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Courthouse (Newtown)
a lively spot just off the main strip

cnr Australia and Lennox Streets,

(02) 9519 8273

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Down-to-earth and battered about as all good pubs should be, the Courthouse sits on Australia street not far from the main drag of King Street, somewhere in the back street maze that is Newtown. Finding a parking space was a bit of a trial but eventually we piled out of the car and walked right into the middle of happy hour. Cheers! $2 schooners all round then, apart from our designated driver of course, though interestingly the reason we're here could make the designated driver a thing of the past. We here for a chat with Boris, the brains behind Smartride, for a couple of drinks. The deal is he'll drive you home, safely, in your own car, then when you get home, you give him some money, generally no more expensive than a cab ride, and he zips off on a motorised scooter he's stored in your boot. A great idea, and one we'll be availaing ourselves of in the futures, since we often get landed with driving duty these days. Anyway, back to the pub. It's a well known fact that we like pubs with character, and this place has it. It also has a good little bistro, a pool table and a beer garden that's rated as the best in the area by many. The menu features, among other things, such delights as Baked Lamb Shanks, Steaks and even Kangaroo fillets. One of our little party gets stuck into the Perch fillets and more beer as the pub continues to fill up. There's a good mixture of people here, from workies to suits, transients and ferals, backpackers, policemen from next door and even family groups, everyone gets on and a lively atmosphere is the result. It's a classic Newtown scene and one we enjoyed. The only complaint we found is that the pool table's in the bistro area, hence no smoking around it (you have to sneak round the corner into the Pokie lounge for a sly one). More than one person was caught out by this as we looked on. But enough of the negative. The Courthouse is well worth a visit, so get out there.
review by: Jason

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Serge from Newtown
I've been a happy patron of the Courthouse for many years but current Manager is a worry. Last night the whole pub witnessed him literally throw a guy out on the sidewalk for no apparent reason. The guy, who had been sitting at a table with a young baby, was very upset and called the police but not sure what happened after that. Seems the Manager likes to use his legal powers to physically abuse customers which can not be right whatever way you look at it. After the incident everyone else in the bar was pretty disgusted at his behaviour and told him so - I've never seen a whole pub voice it's disatisfaction in that way before. It's a pity coz I still really like the pub but for the time being I think I'll take my custom, and my family, elsewhere. An Ugly incident which I was ashamed to witness.
27 Sep 2004

Moondog from Newtown
I live in Newtown and this is one of my neighbourhood watering holes. Agree with previous comments about the friendly atmosphere and the great food. BUT they've gotta do something about the beer. If you like VB, fine, but I don't and there are other (better) beers out there. After weeks of trying I gave up - the bar staff can't pour Guinness, or else the equipment is faulty. Still a great pub for those who don't mind what they drink.
9 Sep 2004

Kieran from Darling Point
Yep. Not too bad at all.
10 Dec 2003

Mesonal from Newtown
Very accpeting to under 18's, and easy on the I.D... Great charm, off the strip, makes for a great night.
10 Oct 2003

Leigh from Ryde
The outdoor beer-garden here provides a 'sanctuary' for underage drinkers, not to mention a nice place with relatively cheap beer for the area. Non-smokers be warned, there are places in here you can't smoke, but other than that few people can complain too much about this pub.
4 Oct 2003

Hooley from Epping
Great little old-style pub, where the staff are friendly, the meals are great (especially the fresh seafood options), and the locals treat you as a, um, local !
30 Jul 2003

Jayne from Darlington
The courthouse is one of the traditional pubs still left in Newtown, we think the beer garden is great, as is the food!
10 Jul 2003

Dan from Newtown
The beer garden may be large and rare in the inner west but don't be fooled, its's a concrete monstrosaty!!!! The actual bar though is excellent, traditional Aussie, i love it..and yes the food is great!
8 Jul 2003

phillip from gilgandra
the best pub in the world must be colli that town only has a pub
2 Jun 2003

e from chiswick
great food, though can take a while to come, as the place is so busy. a little pricey, but worth it for somewhere different. nice atmosphere in the front bar too, not renovated into a yuppie scym style bar.
26 May 2003

Matt from Surry Hills
In the hard-to-find-a-beer-garden inner suburbs, this offers a pretty respectable one that's well-sized. Some well-priced traditional pub meals available too. 4/5
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Pool: One pool table, $2Outdoor Area: classic beer gardenFood: pub menu available
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