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slick. Major pickup spot at weekends

52-60 The Promenade,
King Street Wharf,
Darling Harbour

(02) 9262 1777
(02) 9262 1733

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It's slick, it's spacious, it's away from the madding crowds at the iMax end of the harbour. We think it's about the best bar at Darling Harbour. This is high praise indeed. We turned up on a hot friday afternoon and immediately made for the upstairs balcony overlooking the harbour and the terrace area below. Filled with well dressed, smiling folks, you couldn't help but feel lucky to live in Sydney on such a day. The building itself is very modern in style, plenty of polished wood and chrome, with the odd stand-out feature such as the two antique chairs in the pool table area. The drinks were bearably priced and the breeze set the day off. Cargo bar also has food available. The gourmet pizzas particularly caught my eye - including BBQ Emu, Kangaroo and Crocodile. One for the tourists, perhaps, but interesting nonetheless. We'll try some and let you know
review by: pubguide staff

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catchscott from Sydney
One of the most over-rated bars in Sydney...seriously. Staff are for the most part average, food may as well be non-existent and the vibe is really ordinary. Don't bother
1 Sep 2004

dereck from york
ive been to cargo many a time, good times there. it is the shit!
12 May 2004

Burky from Kilkenny
yeah, good place but sticklers on the old dress code - collars etc. Backpackers be warned - chicks here impressed by money - not amusing travel anecdotes and funny accents. May want to try and pull in a more messy drunk pub
9 May 2004

jane from st albans
cletus - stick ur armarni up your ass!!! this bar is full of wankers at the weekend (i bet u r one!). Nice being by the harbour but - girls beware of the suits!!! They are completely up their own arses on the outside and insecure to the max!
13 Apr 2004

matt from petersham
if u r with ur mates dont bother later sat night....everytime i go there it's 'sorry gents, members only' . Last Friday I walked my girlfriend to the door and they wouldnt let me back in.
13 Apr 2004

Claire from Manly
Awesome bar, beautiful location, excellent atmosphere
16 Mar 2004

Nigel from Berowra
they didnt let me in so i dont know wat its like....
7 Mar 2004

big dave from scunthorpe
I prefer eating mine with a spoon but then john said, no, a fork is always better than a spoon, especially when its covered in batter and chocolate!
26 Feb 2004

teddy duchamp from mars
nice place for the right night. i hate sluts who want free drinks and take off
19 Feb 2004

Sherien Najdi from Tumut
Hi - for starters im PRETENTIOUS, yes u heard from the big fat cats mouth 1st. See u all in the disable toilets sat nite for gangies! P.S. luv u too bucky!!
12 Dec 2003

Clive Deadbeat from Northies PUB
Hey,.....its me here Clieve ive been passed out for 6 weeks since northies that dauy me and my mate ROSSCO cained ourselves. Cargo tonite for me im takin my date Jen Mahomo with me!!
12 Dec 2003

Jack Mahomo from Rogers Bed
I luv Cargo - its so hot just like me and my shoes... see u there fri nite guys!! literally with your shirts off sweeties!! mmmmmmmmwaaaaaah!
12 Dec 2003

grunter from frans house
I picked up the love of my life at cargo - martin "the warsaw warrior" - i luv you.
12 Dec 2003

Michael Buck from Minerva
I Luv cargo i get to let my hair down and focus on picking up hot chicks with lots of diseases!! its not my fault TWIST!!
12 Dec 2003

andrew o'riordan from miranda
The cargo bar enables me to fulfill my life long ambition of gettin with fat birds - fat birds rock - i love them all!!!!!
12 Dec 2003

billy sneddan from baulkham hills
Cargo rocks man!!!! Get to see heaps of cool people like jack moroney there - sick chops man
12 Dec 2003

wardy from paddington
the breed of lady is breathtaking. being an executive myself, i dont waste my time at lesser establishments. Cargo provides me with the perfect hunting ground. cheers and see you there beautiful.
1 Dec 2003

cletus - u - dick from sydney
poor cletus. I think you were meaning to say "YOU'RE all scum...", but that's ok, no one really expects a superficial half wit like yourself to be too intelligent. drinking $2.50 drinks at an RSL sounds like a much better option than going to Cargo and having to put up with pretentious wannabe's like you. hey, good call on the Armani, if you want to look like a middle aged accountant! stop wearing your Dad's clothes cletus
28 Nov 2003

Andres from Tempe
Love it although it is eclipsed by the Loft down the way, still always a great place to escape from sydney more plebian drinking scene. Good GPS crowd.
25 Nov 2003

Judd from Austinmer
Had left to go to Subbies after five minutes. Need I say more?
19 Nov 2003

SUCK CREME' Cletus from Australia
Cletus theres no place for the pretentious in Australia. Vote 1 Cletus for One nation leader. mWAHAHAH
17 Nov 2003

Ellie from sydney
Beautiful cocktails, location darling harbour!
3 Nov 2003

Ms Gold-digger from Alexandria
Had a difficult time finding a Wallet-Man amongst the Wankers.
28 Sep 2003

Cletus from CargoBar
Listen to you whingers, Get a clue guys, most of you sound like you belong in a RSL drinking $2.50 bourbon cokes watching the horses. Cargo is for the elite cremè of the young and well off social scene. your all just scum, go visit an armani store after you get a respectable job you losers
13 Sep 2003

Kate from Sydney
I like Cargo, particularly upstairs on a busy weekend night. Good atmosphere, nice people. Some might say it's pretentious, some of the doormen are wankers but at least it's not full of ferals. Probably the best place in that area.
17 Aug 2003

Cazmo from Newtown
I like this place. Yeh there are alot of wannabes here but most of the guys are genuinly well off so its a good place to get a guy hu will buy u cocktails all night n knos how 2 dress.
9 Aug 2003

merrick from australia
full of pretentious young kids spending their parents money pretending they're succesful businessmen whilst trying forget the days when they used to get touched in the showers at their private schools. keep up the good work champions.
7 Jul 2003

kelly from dulwich hill
I saw a huge fight in this place once. It was horrible, Fraser wouldn't let Martin borrow his dictionary and the next day Martin had accidently renamed the place Cagor
7 Jul 2003

spiro from castle hill
I agree with antony. the door policy is a bit harsh, lucky for me I like to dress up in my diesel shirt, my diesel jeans, my adidas fighting shoes and my manditory Tag watch. Only problem is its a bit far for me and the boys to travel, but we're happy to take our HSV's and Soarer's for a spin (my HSV is worked to the max bro).
7 Jul 2003

antony from penrith
me and the penrith boys we love this place bro. it rocks big time my friend. nice little ladies (they don't really like the penrith boys but) and it's always good for a bit of a fight. EXPECT TO SEE MORE PENRITH BOYS AT CARGO SOON. WE LOVE IT.
7 Jul 2003

jo from newtown
finally got in and it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks
7 Jul 2003

marton shrot from mongoloid8
i can spel. I'm love this bar. Its my favriuoiute plase.
7 Jul 2003

john howard from kirrbilli
not since i visited the great hunters hill institution have i seen so many knobsuckers in one room. thanks joeys, thanks cargo
7 Jul 2003

joey jo-boy from hunters hill
for joeys oldboys who love knob
7 Jul 2003

Pub Bludger from Australia
Yes my cousin apparently frequents this place So be nice and gentelman like or i'll kick ur ass. Especially you Martin from the UK. Oh i also might drop in at the pool table sounds like i might get a few money games :)
3 Jun 2003

Billy from UK
Very da-da which the vain, narcissistic types just love.
date unknown

Elizabeth from London
Fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, amazing cocktails!
date unknown

billy corgan from chicargo
tried, makes me feel like jumping
date unknown

tony g from sydney
filled with pretentious wankers. Not a good pickup spot at all !!! Best places to pickup in the city cbd are in my view Scruffy Murphys and Three Wise Monkeys
date unknown

date unknown

Sarah from Vancouver
A great spot where you can watch people, watch the sport on all the TV's downstairs and find a spot to have a dance to the excellent music. I'll be back before I go home to Canada.
date unknown

Julian from Los Angeles
A great Friday night out at the Cargo Bar with a buzzing vibe and great people everywhere. It's as close to the SkyBar you can get in Sydney.
date unknown

Martin from London
Wall to Wall with some of Sydneys finest looking Ladies. Its like a honey pot!!!!!!
date unknown

Lollipop from Alexandria
I've emigrated to the UK - and i miss the Friday afternoon atmosphere at Cargo. It now makes me appreciate how beautiful sydney is. People, staff, atmosphere and food are all gorgeous.
date unknown

Andrew from Neutral Bay
Excellent atmosphere, good looking girls, they have a strict door policy at busy times for obvious reasons.
date unknown

carolyn from north ryde
A very snobby bar. If you're not the right age, size, look, gender, you won't get in. Why bother waiting to go in to spend your money when they vet you for the "cool" factor.
date unknown

Atrax from pubguide staff
Nick from mosman - your comment breached ettiquette so has been deleted. Feel free to post another one, but don't use the f-word.
date unknown is not directly responsible for the content of comments posted in this section. For more information see our policy document. Report abusive comments

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Pool: pool room on first floor. one table, $3Food: the piza menu is as varied as it is attractiveOutdoor Area: balcony upstairs, terrace downstairs
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