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feels a little cramped - probably the pokies

82 Darling St,
Balmain East

(02) 9810 1663
(02) 9818 2705

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I would like to say that I had a wonderful experience last Saturday when I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for lunch at the Commercial Hotel. We both had a lunch consisting of the freshest seafood, followed by a yummy desert and to finish off a froffy cappucchino made by a very nice person named Sharon I believe.I had previously dined at the hotel and hadn't returned because of the poor service however when I heard it had been taken over by new owners I went back. I have no hesitation in recommending this place to anyone who wants a great local to have a drink and a bonus because the food is great as well.

Gina -Drummoyne

review by: Gina

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Paul from Balmain East
Very important - these reviews are WAY out of date. Restaurant is under different management and the food is great. Staff have always been great - I suspect that those who don't think so have made no effort at all, and are used to horrible RSL style places. Live music is great and the trivia is always fun - the fact that it is a smaller environment is actually really good, as everyone feels a part of it (which is why it is such a popular element). ****
19 Jun 2004

Simon from Balmain
This surely can't be the same pub at the end of my road. The bar staff have always been warm and friendly, the food is good and the atmosphere is pleasantly muso-ish. Really good live music sunday afternoons and during the week. I moved to this end of Balmain about 6 months ago and now really love the Commercial.
20 Apr 2004

Susanne from Rozelle
I've never felt particularly welcome in this pub but our last visit was the worst yet. Our family of 3 (2 adults & a 5 year old) decided to grab some dinner from the bistro - they bill themselves as kid-friendly. We were met in a brusque manner by a waiter who pointed us vaguely in the direction of a suitable table. He then made a disproportionate fuss when we inadvertently sat at the wrong table. We moved without complaint to the correct table & had barely pulled our chairs in, let alone looked at a menu when he was back again warning us that the behaviour of our child could possibly disturb other patrons. I'd have certainly understood if my child were out of control but he was standing quietly under a nearby tree. "Kid-friendly" - I don't think so. During the minute we were there, we managed to notice that the only other group of diners were receiving the same, barely civil service that we had received, except that a waitress was dishing it out. No kids at their table though – just lucky to get the Rolls Royce service I guess!
13 Jan 2004

Jack from Annandale
Will not be going back. Barmaid was lazy and chatting with the regulars. Couldn't be bothered to server me. I will take my money elsewhere.
3 Jan 2004

David from Lilyfield
The Acoustic Lounge that is hosted every Thursday Night is a joy! Im glad that finally smaller pubs around Sydney are supporting live, local original music. The service that I recieved on Thursday night was tremendous! The bar staff arent surly at all, I was expecting some attitude from them, but instead I got great service. Keep live music going in Balmain! The Commercial Hotel is a credit to live music in Sydney. I just wish more people knew what a risk it is for smaller pubs to run regular live music, maybe then people would attend and stop whinging.
30 Oct 2003

Mary-anne from Balmain East
The Commercial is not a pub I frequent even though I only live a street away. Everytime I have been there I have felt like an outsider. I think this is a locals pub and if your not a local the bar staff don't want to serve you. I was there a week or so ago and what I assume was a local threw up every where and then picked up her beer and kept drinking. I thought this disgusting and I could not believe the bar staff didn't take her drink off her and ask her to leave. Not a very classy place and the restaurant is over priced for the service and quility of food. I think the owner needs to go and do some research.
30 Oct 2003

Steve from Leichardt
Went there on a Tuesday for Trivia. What a joke, surly barternders that couldn't be bothered to serve you, crowded tiny room for trivia when the restaurant was comletely empty. Who would go there on a Tuesday night for the crap food they serve? Couldn't they open the divider to the restaurant to give more room? I like my steak rare and all, but mine was raw, I think they forgot to cook it. Poor experience, will not be headed back there anytime soon.
2 Jul 2003

George from Parramatta
I live in Parramatta, but I make sure I'm there at least once a week. Great Food (especially the steak sandwich)
date unknown

Miss Miyante from Balmain
Great pub. One of Balmain's best. A casual, unpretentious atmosphere. Excellent live music too - very worthwhile checking out.
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