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Up-market but friendly

206 Blues Point Road,
North Sydney

(02) 9922 5098

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It’s up-market, definitely. Climb the steps and you’re immediately in the large covered courtyard. Tonight is Saturday, it’s about 8pm and it’s not fully packed, but it’s sure loud! We could hear the noise from way down the street on our approach from the Blues Point.

Semi-finals are on (NFL), so there’s a large screen TV pushing coverage onto the courtyard area. No-one’s taking much notice, two groups of lads are keeping an eye between sips, but mostly it’s being ignored. We take a seat in the corner and observe.

From the wooden floors to the curved, modernist bar, this place definitely says yuppiedom, but most of the clientele are casual, couples, groups of girls starting out for a club night, mixed groups. It’s mostly 20-somethings. A lot of them seem to know each other, so it’s evidently a Yuppie local in the vein of the Woollahra or the Centennial. Cocktails are popular, as you’d expect.

We like the place. There’s a goods mixture of seating the crowd is loud but friendly. Josh reckons it’s the sort of place you could bring your new girlfriend and score points, apart from the toilets… He says he feels like he’s in Noosa. Fair enough, I’ve never been there!

Round of two Cooper’s red and a mineral water : $15

review by: pubguide staff

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PubGoer from Balmain
You can spend quite an enjoyable Sunday afternoon kicking back in the large courtyard - checking out the crowd. Been here a few times for lunch as well - especially farewells. The food is fairly good, but nothing above the ordinary. I went to a friends engagement party here, where they booked a room to the side of the courtyard. Overall i thought the room lacked atmosphere - simply a square partintioned area, and it seemed cut off from the rest of the pub - so I wouldn't have a small private function there again, but definetly worth a visit. Overall a good pub - Unfortunately the $4.30 price tag for a domestic beer schooner is becoming more the norm for city pubs these days.
2 Feb 2005

Beans from Mossy
4 buck beers are way over board
21 Jun 2004

north shorian from north sydney
one of the best pubs in the area. Not that there is a huge choice on the North Shore. good looking people, pretty relaxed. Bar service is pretty good considering how busy it can get; your never waiting too long. Great place to watch the rugby union with the big screens outside. Best nights: Thursday until 8pm mcmahons/northsydney office workers. more affluent good looking crowd 8pm change over when a good looking younger crowd moves in. Friday pretty much the same. weekend: a lot more relaxed, in fact sunday afternoons it is a gread place for a beer in the sun with friends. Final Thought: great place for a drink while enjoying the view, be it the people or the glimpses of the harbour bridge.
19 Apr 2004

Zoolander from Milan
On Thurs night this place is Mecca for spunky young babes. I have never seen so much talent under one roof. As Arnie said "I'll be back".
16 Jan 2004

regular from north sydney
Best bar in Sydney, best looking and friendliest staff.
21 Dec 2003

Clarence from London
Place rocked on thurs. Loads of hoties, and you can nearly always get a free drink with the promo they've got going. Dont knw about the pink shirts, but the Staff are great.
30 Jul 2003

Jane from McMahons Point
I agree. The staff are what keep me away from that place. If I wanted attitude I would go to Greenwood!
11 Jul 2003

Tony from North Sydney
Great pub. Pity about the lack of intelligence amongst the bar staff. They are usually too busy chatting to each other to serve customers.
10 Jul 2003

James from North Sydney
Great pub. Bar staff friendly, great service. Like the steak sandwhich and the terrace is very relaxing. Nicest pub in the area
date unknown

Scott Duxbury from UK (Ex McMahons Point)
Hadn't been there for 12 months and obviously has new owners. Walked up to the bar and it smelt like vomit. Has too many pokies and has really gon down market. Definetely keeping the Blues Point as my favourite for the area.
date unknown

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Pool: one pool table, $3Outdoor Area: the front courtyard is a very popular spotFood: we liked the food! that's a good sign
TV: several screens, one facing into the courtyardBottle Shop: well stocked bottle shop downstairs
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