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Century Tavern
Everyone knows this place, and everyone ends up here eventually

cnr George and Liverpool, City
(02) 9264 3157

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I have one word to describe the renovations of this pub. Awful. This used to be one of the best, albeit most disgusting, pubs in Sydney. It was a melting pot of Goth chicks, salarymen, secretaries and slightly mad staff. Now look at it. Poker machines as far as the eye can see. The old people-watching view out the windows over Hungry Jacks blocked by bleeping, flashing one-armed bandits. Whoever the new owner is, they should be ashamed. The only consolation is that its so depressingly bad that it will soon fail and be onsold to someone who might restore it to its former splendid dinginess. Down with Bar Century! Long Live the Century Hotel!
review by: kieranclulow

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Skye Smutt from Slurry Ills
Hmm....had a revisit to the Century last week [after slating the new “Century” a few months back c/o this site]. ...pokie hell still confronts you on first floor, along with “bus seat” upholstery carpet [which is enough to make any stomach regurgitate it’s contents before the drinking has even commenced]. The second bar is now open – it’s better than the pokies room but definitely trying to appeal to a different crowd from those who have supported this salubrious drinking establishment in the past… I heard rumours of the new owners buying Hungry Cracks downstairs….if this happens I’ll go in for another look see but it has defiantly lost a certain something – quite possibly it’s previous clientele.
1 Mar 2005

Gollum from Liverpool Street
PUBS been Ruined by Pokey Machines lined up against the Windows. No More Views along George st.. Goth Girls are Gone and theres no more Jukebox.. After Speaking with the Barman, he told me they did the changes as a way to make money. Pubs character has been DESTROYED.
19 Feb 2005

Kieran from Sydney
Down with Bar Century! Long Live the Century Tavern!
15 Feb 2005

Felch from Hell
The Century has been destroyed. It used to be an oasis for those that can't stomach yuppie bars. But new management has taken over, and using conventional Sydney wisdom, gutted it and filled it with poker machines. It has been completely and utterly ruined. If you used to go there, don't go again, unless you want to have an attack of severe depression. I cried when I walked in. 25 years of memories trashed.
21 Jan 2005

Anatole from Alexandria
The best pub in Sydney bar none. I first went there when I moved to Sydney in 1987, and it's hardly changed since then. Staff and management are always friendly, and everyone is welcome. I do miss the old velvet curtains, but I guess there has to be change sometime...
4 Mar 2004

jeromy from aran islands
up there with the best of bars in sydney. spent many a late night/morning there, staff were friendly, and always up for a laugh. especialiy the girl with the metropolis tatoo on her arm, best tatoo i've seen.
30 Jan 2004

MachV from Sydney Cbd
As my local pub i think it wouldn't be the century if it didn't have the dodgy bathroom and that bloodstain on the roof on the 2nd floor..
27 Jan 2004

ME from here
'sif you'd spend New Years Eve there. Oh wait, you're from Parra.
20 Jan 2004

Dave from Parramatta
Spent New Years Eve Here. Full of People esp Poms and locals. Fat Contoller in Full Cry. Bar staff remind me of Hippie Generation, as does the music on Jukebox played . V.Good Bar enjoyed evening
16 Jan 2004

Teena from Sydney
I love this pub. The bar staff are friendly and you can always chat to them. The regulars there are friendly, and you'll always run into at least 6 people you know. Its dingy, its dark, and after drinking there for a time, you start to appreciate those things.
16 Jan 2004

Kieran from Sydney
Spent most of my adolescence and twenties in here picking up Goth chicks. Its a god-awful stinky maroon-tinged mess, but ya gotta love it. The fat controller still presides over the bar. Cross him at your peril
10 Dec 2003

Leigh from Ryde
If you're not drinking here, you must have an allergic reaction to beer. It's a little dark and not exactly modern looking, but it's filled with great people. In fact it was in here that I met the owner of this very site, and had a few too many beers with him. Nice staff, cheap prices and great people - you cannot ask for too much more in a pub.
4 Oct 2003

mattay from sydney
This pub enjoys a near-mythical stsus among Sydney drinkers. Not a pub for the yuppy, it enjoys a clientele that would generally speaking, feel out of place in bars like the Establishment - a good down-to-earth pub and any visitor to Sydney should stop in for a beer at least once.
3 Sep 2003

Billyo from UK
Very unpleasant. The urine stench doesn't go down very well.
date unknown

Rhodri from Wales
One of the best chilled pubs in Sydney central. This place is cool bananas.
date unknown

Duncan8r from sydney
Love this pub, good to see the pokey machines pushed back and the pool tables back. A great place to sit and watch the world go by on George St
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Open Late: VERY late at weekendsPool: 2 tables $3
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