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recommended pub Bridge
Entertainment central

135 Victoria Road,

(02) 9810 1260

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We've just been to see Skunkhour at Balmain Tigers, it's late, everywhere's closing, but just over the road is the perfect spot. In we go and straight off to the Garden to talk over the gig. The Bridge is always a good spot for a few late ones, retaining atmosphere long after everyone else has gone to bed. A band is playing in the back bar, and the place is packed as you'd expect after a gig like the one we've just been to. As always, the Copper's is cold and the company is good. It's our first time out in the garden and the two-tier effect is creating some shouted conversations betwen concert-goers. You can rock on here and chill out after the gig in comfort. It's no wonder the Bridge is our recommended late spot in this part of the world.
review by: Jason

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Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Recommend being 3 parts cut b4 you get there as everybody else is! Gammy, grotty, smelly and if you havent dribbled out of there at 9am on a sunday morning you havent had a big night out in balmaine! Take your sunnies for the morning exit and experience the sensory debauchery that is THe Bridge !
7 Jan 2005

PubGoer from Balmain
Everytime a local goes out in Balmain they will say - I hope i don't end up at the Bridge. Invariably they do after 3am. I personally haven't been there earlier than 3am - the crowd is usually male dominated, alcohol fueled guys trying for one last shot at a chick before the night and drinking has to end. You can stay till 9am weekend nights.
21 Dec 2004

tequila red-eye from ireland
great place, miss it so much! bit of a dive but we didn't care we had so many great nights there! big hello to all the barmen! miss the black sambucca back draughts, tequila red-eye's (remember us??), and all the other concoctions you made! have great photos with will, ben and sam...hey guys, back in ireland now for past 6 months but will send them soon! keep livin the dream!
12 Oct 2004

John from Sydney
here it is: or try ...enjoy!
22 May 2004

John from Sydney
Awesome pub! readers, if you are visiting Australia abroad, here's a cool site to visit Australian Hotels. enjoy!
22 May 2004

arfa from london town
The only place that you cant fail to find a partner for the evening as long as you are at least standin without too many supports
28 Mar 2004

daniel cooper from hurstville
Hughie band was absolute crap. i was there. he used to be good when he played swing. the pub itself was a piece of shit too. very run-down.
7 Mar 2004

Mick from Rozelle
This hotel is CRAP! The staff look like tired old tarts. The owner/manager is even worse. Over recent months this place has gone to the dump. A coat of new paint would be a welcome change as would cleaning the toilets every so often. This place is caught in a time-warp.
9 Feb 2004

Andrew from Sydney
One word: Hole. Just a dirty, smelly, run down, dark, ugly place. It serves drinks untill all hours, so that is it's one saving grace.
21 Aug 2003

The Queen from local
it is the best pub in sydney. its got a great atmosphere. it's a "real" pub. not some yuppie wine bar. to all those who have whinged saying it is a dump - this is a message to you: DON'T GO THERE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!
7 Jul 2003

Lizzy from Strathfield
I like it. Gets a nice mix of people, interesting place! Not much else happening around after midnight!
30 May 2003

Alan from Balmain
One of the best live music venues in Sydney. Okat it's not pretty - I've seen it in daylight(!). But the atmosphere is excellent. Great variety of Musos.
23 May 2003

Jason from Sydney
In case you disapproved of the language in the first post: Management was meant to contact me about "facelifting" the exterior but, even after I've left messages for the boss, I've heard nothing. I must admit the "lads" know their music, but know nothing about common courtesy.
date unknown

Jason from Sydney
Management was meant to contact me about "facelifting" the exterior but, even after I've left messages for the boss, I've heard nothing. I must admit the fuckers know their music, but know nothing about common courtesy.
date unknown

Peter from Newtown
If you want an 'old style pub' with plenty of great music in a safe atmosphere, then this is it. Whilst it is supposed to be a blues hotel, there is just about all types of music on show. Don't go there if you want a sleek, stainless steel/polished floor boarded pub, this is olde world and set to stay that way. I was most impressed by the use of metal scanners and bag inspection upon entry. I was reassured that it is a proactive measure to prevent problems rather than a reactive solution. The security guys are a pleasant change from the normal morans at other pubs.
date unknown

David from Coogee
Great band venue - agree with Dancin' Dave, yuppies go elsewhere, this is a pub for ROCK!
date unknown

Dancin' Dave from Balmain
You bogan's have no idea. The place is supposed to be grotty. If you are unhappy please visit the Yuppie haven at the London
date unknown

sarah from hunters hill
it's a hole. do yourself a favour, go across the road to the balmain rsl if you really want a drink. Its cheaper and not as feral
date unknown

Wayne from Sydney
The place is a dump. Needs some $$$ spent to tart it up
date unknown

Steady Drinker from Sydney
Most likly one of the worse pubs I have ever been too.
date unknown

John Hibbert from Forster
Visited the Bridge recently to watch an awesome band called HUGHIE. Good pub, top band!
date unknown

ellen from leichhardt
its the only pub Ive been to that requires a full metal detecting body scan does that make me feel extra safe or make me think im in dogeville? Im not sure
date unknown

Anne~Maree from country
Enjoyed the service & the entertantment of Mr Dav Tice.
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Pool: 2 tables. don't expect to play when there's an event on though!Live Music: A strong supporter of pub bandsComedy and/or theatre: lots of comedy
TV: large screen in the back barATM: Non-Visa ATM in the lobbyJukebox: back bar has a jukebox
Outdoor Area: there are a bunch of tables out the back.
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