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Bourbon And Beefsteak
One of the cross's famous landmarks

24 Darlinghurst Road,
Kings Cross

(02) 9358 1144
(02) 9358 3256

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I recently hosted a function at the refurbished Bourbon. I paid the minimum spend and they didnt deliver on the on our agreed contract. They had not enough bar staff, we had to wait more than 20 mins each time to be served a drink and the management staff on the night who were supposed to be handling our function and handing out drinks never did a thing, when I asked about it they were telling me they were just too busy. Overall a very unprofessional establishment, with inept staff. Apparently glamourous but it isnt really, an ugly crowd downstairs too! Don't bother with it.
review by: Kinks

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PubGoer from Balmain
It had been a long absence (since the now Aussie cricket captain got smashed) for me patronising this pub. I dropped in on Saturday night, and about 9.30pm. Certainly the ambience of the old Bourbon was missing (what ambience?) - to me being more reminiscent inside to an upmarket cafe maybe - rather than a pub. Interesting mix of people around this time. An older crowd dining, speckled with youngsters, slowly the older crowd left, and young crowd, short skirts started to arrive. I do object to forced queueing - and this definitely occurred. Inside was fairly quite yet from 10pm the bouncers decided to have a queue form out the front and slowly let people in, despite the fact it was raining heavily. May be necessary later at night but definitely not at that time or with the rain. Only ordered 2 rounds so no comment on the service, yet it was a slow period, and did get served promptly.
24 Feb 2005

Bullpit Billie from Redfern
Once upon a time the Bourbon stood iconic in the Sydney nitescape. A night out could not be called BIG unless it was topped off with oozing out of the Bourbon and being instantly blinded by AM sunshine. Having been taken over by a "helenic" hotel group it has now become as souless, charmless , inhospitable and childish as the rest of this consortiums asquisitions. Avoid this dump like the plague. Read the posting below and you will get an idea of the mentality of staff, amangement and the current patronage.
8 Jan 2005

Tim from downtown
god I love this city
1 May 2004

Dec from Potts Point
Ted, Ted, Teddy Ted Ted.....didn't you used to hang out by the gents toilets pre refurb? I am sure I recognise that dishy tone of communique. Kerry, i am still waiting my lovely!
28 Apr 2004

Ted from Sydney
The comments below capture the type of clientel this place gets. Crude, nasty, mean and perverted. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.
12 Apr 2004

Dave I from Mosman
I will be busy for the next few weeks due to being constantly banged up the bum during Mardi Gras so Kerry, I will not be able to meet up. Looking for any cute guys out there who love a man with a little twinky. I go by the name of bitch. contact me.
18 Feb 2004

Matty Moon from your dreams
i am randy for kerry now, your penis slander wont make me love you shazza.
28 Jan 2004

Shazza from Toongabbie
Matt we all know that you have a 2 incher, mate! I found out after a big nite at the Cargo Bar. I was very unimpressed but you made up for it by dropping me at Toongabbie RSL. Keep Trying Sugar!!
28 Jan 2004

Davey '2 inche' Ivkovic from Your dreams
kerry i have moved on, i too like Val Kilmer now! I have been fighting it for years but now i am gagging to ram my 2 inch throbbing chico roll in Vals sweet cherry pie hole
28 Jan 2004

Matty Moondance from Non-o-your-business
Kerry , you are dead right
28 Jan 2004

Kerry from Campbelltown
Oh! Matt Wilson you sound like a super stud with chiselled abs. I want you to caress my hairy back and ride me all nite on my inflatable mattress in my caravan!
28 Jan 2004

Matty Moondance from Matty's school of partying
If any of you animals out there are as good looking as i think i am and wish to learn the secrets of how to P-A-R-T-Y!!! My school of partying would be perfect to you. In three short weeks i will have in the Bourbon and dancing to J.T and J.k like you've never danced before. I want to extend that to Kerry first of all. I too am horny and want you bad baby!
28 Jan 2004

Kerry from Cambo-Fuckya
Dave i called , why did you hang up?
27 Jan 2004

Richo from Rooty Hill RSL
I'm a pokie bandit and I want Kerry to know that I won $15 last nite which means I can buy approx. 7 Chiko Rolls.
27 Jan 2004

Davey I from Heaven
I am so horny right now kerry. I am holding my throbbing 2 inches of manhood and dreaming of you devouring it like one of those chico rolls
27 Jan 2004

Adam Byrnes from Surry Hills.
Hi kerry, If you don't like what you heard from Dave then you might like what i have to offer. I'm not very tall though and my friends do call me hobbit. The guys in the my footy team say i have a raging cashew. By the way I do have a habbit of running around in circles repeating things to myself but its all part of the package. Drop me a line on 0409641434
27 Jan 2004

Dave Ivkovic from Mosman
Well Kerry, I am 6 foot 4, I have long curly golden locks of hair, I am quite buff, good looking and my nick name is fabio. I do not have a "twistie" it is more like a python. I was born in Sydney. Please call me Kerry, please... 0411437143.
27 Jan 2004

Kerry from Campbeltown
Dave, I am thinking about ringing you but I want to know a bit about yourself first. For all I know you could be only 5 foot tall, bald, fat, and from Asia. Well, I will tell yoose all a bit about myself... I am 19, left school 10 years ago to start my career at Kmart where I have moved rapidly up the ladder surprisingly fast seeing that I have been interupted from work through having 7 babies since I began my employment. I now hold the position of casual shelf stacker. I still have most my teeth.
27 Jan 2004

Matt Wilson from Gladesville
0410500127 Me too!!!!!
27 Jan 2004

ADAM Byrnes from Surry Hills
Call me on 0409641434 for a good time
27 Jan 2004

David Ivko, I think that Kerry would rather go for me, seeing that my Chiko Roll absolutely destroys your twistie.
27 Jan 2004

David Ivkovic from Mosman
Oh... "the management and staff don't help either," Listen to yourself you poofter! Dec there are plent of gay bars in the Cross for people like you so f*ck off.
27 Jan 2004

Dave Ivkovic from Mosman
Dec from Potts Point go and get fucked you fagot. I am trying to get laid here by Kerry and your winging on like a little girl you fagot!
27 Jan 2004

David Ivkovic from Mosman
I also want Adam B and Matt W's Chiko Rolls.
27 Jan 2004

Dec from Potts Point
A disgrace. The B&B was once a place busting with colour, characters, and had an ever so slightly seedy atmosphere that we all enjoyed. All gone! Replaced by a souless, shiny place with no atmosphere. The management and staff just don't help either. I'm all for clearing up the Cross, but let's not make the place totally sterile. Please leave us a little bit of atmosphere and mystique. Please!
27 Jan 2004

Dave Ivkovic from Mosman
Kerry I just stroked myself thinking of you and your chico roll. My penis looks like an average sized twistie and tastes like chicken.
27 Jan 2004

Dave Ivkovic from Mosman
Kerry I love you. Please call - 0411437143. I want your babies.
27 Jan 2004

Dave I from Mosman
Kerry why havent you called me? I really think we would hit it off. Please call me, please. I think i am falling for you (I too enjoy feasting on chico rolls)
27 Jan 2004

Dave from Mosman
Kerry, call me 0411437143
27 Jan 2004

Magic from Sydney
Character was the old huts savior but trendy showoffy twenties have taken to it now. Hmmmm
23 Dec 2003

Erin from Sydney
...wonders if Kerry from Campbelltown was the reason for the Bourbons 'need for change' - it was you who got busted scoring drugs over the counter...wasn't it! In all fairness, I don't mind the new Bourbon. Having never reallly been to the old venue, the new concept isn't all bad. Sunday night's are pretty funky. The food is fab, however the wine list needs some serious attention. There are plenty of skanky places left to drink in the X, you may be lucky enough to catch up and comiserate with Kerry the Westy Trog!
15 Dec 2003

kerry from campbelltown
I am a westy trog. I live on Chico Rolls and Fanta. And chicken twisties. And I'm fat. I love Val Kilmer.
28 Nov 2003

minny from darlo
stop killing good pubs. I'm sick of publicans getting there hands on sydney icons and making them look like every other new city hotel. piss poor.
28 Nov 2003

brian from city
28 Nov 2003

clare from bondi
agree with TED. poor effort with the redesign. feel like going for a beer in a hospital ward, then you'll love the new bourbon, and hey, it even has corpses.
28 Nov 2003

ted from potts point
talk about a bad renovation. this place used to be a classic, an icon, but the recent renovation is nothing short of horrible. what's with the white bar? WRONG
28 Nov 2003

Jamie Booth from HMS Nottingham
Brilliant pub if you light it rough and ready. Puffish students avoid it as its a mans pub where beer and blood flows. Near brothels too!
27 Nov 2003

Mack from The city
I was a bouncer here late last century. It was bloodsports every weekend and the coppers left us to it. Apart from rooting on the roof and free brekky the job sucked. I heard its going to reopen at the end of 03.
26 Oct 2003

kevin from blacktown
the owners are heartless pricks. now that it's closed, where will i have a shit when i'm in the cross
7 Jul 2003

Joe from Sydney
Seen two glassings there, give it a miss
date unknown

Tony Liddell from UK
Every now and then a place makes you feel so special. The Bourbon did it for me ( Big Time) cheers guys
date unknown

Bill Bricker from Pittsburgh usa
Drank at the beefsteak in 1969 while on r&r. Great place will never forget good times there. Scheduled to return for another round in dec. of 2003. Thanks
date unknown

Richard from USA, VA
Best time of my life was in Sydney, and the "Bourbon"...
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24Hr: The place NEVER closes - there aren't even any doors!
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Jason says:

Expensive? My wallet never recovered.

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