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Well Heeled, quite elegant, and with four differing bars

Crown street,
Surry Hills

(02) 9331 5333
(02) 9380 7966

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The Clock recently opened a new bar downstairs where the pokie lounge formerly skulked, so we wandered round the corner from Pubguide Towers to check it out. It's not bad, a failry small, some would say 'intimate' setting with a tiny bar (a barman over 6 feet tall could probably end up quite bruised), some comfy seating with low tables and a moody color scheme. We turned up very early, so it wasn't exactly buzzing, but the crowd was pretty indicative - young 20-something Surry Hills hipster types mostly. I was glad I'd made an effort and actually thought about what to wear. Of course, lately we've been getting more and more into the Clock - blame laziness if you will, since pubguide HQ is just round the corner - which probably stems from a couple of god nights upstairs in the Toon Bar (as in 'cartoon'). Try as we might we haven't been able to get a balcony seat, but who cares when the atmosphere is so easy-going? The only complaint is it's bottled only upstairs (the New Lounge Bar fixes this of course. We're still very sore about our two-in-a-row bar food debacles in the main bar, and we still think the pool bar is too full of kids, but that makes 50% nay, 50% yea. And is the opening of the Lounge Bar another sign of the coming pokie backlash? The Clock Hotel has now relegated its pokies to a tiny area off the main bar where before they took up a lot of very salubrious drinking space. The Fringe has ditched theirs. Last time we checked with the Annadale, they were phasing theirs out - perhaps we might see the end of these neon flashing horrors? If not in my generation, at least my kids can be free of them! Revolution brothers! So, in conclusion? We have to applaud the ownership for taking a brave but justified move in rationalising the pokies, and for doing a good job with the renovation. Our new recommendation is head for the Lounge Bar if it's open. Failing this, Toon Bar, and if you must go to the main bar, don't bother ordering food!
review by: Jason

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Terry from Darlinghurst
ahhh - well done boys - a welcome return to the schooner on my last visit. Cheers (burp).
29 Dec 2004

Terry from Darlinghurst
A nice pub in the 'right' location. If they had schooners and middies it would be more attractive (the schmiddie glass is too thick and the wrong size for the 'hardened' of us...)
13 Jan 2004

hector carrieri from argentina
i was living in surry hills in1983 australia is the best country all over the world g'day mate
11 Jan 2004

hector carrieri from argentina
i was living in surry hills in1983 australia is the best country all over the world g'day mate
11 Jan 2004

Kieran from Darling Point
Not "too" bad. At least its clean I suppose. My girlfriend loves it so I get dragged there all the time with her shrieking friends. Maybe thats why I have a strange antipathy for it...
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Disabled Access: Has a wheelchair lift in the front bar for accessPool: one? tableATM: out back
Food: restaurant upstairs, quite ratedBottle Shop: The Bottle Shop is small, but well stocked
Our Comments

Jason says:

The contrast between main and pool bars is usually marked - downstairs middle-aged folks sip beers, upstairs, teenagers slug breezers. weird.


Jason says:

31 Mar 2003 : We've been in twice recently for a couple of afternoon beers and a bar meal. Both times, we've had our food 'forgotten' about and have had to wait upwards of 30 minutes. A conspiracy to sell more beer on quiet days, sheer incompetence, or just a co-incidence?

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