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Caringbah Inn

343 Port Hacking Road,

(02) 9526 1166

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Dan Orell is a fuckwitt.
10 Jun 2004

i used to love scoring a biccy then going clubbing in coytes hopefully id meet that nice young man again i think his name was teasel or something surelly the best bj in nsw thanx cbah i luv yuz all..........
8 Jun 2004

peter tye from cronulla
Yeah good one Monty Yeah good one Monty from who knows where.typicaL STATEMENT. try saying what you really think not just what you think your supposed friends nt you ta say,.....
19 May 2004

Jim the chick from cronulla
coyotes used to be a sweet place to see a band but now every time i drive past i never see any bands up on the board its always trivia or some shit - anyway the floor was getting to sticky in that place and i was getting sick of the walls dripping on me.... better to go to northies
17 Mar 2004

Monty from Caringbah
Also Jay if you dont appreciate girls dressed like Brittany then perhaps you should be drinking round Oxford St. you gay c*nt far more suited to your tastes.
23 Jan 2004

Monty from Caringbah
This is a great pub if you wanna have a beer and watch some non-locals get seven shades of sh*t get kicked out of them. I love it. Up the sharkies!
23 Jan 2004

Who is Max from cronulla. Im Max and used to live in cronulla.Yeah in a way its true what the others are saying,did have a much better band music scene earlier.Still get a local legend playing there every now and then.Jeffro and Giraffes Casino.Check em out some time. Far as the management being inbreds is concerned,dont know bout that. Chaddys pretty cool, same goes for the other staff.To the inn if ya read this postp post your email number so I can email yas. keep cool from MAX. ya know who I am.
16 Nov 2003

billy smith from caringbah
this used to be the best pub going around the area untill they started watering down their beer,ah well at least you can still have a yarn with some good people
27 Oct 2003

max from cronulla
must honestly say I agree with the other comments, this place was once good for seeing bands ,now its full oh shit heads on the weekends who like disco techno sucks totally.Bunch a pricks. Old cook was a dickhead ,well suited for the place.what a bunch of inbreds.
26 Oct 2003

kenny from dolls point
This USED to be a pub. What has happened? Has the SHIRE turned into Hobbitville? This place used to be ranked no 1 by the AHA many years ago. It had top quality bands, good security and a good feel to it. Maybe as the SHIRE has become more insular this place is just reflecting the surrounding environment.
30 Sep 2003

dave from gymea
what a redneck hell hole - caome on guys when is the 'Shire' gonna get smart - we are not out West - how about a decent place to go without fear of being bashed by a d*ckhead?
25 Sep 2003

jay from sydney
absolutely agree. over the years this place has taken the biggest dive. no matter what they try, it still gets jam packed by under age brittany wannabes...
28 Jul 2003

Pub Bludger from Australia
Make sure ur either a bricky, a sharks supporter, or dumb as shit.
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