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Castle Hill Tavern

25 Victoria Ave,
Castle Hill

(02) 9634 5300
(02) 9680 1685

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Reviews available:
Guest Review (29 Jul 2004)

High ceilings, decent bars, free entry before certain times on weekends, alright music...hmm, sounds like i enjoy the Tav. Well, for a local westie club its alright, but soon gets tiresome.

Depending on the day, there's a semi decent mix of RnB, retro 90's and House, but if you're into clubs with a bit more flavour, this place doesn't live up to its slogan "the place to be".

review by: Bea

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Peter from Hornsby
Not a bad place, although the entry fee and drink prices are awfully steep. $11 to get in on Fri/Sat and for what.. a bunch of girls dancing and (usually) more guys than girls.. not good odds. Saturday night has a nice variety of dance music.
4 Aug 2005

Pro from Hills
The tav is the place to be. Ok yeah its always the same crowd but its my crowd and i love it. what more could u want out of a local pub? A nightclub, live music, beer garden, good food and good people. The ones that bag it are the dicks no one likes there anyway.
17 May 2004

john roberts from baulkham hills
if there was no other pub/club in the world i wouldnt notice, this is the only place that i go...yeah i might be 28 and living at home with my parents...but if theres anything id rather spend my money on instead of a mortgage or a gf...itd be over-priced tav drinks...keep rockin tav!
14 Apr 2004

davo from the hill
same crowd over and over again!!!!
23 Feb 2004

Footy Head from Hills mate, hills!
Fuck yair! Tav is fucken sick! Fuck yair! fucken sick, yair! Great for pickin' up drunk slags, eh?
20 Jan 2004

Farrar from Castle Hill
Me and my man love the tavern. We're from the area and have been all our life, love the TAB and the retro on friday nights, only 10 bucks for a cab home home too
16 Jan 2004

Jimmy from Hills
Thursday night is a huge local night for all the young'uns. All the people that have just finished school and are like 18 and 19 are there having a great time. Friday and Saturday nights have a more mature crowd, and the tav is a great place to relax and have some fun on these nights
15 Jan 2004

Renee from Parramatta
Ugh. The Tav. Can you say teeny-bopper hang out of the west? This is the first place I went when I turned 18 - and to judge by the crowd, they're all the same.
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Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 9.00am - 3.00am
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