working now its PO. The security is violent and aggressive, they make threats and punch patrons out the side entrance 'where continently there are not cameras' drugs are sold by a small group of security guards, ill not name names but the fat round white one with a bald head and a goatee is by far the most unprofessional thug there. If you want a great evening having a nice beer or cocktail free from poo I recommend the OAKS. further words to say on this MEGGAHOLE thug pub, the whole place is very hot with little or no air-conditioning, the only place properly air conditioned is the gamming lounge 'funny that' and the pool hall is like walking inside a bong, perhaps the violent thug security thinks smoke calms the patrons, it makes it hard to see the balls, and your eyes sting after every night. the dance floor is sticky and so loud you almost throw up and lose 10% of your hearing with every visit. The bathrooms often flood and are never clean. Do yourself a favor and take your money else where.
7 Dec 2003

Beamin' from Landownunda
Love dem Mosman 'otties with their designer pussies. I'll be back here wiv the lads for more shaggin' and late nite shooters.
28 Nov 2003

calafornian rattle snake from kill bill
Is Minsky's any good on a Saturday night?? What type of music do they play?
26 Nov 2003

Peter from Bondi
Another long que to get in on Saturday night We waited over 30 minutes! Very busy indeed
24 Nov 2003

preparation from H
nothing but happy faeces @ the megahole
13 Nov 2003

s from south
no one likes faeces in their ice
12 Nov 2003

Real Man from Wouldn't you like to know!
Real men don't use stupid girly glasses at all, they scull straight from the bottle, which they've opened by cracking it across the back of someone else's head. Watch out - real man on the loose.
2 Nov 2003

Drink from Drinker
make mine a DOUBLE !
2 Nov 2003

Michaela from Balmain
I had a damn good caprioska made by a bartender in c-lounge late monday night, and damn it was good.
2 Nov 2003

God from Heaven
you people should be at church telling me how good i am. you are making me mad.
29 Oct 2003

Mojo from The hood
This pub has slowly evolved from "The Leger" to its current form. Good riddance to the crusty old boozers and hello to the uni-vixens. I cant believe there was a queue to get in here.
25 Oct 2003

19 Oct 2003

informer from local
Ah ha the metropole ! It never changes !
16 Oct 2003

screen from saver
i noticed the mega-screen @ the mega-hole Some porn movies would be even better
15 Oct 2003

Crusty Sea Salt from Jolly Roger
Why didn't you guys put on a special event for World Talk Like a Pirate Day? ( You go and celebrate over a wanky thing like the Rugby World Cup, but can't even shiver me timbers for WTLAPD, sheesh
7 Oct 2003

Jimmy from Northern beaches
Hi all ! This is a bit of a strange place. The people are looking for something they have not found yet. A bit hard to get to and even harder to get home from.Well I guess there is not much else at the moment.See you next week... PS The toilets upstairs suc
6 Oct 2003

Dinner Table from diamond chopstix
What is this site really then? Is it Jerry Springer is it?
4 Oct 2003

Hmmmm from Hmmmm
Hmmmmmmm yes well um
4 Oct 2003

visitor from visiting
ooh I think i know these girls,one of them's hot, one of them's ok and one of them's blond and overwieght? i thnk anyway
3 Oct 2003

Peter T from Chatswood
What a mixup WOW
2 Oct 2003

Dee, and Toady from Everybody needs good neighbours
I can't beleive they killed me (Dee) off, just by having a few trained proffessionals make it look like a car crash. Where is the love? I busted my ass for this gog, and now, I'm doing magazine ads for elastoplast scar healer patches. I am not going down without a fight. Give me my character back, and quick I'm drowning. You guys!!
2 Oct 2003

ex girlfriend from ex boyfriend
here are some words that describe pick up joints, and the men and the women they attract. + hustlers + wanna be porno stars + hipped out love makers in a funky little shack, funky little shack! + pool eels + toothless boys and girls (bet you haven't seen that b4) + blind daters, arranged on text messaging chat clubs. + food fighters, people who dare to fight the taste and absolute desire when it comes to dining out at the hotel.(sometimes during trivia). + chewers of chewing gum, wearing in the latest Jlo fragance, and sporting tigerstiped g-strings, that for some reasom are on display as if it were hanging in an art show.
2 Oct 2003

Moth to a flame from cocoon
Once upon a time there lived a goulish ox and three bats. This team went out for mexican. They basically had a fabbo night, until battis interuptus! Oops, they all saw too much light, in the sangrea jug, and died!! Now geting back to the lesson of this tale, is that you should never stare directly into your beverage, and never ever stare down at your own feet, as they could be staring back at you and frighten the bejesus from your body! you might loose ten kilos in the process, but do ya really wanna go out that way??
2 Oct 2003

Um, your time is up little girl
2 Oct 2003

dirty rat from hotel garbage room
pssst psssst grrrrrr pssssst reeeeeow eh I mean < squeek squeek >
2 Oct 2003

your comments relating to people from seriously wrong
Stop being such a *****.You understand english don't you?
2 Oct 2003

crapola from crappy
Honestly. Small. Go away. Seek help.
2 Oct 2003

? from ?
Final word - Romper Stomper - why don't you go seek yourself a dictionary? Drunkness indeed ha ha. I suppose you mean drunkENness? See you all around sometime... I guess
1 Oct 2003

? from ?
Please don't presume to speak on my behalf. I am washing my hands of all of you. And I mean - very literally - ALL of you. The rest is silence.
1 Oct 2003

Don't you just always hate the kill joys... as soon as they see somebody having some fun:) they act like pious self-rightous mind controllers blotting out the joy of others for their own personal gain:( We say Eat Drink and be Merry Merry Merry Very ........ Merry Our advice to others who are determined to KILL OUR JOY "Go join some judgmental sect , feel free to bitch and cus behind closed doors..... over other peoples perceived indescretions " it you will.
1 Oct 2003

Aren't you embarrassed? from Romper Stomper
You have Tarzan's brain, infused with too much alcohol. - seek yourself happiness, not drunkness.
30 Sep 2003

Zoo Keeper from Nocturnal Enclosure
The bats are off their tree, and are incapable of being bats any longer. They will never fly high again.
30 Sep 2003

Dr Ben Dover from Cremorne Vet
It sounds like some tranquilizer is required to calm down the bat enclousure.
30 Sep 2003

? from ?
That means, my "friend" (by the way, I am not your friend, I am not anyone's friend), that I am not remotely interested in anything you could possibly have to say and that I am officially placing you in the same basket I file the rest of the male species - the "can't be fucked trying" basket. If it's another slow day in the typing pool/call centre/whatever menial job you happen to be doing now go visit another site, not this one
29 Sep 2003

Hm, you know what that's excactly true.I am strange. Tell me, do all I provoke you to say is that I am strange, or did you have anything enlightening in you??
29 Sep 2003

Shopping list from home
apples,pineapple,kiwi,passionfruit good friends,good times,great minds fun,long life,beautiful summer days
29 Sep 2003

? from ?
What does that mean my friend?
29 Sep 2003

? from ?
And sometimes you're just Rodney.
29 Sep 2003

Totally Addicted To Sites from Wa Wa
Sometimes we all crave a little attention. Sometimes we crave a bit of action. Sometimes when you get so jacked up on small satchels, you dance like a husbandfucker, and act like complete horse shit.
29 Sep 2003

Trish from Waverton
I hadagoodweekend at this place
28 Sep 2003

Scared Guy from Russia
I though we had some weird women in our country, but you two girls are the strangest i have ever heard of. Especially the one who dreams about horses. Get a life horse women
27 Sep 2003

Hit from Counter
more comments more hits
26 Sep 2003

C from -
Fall in love with a poet or a cossack...
26 Sep 2003

C from -
Spend your Saturday nights crying because you're fat and ugly...
26 Sep 2003

C from -
Stalk people and call it high art...
26 Sep 2003

C from Too tired to pretend it's any other way
Spout meaningless crap on your local pub's web site...
26 Sep 2003

Eh? from Around

26 Sep 2003

We are almost on a turning point from 1900 hits, and 99 to go
HOW TO BE AN ARTIST stay loose.learn to watch snails.plant impossible gardens.invite someone dangerous to tea.make little signs that say yes! and post them all over your house.make friends with freedom & uncertainty.look forward to dreams.cry during movies.swing from a swingset, by moonlight.cultivate moods. refuse to "be responsible."do it for love.take lots of naps.give money it now.the money will follow.beieve in magic.laugh a lot.celebrate every gorgeous moment.take moonbaths.have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm.draw on the everyday.imagine yourself magic.giggle with children.listen to old up.dive free.bless away with everything.entertain your inner are a fort out of blankets.get wet.hug trees.write love letters.
26 Sep 2003

wake me up before you from go go
I think it's wonderful to live and breath nothing but Cremorne every waking day of my golden years. What doth you thinkith of thisith?
26 Sep 2003

- from -
I hate underwear. I find it very restrictive. Nor am I a fan of wearing a bra.
26 Sep 2003

BUZ MULLOP from pencil case with love hearts on it
Goodmorning site! Whats on the agenda today? A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Good day to all you site patriots, and always wear your underwear, cause it'll save your soul one of these days.
26 Sep 2003

The answer to all questions will be answered here. from
I believe in all things , therefore I am all things.
26 Sep 2003

Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years
Where's Winnie Cooper?
26 Sep 2003

Alias Grace from Jail
P.S. What the hell were you doing surfing the interweb at 1:15am? Are you insane? I've said it before and I'll say it again - the internet is shit!
24 Sep 2003

Alias Grace from Jail
Four messages in a row - that's got to be some sort of record - even I've never been that bored! Anyway if I am going to continue visiting this site (I know I've said I'm leaving about three times now but really, it's like a car accident - I fear to look yet I cannot turn away) then I must insist on a bit of old skool coherence from all participants. I'm sorry but I was brought up in an environment where sense was the King and logic the Queen, I have no time for irrelevant statements. Carry on.
24 Sep 2003

The Airport from Fubuville
It is 1:15am my friends, and I am writing gunk. I am going to bed now, to save my little soul. Good night. It somehow just occurred to me to make connections on this site like in The Wonder Years, where they basically live in eachothers back pockets being buddies, all the time.Changed my mind. I'm going now. Goodnight.
24 Sep 2003

Brad Pitty he is married hey! from Miss Wuntaby
I have two words for you. BRING IT ON. PS Thats three, but who cares.
24 Sep 2003

Written on underwear incase i forget it girl from BatGirl3
PS I don't feel like shutting up, so watcha gonna do it about it ?? PPS I am sorry if you need time to come to grips with the fact you will never regain the crown of the HSC comp, after my efforts, you know I am le champion.
24 Sep 2003

Who Will Tell My Drunken Friend That She Will Die And Go To Hell? from I Forget
Well fine then Dr Ben but let me just warn you now that I do not take rejection very well! In fact if you have any pet bunny rabbits I suggest you lock them up now. But I suppose you're right. I myself am too busy for any dating adventures, having just taken on a new role as director of Sexy Camp, which is keeping me very busy. Not to mention the fact that I am currently deeply immersed in training for the next air guitar world championships and am also still committed to being the artistic consultant on the set of "Magnum PI" - I told Tom Selleck it was time to shave off that damn moustache but he just won't listen!
23 Sep 2003

I Feel Great (again) from See Below
P.S. Shut up BG3 - I'm trying to be sleazy here and I don't want my style cramped by you trying to calm me down.
22 Sep 2003

I Feel Great! from It's Written On My Underwear In Case I Forget It
Attention Dr Ben Dover: You sound like my kind of man. How would you like to go on a romantic date with me? We could walk along the beach in the moonlight, share a pasta dinner then accidentally both suck on the same strand of pasta and look away in embarrassment when our mouths meet, etc etc. You can be Lady and I'll be The Tramp. Or else we could just go up to my place and screw until my bed breaks (whoops, too late). Whichever works for me.
22 Sep 2003

I hope you realise that life is not black and white, it's gold.
22 Sep 2003

I want you all to come with me to the beach and wash all this away and enjoy a sushi lunch then a walk on the beach front. from Soothing, harmonious environments will do good for your souls
OKAY OKAY, I want us all to chill out, take a few deep breaths and be calm. No one should crank the crap on this site. This is a crap free site OKAY?
22 Sep 2003

Dr Ben Dover from Cremorne Vet
Regular visits to this site combined with loitering around the MegaHole's various caves could be harmful to your health,you should limit your exposure to safe acceptable levels.
22 Sep 2003

Confused from None Of Your Business
I just know that one day I'll be telling a shrink about my experiences on this site.
22 Sep 2003

Ageing Hipster from The good old days
Too much changes, too much youth--not enough money---- too many anonymous users of this site? Even Santa is on the way out :( Time to get HIGH, up up and away!!!!!!!!!
22 Sep 2003

Compulsive Gambler from Rehab
Who are all you people and why are you hijacking this site? It was funny when I pretended to be Doogie Howser MD and Batman, but when you start attacking someone's obvious lack of femininity and sexual problems, that's just low!
22 Sep 2003

Please Explain from Queensland Jail
Is "He Man" from the "He land of milk and honey"? Please explain and where's my milk and honey ??????
22 Sep 2003

Wall Staring Freak from The Wall, Of Course
Seriously, this site is getting so messed up that it would make Santa Claus himself vomit with rage!
22 Sep 2003

He Man from Both Ways
my kinda Man
22 Sep 2003

Unsatisified from Over the road
No moove at this place
22 Sep 2003

mooooove from he land of milk and honey
chocolate moove YUM
22 Sep 2003

Caroline from --
P.P.S. Move has one o. "Moove" is a flavoured milk drink.
21 Sep 2003

Caroline from See Below
P.S. My final word on the subject - I am NOT a pussy like Northerly and I DO NOT break down like a freakin' girly pussycat. nolite te bastardes carborundum!
20 Sep 2003

Caroline from Rosehill Racetrack
Shut up. Everyone. Now. I hate you all.
20 Sep 2003

bling from bling
You have been using this site like a shitty car. You have squeezed as much as you think it has in it for your needs, but you know what - that little car can go and go until in fucking crashes/ is stolen.
19 Sep 2003

Each peach from pear plum
Why is this site giving you a headache? You really need a vacation. It isn't this site at all. I think you are sharing alot of personal emotions here, where I am not. I am merely having a crack at being inventive. There are different strokes for different folks.
19 Sep 2003

Young Tight Talented from Everywhere
yup i guess it is the time for old models that keep on breaking down to moove on -be replaced with newer versions and improved performance
19 Sep 2003

Scowling, Angry Loner from Pub
Girls... I really think we should stop now... this is giving me a headache. Or maybe I spent too long slumped in my couch by myself last night - staring blankly at a wall will do that to you (so will copious amounts of champagne). Either way - I think we should leave the poor people alone now. (I birthed this beast, and now I'm killing it off.)
19 Sep 2003

Who framed from Roger Rabbit
If anyone knows where I can purchase a Berlei Extreme sports crop, please let me know. ASAP. Just dial highly intelligent grunge babies. on Phone No:124fastestfingerfirst. Gotta bounce! Bye Bye.
18 Sep 2003

jOe from OverSeees
Noe wunder da rankings R high for diS ,,,hotel-nice little chat site goin on
17 Sep 2003

Personality Crimes Investigation Squad from cannot disclose
I have had reports that a man armed with zappa guns-in the computer games room has been killing the space invaders, and in the process disturbed the peace. I hope he is proud of his handy work, and knows we are divising a team of personality proof police to track his tail, to conquer this savage personality crime. We vow he shall not survive. Justice is due to be served. Over and out.
17 Sep 2003

excuse me! from I'm traumatised
Yeah, darl, I am a worry. I think I need a good box of sushi-and a coke. I am drained from all mighty and powerless fucks, that think it's clever to leave me high and dry with nothing, while they on the other hand, tuck into their life like it's a bowl of Blue Steel.
17 Sep 2003

Bored... from Dunno
Oh and by the way, I was referring to others as morons, not you my dear!
17 Sep 2003

Bored from A job that doesn't challenge me anymore
I am going back to annoy the good folks in the forum at - at least I can rant about how much I love Lonhro (and hate Defier) to my heart's content!
17 Sep 2003

What's up wit you?! from the ever so annoying
POWER is what makes you fart, but knowledge and society form my borders. You need to explore the little planet you call your home darl.
16 Sep 2003

Annoying Girl Who Won't Go Away from The Pub
This whole web page has degenerated to the point where it is almost as intelligent as the "zany" plan I formulated to randomly walk to the Central Coast when I was nine years old. Note - I said ALMOST as intelligent. I fucking hate the Internet. It gives every moron their moment in the spotlight.
16 Sep 2003

Food from Hungary
I'm spinning! You must be wooferring to a diffewent Billy! My Billy is budefuil to me and me only.ROUFF!
16 Sep 2003

Billy Fan from RSPCA
Get your freakin' filthy hands off Billy. I love Billy. I sniff his fur everyday. Billy Dog is my lover... Billy, Billy don't lose my number...
16 Sep 2003

lil bow wow from le patisserie
I am getting a pup golden lab and his name will be BILLY. I love Billy.
16 Sep 2003

BGirl2 from Upstairs
By the way - what's wrong Sniffer Dog - you got a cold? Ha ha ha.
16 Sep 2003

Confused and Hurt from Cremorne
Yes I get the picture - I am losing my youthful good looks and am only desired by toothless Pete - thanks for the heads up. Luckily I am of the opinion that MARRIAGE IS FOR LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!! (Unless I'm getting married to BGirl1 - then it's for winners).
16 Sep 2003

Sniffer Dog from Northern region
Once again a great weekend,lots of dropped plastic deal bags with contents intact ,my handler and i had a great SNIFFFF
16 Sep 2003

Hypnotist from Teleclassifides
You are getting sleazy, and all your worries will turn into leeks. You are growing ugly with time. You are only wanted by toothless Pete. You are just a puppet. You are getting sleazy.
16 Sep 2003

BatGirl 2 from Latin Class
Why do I always miss out on the exciting stuff? The second BGirl1 and I nip upstairs for a cup of hot chocolate and a good lie down at 2:30am, all the exciting controversy suddenly happens - I hear it was lesbian shenanigans au-go-go in the nightclub after we departed. By the time we got back two hours later, it was all over red rover (bar the shouting). I wish I wasn't such a boring person who lives vicariously through the adventures of other people.
15 Sep 2003

TIME OUT from The Beach
It's not right that o'l blue eyes makes love to Barbie's couch, when she's out at a fashion show. He doesn't understand the work that went into the hand stitched beading on it. Even she won't use it. It's just too perfect. To Barbie, and o'l blue eyes, everyday is a Kellogs Just Right day. O'l blue eyes, the atomic voice of a jilted world. Meanwhile, the Gingerbread Man thinks he's sweet shit, with his crummy bread parts, invisible partner, and all that jazz.
15 Sep 2003

Bgirl2 from Upstairs. I live upstairs.
I know I said I was leaving and never coming back, but quite frankly, I lied (something I seem to do quite a bit these days). Great to see you back BGirl1 - I must admit that the multitude of unintelligble messages left on this site lately have been a real turn off. Thank god you are back, so I now have someone to converse properly with! P.S. Fascinators randomly attached to your hair rock. Very Moulin Rouge. But fascinators and fellatio together - and unbeatable winning combination!
15 Sep 2003

BatGirl1 from back from a sabbatical
I have been on business/pleasure trip with Batman for a few weeks and It has taken me 20mins to catch up with all the ramdom comments that have been added. I can recognise my BGirls 2 & 3, but who are all you other village-less idiots? I will need to request a screening process before you are allowed to add comments as I believe some of you are bringing down the tone of this site. I am especially concerned about barbie girl and her obsession with fellatio. As I am a batgirl I cannot indulge as the fangs make it a little uncomfortable for the recipient. Must fly (ha ha) as need to pick up my cape. BGirl2-will meet you in DJ booth for a little touching, do not forget to wear fascinator!
13 Sep 2003

Frances Farmer from Asylum
Over this spam-fest and out of here... (I can't help it, I'm a member of generation Y - typical three-second attention span).
10 Sep 2003

Horoscope Hotline from My love is like wo
GEMINI= Can no one hold you down, is it cause you're a chik? I think all brickwalls and barricades, are finally down this month, with help from those close to you. It's all hands on deck by the time you get home. God, you know it's possible someone has your key copied, and keeps dumping rubbish in your apartment. This is all related to you finding your true destiny, and making sure that you are comfortable with your choices.Don't dream it, be it.
9 Sep 2003

Dr Doogie Howser MD from 1990 Denim Drive
I agree, that health and illness don't mix well. If you really want my advice, then consult your physician to acetain if what you are doing is the best thing for you or not.
9 Sep 2003

Unhealthy Lifestyle from The Pub
My doctor told me it was dangerous to smoke and take the pill at the same time. So I had to quit the pill!
9 Sep 2003

1507 page views from Good going!
I beleive someone once told me that peanut btter, and nutella are great together. hm, nice idea. and what may I ask is wrong with strawberry jam, and nutella. Two very gourmet minds are thinking alike.
8 Sep 2003

Batman Fan from Cremorne
Could the management here PLEASE ensure they have adequate facilities for customers of the equine variety by next Saturday? I will be out at the Rosehill racetrack that day and will be desperately searching for a new boyfriend to bring back and parade around the Hotel with me that night. He will need a feedbag, saddle and whip, at the very least. Giddyup! Horses are the best people.
7 Sep 2003

Slutty Undertones from Bed
And don't forget good bodies... you forgot good bodies! I don't know man, I hate my father, I hate my life. But I feel great! You guys are great! I'm going to go and pick a fight.
7 Sep 2003

Kylie from Starlight
Where I was brought up, there were morals. There was good brew, good buddies, and I felt great! I felt great!
7 Sep 2003

Netgirl from le net
When it turns to dusk on my Saturday nights, I fall into the lap of the ever so powerful Hotel the Hut, who rescues me, in a flash of young lust. Our fire ignites in the poolroom, then carries through to the lighthouse. My appetite so wet for him, it's like Mills & Boon, then he mutters "all in good time my pretty one". He is my car, I am his cheuffer.Zoom , Zoom.
7 Sep 2003

Dr Fielding from E-Street
Dr Fielding:Wheels, I think you should go and have fun this weekend Wheels: I might go to the c-hotel, but I don't know if they have wheelchair facilities. Dr Fielding: Are you still going out with Jojo, that slut?? Wheels: I prefer to think of her as my bunny. Do you want to go out with me to the c-hotel? Dr Fielding: I actually have a date with Mr Bad. Wheels: Kinky Dr Fielding: I like to think so.
7 Sep 2003

Cat walk model from London, New York, Paris
I was visiting the local hotels and ventured into Cremorne, as I am here on a modelling asssignment. But noticed to my dismay, the very ugly man brandishing a leek! I asked myself does he realise this is a crime?? PS: I hope Australia has a Personality Crimes Division, because I'll be pointing them in his direction.
7 Sep 2003

Foodbag from Fubu's Pizzeria
The fettucine in the restaurant is not of bat quality. Please address this issue at once. Not enough leeks in it!
7 Sep 2003

Bad Ass Vegas Hos from Vegas
Batgirls 2 and 3 would like to officially go on the record as saying that if you want to RSVP for the blowjobs advertised on this site earlier, don't come crawling to them - Leekboy's toothless wonder is the one you should holler for - word up g! Unfortunately, our teeth don't come out after dark so we would be useless for such sexual purposes. Pubic hair is NOT an appropriate dental floss.
7 Sep 2003

BGirl2 from The TAB
Oh and by the way Zoolander, who do you think the "old man" I was with was? Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a sugar daddy! If am correct - and as we all know, I always am - you were obviously out the back taking a wizz when God was handing out brains!
7 Sep 2003

BGirl2 from My Honeymoon
Now now boys, don't argue, you can all have me - plenty of blow jobs to go around! And the rumours are correct about me being orally gifted - just ask BGirl1. We spent a satisfying morning after our wedding lying in my bed and drinking Jack Daniels and lemonade and listening to my "TV Themes" CD - the perfect soundtrack to a romantic morning. The theme from "Magnum PI" rocks - I use it to seduce all my prey!
7 Sep 2003

FREEDOM OF SPEECH from This site
I won't condone straight out arguing on this site from anyone, and will issue a sexy warning, like ie: pur Second time warnings for bad kitty's, is more like ie: Fubu heavy breathing etc, etc. You get the picture, noone should be refused entry on this site, especially if they need deportment training.
7 Sep 2003

LAne Cove is a shit hole from Artarmon
YOur a loser lane cove woman!! go back to your poverty! hahaha
6 Sep 2003

Barbie Girl from Barbie World
PS. i will give head to anyone there this saturday night who can spot me in the crowd. Just say 'suck me beautiful' if you think its me and you'll either get a smack in the face by someone else or a great blow. Also Ken i will give you head tonight if you show up...cya.
6 Sep 2003

DjRayPro from Tooo Small Booth
Beautiful Batgirls 1 and 2 proposed in front of a disbelieving packed dancefloor and performed some sensual dancing to R Kelly--Ignition the remix,, in the exclusive confines of the Lighthouse DJ Booth!- DJ booth description..( A bit like Dr Who's Tardis ...but it does not get bigger when you get inside!)...More Like a phoneBox with out any ,coins.. Anyway MORE Bat-Dancing next week!
5 Sep 2003

Barbie girl from barbie world
I am not a moron, I am a good girl, and happen to be extremely satisfying to look there. ps - cheerio to Ken, Hi Ken!
5 Sep 2003

Jills worst nightmare from c-hotel
Dont even think we undersatnd your comment, whether it be insult or salut! Go scream it on a mountain with your mate, Jack!
5 Sep 2003

Scary from C Hotel
"Frequent" isn't really the right word, Jill. More like "live there". Do you really frequent Lane Cove? Even scarier!
5 Sep 2003

Jill from Lane Cove
Do the people on this site actually frequent the C hotel? A bit scary!!!!
5 Sep 2003

Nautica from Who Cares?
I am Nautica. I organise pool competitions, and therefore I am the champion of the world! Oh, and I'm also a big fat liar. Not to mention extremely unattractive and I possibly pay for sex. I hear that one of the Batgirls is going to take me out into the middle of the street and whoop my ass, for all it's worth... $5.95 or something like that.
5 Sep 2003

Loser Alert from Personality Crimes Division
Yet another warning about a visitor to the C Hotel. If a very ugly person dressed in reject clothes from the 1980s approaches you and asks you to "go f*ck sh*t up" with him, say no! Unless you like being given a mild concussion late one Saturday night, in which case you should go for it! NAME: Affectionately known as "the loser" or "the moron" AGE: Mentally, 9 SEX: Deeply unsatisying - make sure you bring your purple vibrator along OTHER IDENTIFYING CHARACTERISTICS: Tends to think he is Hugh Hefner with a Playboy bunny on each arm. Will possibly be swigging from a bottle of Moet or Dom Perignon.
5 Sep 2003

My little foodbag, I love my little food bag, I rush and buy them at IGA!!!!
4 Sep 2003

Mr Blue suede shoes, Elvis, you are fobidden from pedastel no4#. It is now up to you - Versace, you little blondie we welcome you as a sexy camp (HSC approved course) trainee.
4 Sep 2003

Premenstrual from I don't know, where are you from?
Methinks someone tied their batcape a little too tightly this morning... it appears to be cutting off the circulation to your brain!
3 Sep 2003

Pauline Pantsdown from polle-tix
I am a jackass, and I swim with the fishes and chipees, to escape the undesirables in a place that Australians call home.
2 Sep 2003

Shoe Fly from dont bother me
"ELECTRIC YOUTH"!!'Do to me what your leeks say you wanna do, do it , read my leeks, do it, read my leek's. "I should be so leeky, leeky, leeky, leeky...I should be so leeky in love".
2 Sep 2003

Not a Hooker from My Respectable Day Job
Sometimes I wish I really was a hooker. That way I would have more money to piss up against the (carpeted) wall of the C Hotel and perhaps also have some money left over for food and gambling - you know, the essentials. And at least I would be getting some "action" instead of leading this horrific life of celibacy I have inflicted upon myself. Dear god - I can't even believe I'm dignifying that little accusation with a response!
2 Sep 2003

Concerned from Royal North Shore
Gives a new meaning to head-banging party animal!
1 Sep 2003

Outpatient #412 from Padded cell
Thanks god the walls of the C Hotel are padded with carpet. Otherwise I might inflict some serious cranial damage upon myself as I bang my head against the wall in frustration. My doctor says I'm sane now!
1 Sep 2003

Confused from C Hotel
Why is there a constant cloud of Versace Blonde perfume that surrounds the two brunettes... could it be that they are in denial about their natural hair colour?
31 Aug 2003

Caroline Love from Is that recording?
I am pleased to announce the release of the debut single of my band, (Mega)Hole. It is called "Leek Parts" and it goes a little something like this: "I am (strum strum strum strum) leek parts (strum strum strum strum) leek face (strum strum strum strum) leek heart (strum strum strum strum)... he only loves those leeks because he loves to see them break." Goddamit, why did Kurt have to kill himself? I'm quite angsty about that one... if only I wasn't so depressed about it all, I wouldn't have to constantly hang around the C Hotel, drinking, stalking and looking for a new grunge god to father my next child.
31 Aug 2003

fubu rocks from Siberia
Its Tim here i was wondering where Tam is i'm hungry!!!!
29 Aug 2003

Phone ringing from private no
Hello I am an automated stalker, please say your street address after the beep...........
29 Aug 2003

Fashion Police from Silicon Valley
Note to girls who insist on showing five inches of bum crack (twisted leopard g-string included) at the C Hotel: despite the fact that we are frequently mistaken for lesbians, we don't want to see it! I swear I nearly hurled up my Malibu and Diet Coke when clapping eyes on this little piece of visual pollution. If you MUST wear jeans with a two-inch rise, please either invest in a clever little invention called a v-string or - if you're too lazy to walk to Grace Bros and buy one - don't wear any underwear at all! An easier solution.
28 Aug 2003

A REAL MAN from Cross Dressers Anonymous
Straws are for pussies! The next time anyone at the C Hotel offers me a straw with my drink, I will throw it back at them with an angsty scowl! I didn't go through ten years of gender confusion just to be treated like a hysterical woman! Grrr.
27 Aug 2003

BG2 from Concierge
To BG3: Clearly the troubled words of a troubled mind. You know that on most days I exist purely on a diet of diet coke, cigarettes and the occasional saucepan of melted crunchie bars. Obviously too many encounters with Be-Bop and Rocksteady as a child have left you shaken and disturbed in your adult life! I can refer you to a good shrink if you like.
25 Aug 2003

FOOD from 9481 1111
To be hungry is to be alive....
25 Aug 2003

Dolly the sheep from Lamb-da
How did you hear about the goatfriend? I was assured that my best buddy goaty, wasn't going to be treated like meat. BBBAAAAHHHH.
25 Aug 2003

BGirl 2 from Bored
You can never have too many animals! Just ask my good friend, the C Hotel regular Rod (or as I like to call him, "Hot Rod") - we hear he enjoys spending some quality time with goats. That is when he's not washing his "after 5" beanie and commenting on the breasts of innocent batgirls!
25 Aug 2003

RayPro from DJ Booth
I thought the bouncers let too many animals in ! Great to see bat girls in action! although one seemed a bit tired(one too many liquid lunches with Bruce Wayne mabey?) .2 out of 3 ain't bad.
25 Aug 2003

BGirl #2 from Le Breton
Could the security staff here PLEASE relax the strict door policy of no animals? My boyfriend, Billy the baby labrador, was quite upset about being refused entry on Saturday night - luckily we were able to dedicate a song in the nightclub to his memory. Billy understands me like no human being ever could - and he also appreciates my attempts at cooking at 3am (a delightful concoction of melted crunchie bars and cut-price easter eggs). Oh and BGirl #1 - next time you randomly decided to travel to Wynyard for no reason at 11:30pm, can you pick me up a Travel Ten?
25 Aug 2003

Bat Gurl 3# from musta-world
I didn't ever think I 'd want to migrate from the dingy bat cave into the actual nightrider.....but hey, I'm picking up the fly bat cape tomorrow.
23 Aug 2003

BGirl2 from Sleepyland
My wet dream involves Batman and a tub of cookies 'n' cream ice cream!
22 Aug 2003

B Girl1 from wish I could feel my face
Aha it all becomes clear! the great mystery of the wet dream-what is a wet dream exactly and can batgirls have them too? Sceptics may say it is impossible-but I am going to give it a go!
22 Aug 2003

BGirl2 from Foodland
I am going to go and buy some lunch to stuff down my bloated face but I will be back to taunt you presently my dear!
22 Aug 2003

BGirl2 from Hell
The message on my phone says "Ned wet teeth". Make what you will of that. I believe I've already covered off the "teeth" aspect this morning. I can't believe they have derpived you of cigarettes. What reason do you have to live now? At least alcohol is an antiseptic - and the doctor was in last night. And the night before.
22 Aug 2003

B Girl1-minus one fang from the Dentist
As I am having trouble talking due to the fact that I cannot feel the left side of my face, and I am not allowed to SMOKE-can you believe it? I will have to communicate via this site(how unusual)-B Girl2! what else did we have to remember to add today? the happy gas has infiltrated my brain and I can't remember-note to CHotel management-please install happy gas-it is very fun!
22 Aug 2003

Guess who? from Don't sue
Which regular patron was seen having dinner at the C Hotel with an unidentified blonde on Thursday 21/08? My sources tell me leeks were on the menu but the young lady was having trouble chewing them, given the fact that she was sporting a particularly attractive pair of dentures. I hear the dentures are removed after dark for the gentleman's pleasure. CLUE: Did the happy couple meet on a certain internet dating web site?
21 Aug 2003

Batgirl #2 from Cremorne
Having made it my aim to go on at least one romantic date by the end of the year, I must say I am failing miserably. I think I will join up to the RSVP internet dating web site and hook up with Dave. Oh wait, I'd rather stab myself in the eyeball than do that. I hate leeks.
21 Aug 2003

Fortune Teller from Crystal Ball
The year is 2013. Where are they now? Batgirl 1: Doing Fubu impersonations at the C Hotel's comedy night - and yes, she IS funnier than the arse-bad acts currently performing there. Batgirl 2: On parole after serving five years for stalking and promoting her debut novel, "101 Reasons Why I'm Not At Work Today". Batgirl 3: The mother of three healthy bat children, all conceived in the C Hotel's powder room. Buying and selling farm animals on the black market.
21 Aug 2003

Is that a gun in your pocket from Or is it a bat?
Hillo, I am destroyed by the little spinning I've witnessed on recent visits to le hotel. WHY?? I am highly strung without a fixturee of spinner songs. Love from CPUN-out.
18 Aug 2003 Staff from The Internet
ATTENTION DAVE: Could you please remove your ad from the internet dating web site. We have found that your ad is turning females off the concept of dating, rather than attracting them. No one cares for you and your leek pies, leeks on toast and leek-flavoured coffee. Surely you can find enough random blondes at the C Hotel to draw into your web of dating intrigue. Signed the staff at
18 Aug 2003

Batgirl #2 from Cremorne
Adam sweetheart - you must not be serious - the C Hotel like Berry St? Dear God, no self-respecting human being with more than two brain cells to rub together would have been caught alive (or dead for that matter) at Berry St - you could almost smell the STDs the second you set foot through the door. The place was just riddled with skankiness. The C Hotel is more like the ol' NoPoint. As my good friend Batgirl #1 will attest, the NoPoint was a quality venue indeed. Any place that has a circular blue pool table and David Bowie's "China Girl" on the jukebox has my seal of approval. If only they would reopen it I wouldn't need to spend so much time at the C Hotel. Bring back Ibi(long-lost cousin to the C Hotel's Fubu).
18 Aug 2003

Adam from Chatswood
This place was busy seems like everyone goes here (a bit like the old Berry St before it was vaporized! Only bad thing is that you have to wait too long for bar service. Whats all this Bat -Stuff ??????
17 Aug 2003

I am Major Batcape, and I am here to tell yall that the Batdrycleaners, are now open to satisfy your ever batcape needs. Honestly the bestest battiest cleaners in bat town......and they are here to stay.
17 Aug 2003

5"9 Brunette from Bum Groove in Couch #1
Just a quick note to clarify the fact that I do not condone stalking in any way, shape or form, and I would never be caught wearing camouflage gear to the pub on a Saturday night in order to stalk my targets more effectively. Leeks on the other hand are a highly under-rated vegetable and should feature more prominently on the C-Lounge's menu.
15 Aug 2003

Q)What does a 5"9 brunette love to do anytime she is free? A)Stalk les opposite sex, fly high with bats, and eat bags & bags of food. Q)Where for art thou stalking ground, sky of flight, and death by kitchen?? A)Right here, on a little planet called Cremorne. Special planet indeed.
14 Aug 2003

Mrs Lonhro from The stable
Here's a picture of my boyfriend that I keep in my wallet:
14 Aug 2003

C-Lo from Upstairs
Dear Batgirls 1 & 3: We really do need to stick together more. It is completely unacceptable to run off and leave your friends alone in the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning so they are left with nothing to do but stare blankly at the wall. After my good friend BGirl 3 managed to "pick up" last night I was left in a bit of a jam with nothing to do but slink up to the jukebox, put Batman on and sit pathetically by myself, wishing I could flap my wings. The situation was so depressing that after rising from my grave this morning I inhaled an entire bag of peanut M&Ms. It's your fault if I get fat - not mine.
14 Aug 2003

Zoolander from The Catwalk
Damn that Hansel - he's so hot right now! I am going to have to quit my job behind the bar of the Hotel Cremorne just to keep up with his Blue Steels and Magnums. Don't forget - moisture is the essence of wetness.
13 Aug 2003

Milk & Cookies from le pantry
This month's tarot cards say that the bats are migrating to 'nightclubia', the smell of hair is looming, but the best news of all, just in from the future, is that Models Inc is coming to channel C...CHA CHING!
12 Aug 2003

Batgirl 2 from The Riviera
By the way - J-Lo, you have a fat arse. Listen to the advice of Miss C-Lo: hit the Stairmaster at the gym, it's great for oversized rumps such as yours. Many a time have I resorted to a good 1/2 hour on the Stairmaster in an attempt to outrun my own arse after a full-on weekend of compulsive binge eating. Now back to the set of Gigli with you, Miss Lopez.
12 Aug 2003

Batgirl 2 from Upstairs
Batman is a fictional superhero. It all started with the DC comic book series many decades ago, then came the infamous and campy TV series, starring Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar as the sexy and curvaceous Catwoman. Today we also have the animated TV series and the movies, which have spawned many smash hit singles, including the ahead-of-its-time "Batdance" by Prince. P.S. I got 99.85 in my HSC - a true hair-sniffing expert indeed.
11 Aug 2003

Pub Bludger from the coin slot on table 3
Who is Batman? I give free pool lessons to Batgirls. Be there soon.
11 Aug 2003

Pub Bludger from the coin slot on table 3
Who is batman? I give free pool lesons to batgirls. Be there soon.
11 Aug 2003

titty boobs from low cut top
I say, shine yer shoes governor...... Where's Fubu?Where's Fubu? Just informing you all, H.S.C (Hair Smell Comp) is postponed. need extra time for Jane Austen to be flown in especially -as guest judge.
11 Aug 2003

JLo from BRONX
Calling all you sugar diddys, and big bens.. please look out for me, I'll be wearing my rocks, and my bikini, and I might be spinning, and my batcape, freshly dry cleaned naturally.... : )
11 Aug 2003

WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT from Bridal registry
Attention all valued customers of the Cremorne Hotel. You are cordially invited to celebrate the union in marriage of Batgirl 1 and Batgirl 2, or "Laz" and "Caz" to their fans. The bride will be dressed in a dreamy silk organza batcape by Gucci, whilst the other bride will be wearing one of those detective masks with the glasses, moustache and fake nose, and a Royal Easter Show tinsel wig. The march down the aisle will be accompanied by that song that goes "bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce". One of the brides has also promised to play her breasts as bongo drums - a delightful treat for all. The happy couple will then spend a relaxing week honeymooning at the Toolshed Adult Boutique in Darlinghurst.
11 Aug 2003

B Girl1 from not sure
calling all bat girls-are we ready to do some hard core batdancing? Have we all picked up our capes from the drycleaners?
9 Aug 2003

Peace Ov from th Jigsaw puzzel
Y is it sooooooo funny to spin?? I dunno there is something about the little eanie weanie shorts that cherry pie girl is spinning in i think. She seems very cherry.
8 Aug 2003

QN from Cremorne
Oh and how could I forget this one: "Most of the people in this pub have restraining orders out against me."
7 Aug 2003

Quotable Notable from Cremorne
If we could just pause for a minute to remember some of the memorable quotes heard at the Cremorne Hotel: "Your friends have all left? You can follow me around the pub", "I'm too drunk to remove my tampon", "Imagine if Batman walked in right now", "No, I don't think I will have another drink... ha ha ha", "I want to make babies with you", "They should have a special night where all the losers in Mosman/Cremorne gather at the C Hotel - oh wait, that's every night", "My ass is like... woah", "No one will know it was us who put Batman on the jukebox", "Shit - it's the Lord of the Dance!"
7 Aug 2003

Super Stalker from Batcave
An interview with Batman? Oh please, you wouldn't even get past his personal assistant. I on the other hand spent a fulfilling night last night going through Batman's rubbish, sniffing his underwear, peering through his window and other acts of stalkage, so I guess you could say me and the Bat are pretty close!
7 Aug 2003

Trained Professional from Dole Office
Perhaps being a mini fubu is not such a bad idea, imagine all the people I could blacklist-I think the person at the top of my list would be the person that people always say-can't stand you-REALLY
7 Aug 2003

La La from A Galaxy far, far away
I must apologise for retiring early, however I had an interview with Batman this morning to discuss my Batdancing performance. He is quite pleased, but would like to see some improvement on Saturday. Calling all Batgirls to the rescue-perhaps we should rehearse this avo!
7 Aug 2003

Nerd from Trivia Night
Just me again - back to offer more constructive criticism on the C Hotel trivia nights. You should ask more questions about Batman and horse racing. Here is an example of questions you could ask: Q: Who looked better in a catsuit, Julie Newmar or Michelle Pfeiffer? A: Julie Newmar. Q: Which was the only Zabeel-sired colt to win an AJC Derby? A: Don Eduardo. Q: What number is Batdance on the C Hotel jukebox? A: 5409. Q: What would we do if Batman walked into the pub one night? A: Orgasm. Q: Is stalking illegal? A: Yes.
6 Aug 2003

Nerd from Trivia Night
After an intense morning of staring at my computer screen and pretending to work, it has occurred to me that the batgirls are not cut out to be trivia queens. Our primary functions in life are to recite the words to Batdance at the top of our voices and to engage in various stalking shenanigans. You know you're in trouble when even your own friends run away from you. La la - looking in your direction. If anyone wants me, I'll be at the dry cleaners, dropping the batcape in so it's nice and clean for Saturday night.
6 Aug 2003

cool dude from manly
Great to see the lightlouse open again ! WoW does this place go offff ! i havew been quite a few time since its re-opening. party part party i like the musice to as there is no attude and you can get most things you want to hear.. see you there next week...
5 Aug 2003

Bat Bitch from Up The Stairs
Well you know what they say, time flies when you're following Fubu around the pub!
5 Aug 2003

I think Tom from Manly has a valid point-where does the time go?Are all our brains fried from too much time in the electric chair-or is there a glitch in the space-time continuum in the C Hotel?
5 Aug 2003

Versace B from A broken down car
Saturday night - you're on - I'll batdance you out of existence. P.S. Batman isn't weird
4 Aug 2003

Tom from Manly
I love this place but for the last few times,I never remember leaving it ! Some strange timeshifting going on *&^%$#!!!! Strange personalities on here as well.
4 Aug 2003

STOP THE PRESS from The electric chair
Who are these random personalities? Are they in need of counselling, or in need of dancing???????????????
4 Aug 2003

Vikki Vale from Bouncing HQ
Well I challenge you to a bounce off this Saturday night smarty pants! Fubu can lead and we'll follow conga like through the hotel-let's see you slink into Minsky's-it's harder than it looks...
4 Aug 2003

Versace Brunette from The Toilet Cubicle
Oh come on, as if I don't know how to bounce!
4 Aug 2003

Vikki Vale from The Bat Cave
Dear Versace Brunette, you are obviously just jealous that YOU weren't asked to do some fubu style work experience, bouncing is a very hard industry to break into you know!
4 Aug 2003

Versace Brunette from The Batcave
Dear heartbroken: how can the bat vixens have time to bear the children of random people from the C-Hotel if they are too busy trailing behind one of the bouncers at 3AM? Besides, dry cleaning is an expensive business these days, as you well know. It's hard enough getting a lady's size batcape drycleaned after spilling Malibu and Diet Coke all over it at the C-Hotel, let alone getting the vomit cleaned off a baby size one as well.
4 Aug 2003

heartbroken from powder room?
I am concerned about the calibre of women at the C Hotel. Why don't they want to make bat babies with me?
4 Aug 2003

George from Harrison
Please install a dancefloor big enough for three in the poolroom. Just can't keep my feet still and I got my mind set on you. I'm spinning!
2 Aug 2003

Mini Fubu from Fubu's Shadow
I'm writing about the possibility of obtaining a week of work experience at the C Hotel. Would it be possible to follow a bouncer around for the night? The one with the beard and the bald head looks tough. I can carry his leather jacket around for him.
2 Aug 2003

Starving Foodbag from The IGA
Do you know they have the Internet on computers these days? I know, I was shocked when I found out too. More fried olives in the restaurant for us hungry foodbags please.
2 Aug 2003

DANGER! from Personality Crime Division
Armed with a boring personality, he will use it if approached. Also has a tendancy to always wear one outfit. He is extremely boring. If you see him, contact us on Tel: 0h shit Im boring. (Dull Free) NAME: Dave HEIGHT: Little squirt SEX: No thanks
2 Aug 2003

HIGH FIVE from back of motorbike
We rowed up to the c-lounge, I noticed a hair in my nose, then leeving the building was Jane Austen with Elvis. Le chats as usual aren't around, as the kitchen is closing....and the bat cape still at my dry cleaners.....
2 Aug 2003

Mystery Person from The Pub
More Batdance please. My cape is at the dry cleaners but I guarantee that when I pick it up this afternoon, the bat shall fly.
1 Aug 2003

Disgruntled Patron from Nearby
Please check IDs closer at the door. We see too many underage scamps walking around the hotel in their boob tubes and fubu running shoes. They are taking attention away from us older, less attractive regulars. That is all, goodbye.
31 Jul 2003

Tophat Guy from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
I enjoy making my entrance at the Cremorne Hotel in my tophat and tails, doffing my hat at all the young mademoiselles in their ballgowns and busting a move to Stauss' "Blue Danube Waltz" on the dancefloor. Could the DJs please play more Beethoven? A bit of "Fur Elise" wouldn't go astray.
31 Jul 2003

URBAN SCOPE from Jane Austin ERA
You know that I do, and there's nobody else I'd rather make it with more than you , cremorne@c-hotel
30 Jul 2003

Doogie Howser M.D. from Vinnie's House
Hello to all my friends at the Hotel de' Cremorne. It has come to my attention that someone has been dissing the H d' C on this Web site, so I decided to take time out of my busy schedule of delivering babies in shopping malls and typing my innermost secrets in my computer journal to jump to its defence. Let me just say that at the end of a hectic day of being a boy genius, I like nothing better than to hit the Cremorne Hotel for a few tall frosty ones, a couple of packets of Tim Tams and a few cartons of Dunhill Greys. And to Fire Chief: Thank you kindly for your advice re: fire alarms at the Concierge Apartments. I'll be sure to pass your words onto my good friend Caroline, if only I can find her underneath all these personalities. Now I must take my leave for I just heard that another pregnant woman has gone into labour in a supermarket. Doogie-au-go-go!
29 Jul 2003

night-owl from nothernbeaches
If I think to launch a singing career, I'll C2 it that I'll being singing in the c-lounge.......................................
29 Jul 2003

Warren G from Inside the Jukebox
The owners of this fine establishment need more of my smash hit singles on the jukebox. There's more to my body of work than just "Regulate" you know. The next stop is the Eaaaasstsiidddee Motel... perhaps you could put the duet I did with Warrant (of "Cherry Pie" fame) on the playlist.
28 Jul 2003

Fire chief from Crows Nest
Caroline,Stop burning your toast(and other substances) and you should find the alarm Less active! He He
28 Jul 2003

Mary J from Narrabeeeen
Hard to get to I want to move closer some cool underground things going on
28 Jul 2003

Joker from mosman
If all is not found, I jump into my smiley face, and come on down where i think the price is right....the creme de la crop, the c-lounge: )
28 Jul 2003

Batman from Gotham City
Helloooo. Batman here. Gotham City wasn't "kickin'" last weekend so I popped down to the Hotel de' Cremorne to "get my funk up" on the dancefloor. Well I was trying to get my funk up but the floor was sticky and my batshoes couldn't work their magic. I think I spied Vicky Vale there but that could've just been due to the 29 bourbon and cokes I downed in quick succession. I also popped in next door to Minsky's to find a Batgirl to take back to the Batcave with me but they threw me out because my dark blue cape clashed with the decor. This town needs an enema! POW!
28 Jul 2003

Caroline from Cremorne
My apologies for dissing the Cremorne Hotel. I would like to take this chance to officially acknowledge that without its input, I would have no social life, nowhere to smoke when my fire alarm goes off at 10pm and - heaven forbid - no Batdance or Warren G "Regulate".
27 Jul 2003

L S from Close To It
SEEmz to be DA Flava ov Da moMenT
27 Jul 2003

always here from where ever ive been
...the megahole...i couldnt think of a better place to finish off every drunken night...its great
23 Jul 2003

Jade from Cammeray
There really is everything you need here, and for Sydneysiders it's got to be worth travelling out for. If you're a local, you probably already know about it! Open till very late, But hey time just flys when your having fun !!!
21 Jul 2003

Ella from Mosman
I loVe it.. I live on the lower north shore and there has not been to many places to go of late.The vIbe and atmosphere!! is hOt. The DjS are crowd pleasing, and they even play your request, which sure makes a great night ! What can i say....But check it out : )
21 Jul 2003

jdee from Sydney
What a venue, there is something for us all. I love the night club and so do all my friends. The djs go off and play all the party tunes, from current and past hits....Your happy Clubber
21 Jul 2003

John from Mosman
Lotsa Girls, Plenty of free entertainment. Open when all else is shut.
14 Jul 2003

Desperate from Slapperville
Minksy's - what else can I say? The Minksy's Piano Bar is the greatest place on earth for desperates like me
7 Jul 2003

earwhip from North Shore
Its getting every time our gang visits! The nightclub really pumps! The DJ's will pretty much play anything you request!
21 Jun 2003

Caroline from Cremorne
I live upstairs from this place and man it sucks but when you're pretty out of it (on whatever) it's within easy stumbling distance.
18 Jun 2003

Pub bludger from That pub u no the one?
MMM if i am correct this is the Metropole hotel cremorne it was or maybe still is the greatest venue for a game of pool in the sydney Metropolitan area. I have heard that they have toned down the pool comps and only have one a week but it certainly will be on my list next time im in the big smoke :)
28 May 2003

Jade from Neutral Bay
This place goes off at about 1 when everyones finished up at North Sydney, and is packed thurs, and the weekends. they are open till 5 or 6am and has a seedy yet cool atmosphere
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