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Carlisle Castle
Nice bistro and Beer Garden

19 Albermarle St,

(02) 9557 4852

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Established before 1877 and having being owned and run by the Hassett family since the early 1960’s, the CARLISLE CASTLE is now in new hands! Roger Dixon and Philip Minett are the new publicans and are very excited about the prospect of utilising their many years in the industry to pursue their dream.

The Carlisle boasts a beautiful beer garden which leads to a spacious dining area and the pool room which contains three pool tables. The bottle shop is situated off the front bar which has been restored to its original beauty and is worth popping in just to check out. There’s a wide range of fresh draught beers and the staff are really friendly.

Dixon spoke about the changes they’d like to pursue: “With such a strong local clientele and friendly atmosphere, there really isn’t much we’ll need to change – just enhance upon.”

“Initially we’ll be updating the menu; expanding the wine list both in the bistro and bottle shop and focusing on our functions area. Ultimately our aim is to make it a little more open plan and go for a funky retro feel with the beer, wine and food having a bit more synergy than it does today.”

Minett, added: “We’re hoping that the Carlisle will be a place that everyone will feel comfortable visiting. Whether students at the pool tables; locals in the front bar or families in the bistro and beer garden.”

The Carlisle Castle is open for business 7 days a week. The bistro is child friendly and they are open for breakfast on weekends from 10am.  It also has accommodation of 13 pub-style rooms and a functions area that holds up to 100 people.



Roger Dixon

M: 0400 70 80 90


review by: Carlisle Castle

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paul from newtown
this pub would have to be the best little backstreet pub i have ever been in!it's got the lot,it is the hidden gem of newtown,and the only vinyl jukebox around,as far as the staff go they are lovely,they don't cop attitude of stuck up snobs though,it's a far too casual place,oh tomas,half of newtown is gay mate,get over it we love the joint!!!!
26 May 2004

Mack from Newtown
I was here yesterday (23/05/04), and being a Sunday arvo I found it pretty fun. We played pool in the afternoon glow, listend to some bad juke box tunes, and drank some fine beer. I am keen to check this place out again on a happening eve.,
24 May 2004

brendan from glebe
i found the bar staff to be particularly rude and sloppy on many occassions they have been overheard insulting customers amongst themselves behind the bar. worst pub ever!!!!!!! there's nothing classy about the place whatsoever
25 Apr 2004

Thomas from Newtown
Don't go to this bar if you are gay. They are homophobic. The bar staff are rude and they don't realize that are serving in a community that has a large gay population; definately worth a miss
25 Apr 2004

The Chairman from Sydney
The spaghetti bolognaise is remarkable...I can feel a comparison with the Bank Hotel's chicken wings coming on
11 Mar 2004

The Chairman from Sydney
The kangaroo sausages are magnificent - almost as ggod as the bank hotels chicken wings. Mmh chicken
10 Mar 2004

Richie from Bexley
The local legends make this place a special part of the world. Bring back Wally !
21 Jan 2004

Graeme from Dundas
If anyone can work out how to use the duke box, please tell me how you did it.
10 Dec 2003

Dave from Newtown
Great bar atmosphere, great food
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