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Canley Heights Hotel


274 Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights

(02) 9724 4033

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Michelle from Regents park
I Slept with one of the barmen. That was definatly worth the visit. But if he wasn't there me or my friends wouldn't be rushing back!!!!!
21 Mar 2004

Davo from St Johns Park
FKN Excellent PUB, if you like frign pokie junkies, well, junkies in general! Seems like someone may be slyly advertising here.
9 Jan 2004

Mitch from local
a few grumpy old locals, but other than that a cool quiet little pub with great service. A real cheer me up kind of pub
10 Dec 2003

Sarah from Girraween
Just stumbled across this place and i was very impressed.Friendly little place with really good food.Bar staff are funny always up for a joke.
10 Dec 2003

monica from Paramatta
Groovy little pub.Blonde barman makes great cocktails!!! (not to bad to look at either)!!!
10 Dec 2003

Chris from Yagoona
Quiet little pub. Great bar staff always friendly.Cheap beer and not a bad perv! Well worth a visit!!!!!
10 Dec 2003

Greg from Canley Heights
just joking, the pub is great. good atmosphere and great food. TAB and POKIES.
8 Dec 2003

Greg from Canley Heights
I'm a local and most of the time that i'm there, there are always fights! not a good place for the family. RUDE STAFF
11 Nov 2003

Sandro from Lucchiano
I met Kosta Tsyuzu at the pub last year. Unfortunately 200 other people also met him there at the same time. He is obviously popular. Great bloke. Signed everyone's autograph and had lots of phots taken. My local.
9 Sep 2003

Julie from Greystanes
Quite a nice hotel
9 Sep 2003

Sinia from Fairfield
Great for Sunday lunch
9 Sep 2003

Sinia from Fairfield
Great for Sunday lunch
9 Sep 2003

John from Engadine
I came all the way from engadine to visit some mates here, excellent pub, great atmosphere, one of the best around. POKIES
22 Aug 2003

Clara from Carramar
This is actually not a bad spot. I reckon it is one of the best value meal spots around in Sydney. One of the best kept secrets. They tell me they are putting in a new big plasma screen - can't wait.
22 Aug 2003

Bob from Fairfield
Great pub, Great atmosphere. very reasonable priced and good food. Also had great luck on the poker machines here. New cocktail bar going in!! Staff were ok, heaps of parking, good screen for sport or TAB
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