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What IS that logo supposed to be?

225 George Street,

(02) 9247 6744

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claire from sydney
great music! love the setting, a bit too packed on a sat night, but definately worth the wait in the que.. loving the new main bar.
18 Jun 2004

bel from sydney
brooklyn is crap. good music, werid ass sleezy wogs but good service, it isnt worth the wait in the line
5 Jun 2004

Carrie from Uk
This place isnt the hottest around. It is a little tacky, but sat nights the music is good. Drinks are far too expensive for the local pub feel of the place. Wouldn't reccommend it all the time, but if you're down there-check it out for a couple.
18 Dec 2003

fleur from manhattan, new york
visited brooklyn last week.absolute shite.very tacky atmosphere with a trashy crowd.the music sounds like a bunch of 15 yr olds are the dj's, they look 15 over in sydney for busines as i own a few clubs and bars in manhattan and the brooklyn was the only dissapointment in your beautiful city.the rest of your city's bars' are down right impressive guys!
8 Dec 2003

Marzena from Sydney
What a rip off!!! Watch out, the prices are going up every half hour without notice and when I ask for the price list the response from the supervisor Keira was: “we don’t have one and if you want to know how much the drinks are, you have to ask one of us and we will tell you”, she forgot to add “at the time”! Very disappointing. Give a miss to this place. Crap and very loud music.
30 Oct 2003

torirachnikki from mosman
it was an awesome night... good music, great people, everyone seemed to be having a great time!! we'll definetly be back...
22 May 2003

Jody from Surry Hills
Had a great night at the "Brook" 2 wks ago, hot bartenders that were friendly enough. DJs were awesome. saw nothing TASTLESS about this joint! Unless I myself am tastless which I asure u, Sal, Im not. Hey Sal think u need to take another look with your eyes open, this time without being a bitter X employee!!!
date unknown

jo from sydney
hey sal were you fired from either one of those pubs, or are you just tasteless? Brooklyn happens to be one of the best pubs on the upper george st side, it has agreat clientele and not to mention good food, cheap drinks and upbeat tunes. Check your facts, and i suggest you get out more often
date unknown

sal from sydney
new management have turned brooklyn into a replica of the cheap and tacky pavillion hotel on george street. all those barmaids have left, along with the credability of the hotel. it's dirty and run-down and the service is not what it once was. give this place a miss.
date unknown

Tim from UK
The hottest Barmaids I have ever had the pleasure of buying a drink from. Used to spend most nights after work in there! I love it
date unknown

felix from brooklyn,ny
do you guys play reggea music or do you know of a club that does
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Food: The restaurant is ratedLive Music: Live music on tuesdays - currently an accoustic feel.
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