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Refitted from scruffy old pub to slick city bar. We're still deciding which incarnation we prefer.

cnr Campbell and Pitt Streets,
nr Capitol Theatre

(02) 9211 1929

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Certainly a lot more open than it used to be, and a lot more schmick into the bargain, the chamberlain has had an extreme makeover from scruffy pub to slick city bar. What used to be two main rooms is now one big area with a curving bar intruding into the floorspace, high tables, lounges and barstools form the saeating arrangements and the crowd seems to be a mixture of young office workers and a few older patrons scattered around in quiet conversation. As mentioned below, the heritage features have been retained, meaning the old tilework protrudes somewhat inconguously into the scene, a strange mixture of the old and the new. Not sure if I like it actually, but there you go. The bar itself? no complaints. Food is available, the gaming room is well tucked away and despite being so new it does feel as if it's developing the patina of wear which makes a place seem that little bit more comfortable. Being close to the Capitol theatre, of course, there are pentiful flyers and magazines on offer for the entertainment crowd. Not many patrons look too much like they're off to see the Lion King tonight though. Overall it's not too bad. a good spot to have a business lunch or early evening meeting over a glass or two of wine. The more open feel certainly makes it seem lighter and airier and the service is up to par yet understated. We think it'd be worthwhile coming back on a busier night, though not as busy a night as our previous abortive attempt just before the Christmas break when we could barely squeeze in never mind get a drink!
review by: Jason

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Tangara from Minami-Kashiwa
It was a big surprise that the interior of this pub totally changed. What about the personnel or customers I used to see a lot, esp. Carl and AL. Are you still with this renovated pub?
29 Sep 2004

Tim from Chamberlain Hotel
My deepest apoligies to Greggo. As part of the management team at The Chamberlain, I can only offer our sympathy for what happened. Unfortunately the chef is not an employee of the hotel and therefore we can not do very much other then yell at him. Please do not take his actions as a fair representation of the hotel.
21 Jun 2004

Greggo from Sydney
Friday lunch time at the Dingo. While sitting with a friend at a table we were asked by a barperson to move to some floor cushions. When we said we were expecting some others he said no to worry about. Then about five mins later the Chef came over and told us to move as this was a restaurant !!! and he was expecting customers. What a p,.,k !! In shock we stayed a while and finished our beers. My mate then told the Chef that he was losing two customers to get two more. We then approached the bar staff who agreed that the Chef was in the wrong. I will not be going back to the Dingo again and stongly advise others against it. This pub/restaurant s..ks big time. Dont go there.
7 Jun 2004

Pollux from sydney
Note to battybat, yes the new owners realise it is heritage listed, y do u think those shiity old tiles are still on the walls????
10 Feb 2004

alana and kimmie from cronulla
hey dean hows the new job? we have to come and have a beer wid ya!
4 Jan 2004

Renee from Cremorne Point
Was there last night (Sunday night) got quite crowded with a mixed crowd of travellers and people moving through the area. I ate some wedges which were kindly delivered to our table and were pretty good too. There was a happy atmosphere although this may have been due to the fact it's the festive season! A generic sort of bar, but not too bad for a few drinks with friends.
29 Dec 2003

Battybat from Sydney
Another soulless, generic, plastic bar. The architects obviously influenced by 90s style, outdated before it's even opened! What ever happened to heritage listing...for God's sake the pub was over 100 years old!
9 Dec 2003

robbo from redfern
im gunna miss thi pub, it was the best in sydney
22 Oct 2003

mmm from sydney
if you are looking for the staff from the "dingo", they are now at the Captain Cook Hotel at 162 Flinders Street, Paddington
date unknown

Tracey from Sydney
Bloody damn shame about this pub. It was home to some of the most friendly and professional staff. The pub itself had a warm atmosphere with reasonable prices and many local workplaces are sorely missing the "lindy"
date unknown

boywonder from surry hills
I think you might of missed the point of the stuffed dingo it is the chamberlain after all, or are you too young for that one ? and yes you could try it later on a thursday nite.
date unknown

deb smiley from taree
just go there its great,dorros roasts are great& margaret is a cheeky bugger!
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Jukebox: an eclectic mixture...Bottle Shop: grab 'em over the counter
Our Comments

Jason says:

And only now do I figure out the dingo reference(!) Don't blame me, as an expat Pom, I wasn't even here when all that happened!

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